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my rant thing,skip to the last 3 paragraphs

Knowledge is something that needs to get through everyone's' skull- i cannot stress this enough . The truth is beyond and fucking bible or Quran,the truth is that human kindness and creative spirit is greater than all so-called "truth". Even if there was a God i wouldn't give a shit beyond some self-centered prayers and ... well nothing because it never fucking asked me to do anything(maybe i'm lying,i think i am). I remember when i was still in school i saw a great red sky one day walking to school and it was beautiful,i felt like telling my favorite teacher in the moment,then i though it would be retarded to do so when i was with my friends as it was too fucking pussy-like to do something retarded.But religion goes far deeper than the feeling of a nice glowing red sunrise at 6 am in the morning.

Going into religion,i felt something i previously didn't feel before,i has an illusion of love. I literal felt like my heart was going to fall out while i prayed for the first time-it felt so fucking nice-i was finally conscious of my virginity of things and how little i knew, so i needed to learn more,i felt an excitement inside me (as internally) there was no turning back now in my heart,; i was not content with myself,my life was now purposeful,and Allah choose me above all others because of my compassion towards all life(little would i learn my "initial" phase of islam this wouldn't be the case for Allah's wishes)

After a little while,i announced my love of "Allah" to my friends,but i made a mockery of it by joking about the fucked up Lot story of the abrhamic shit lord known in the bible and Quran. I was at an internal struggle with myself thinking that i didn't have it in me to actually life the life a holy man in such a hateful and judgmental world,but after my family found out i was a muslim,i had  nothing more to loose so i prayed for 40 mins at a time because i didn't know what muslims actaully did. I didn't give a fuck because there hate nothing to me. I remember being actually content with myself learning more about islam as time went on- I was learning and because most of my knowledge on islam was from the heart,i learned a lot about love and shit too. I learned many valuable lessons,like a language of peace and a language of hate are like a horse and a donkey; what you get is a mule which is very strong but cant have any descendants.

Among other things,i learned that it is easier for people to stay in the dark after change because they are scared of what others will think of them in the light,and that people look at their problems through a telescope,and people who view view everything through a red lens will see hell and fire in everything among other sappy bullshit. I most definantty had this knowledge through my skull-not by force by though love.

What i had was an illusion of love actually,i had many haters and cunts,like a doctor who would say shit like "You need to go to a universal church" and "I know things you don't know". Outside of being an absolute cunt,i find this bitch an example of why we need to get  shit though our skull: dumbfucks are retarded not because they're "retarded",they are dumbfucks because they don't have adequate knowledge to make a sane,rational choice.  People who live in their mom's basement are retarded not for living in someone's basement,but because of all of the information they are missing out from life's trails and lessons. 

Religious people,(for the most part), have transcended from their basement,not by atheism,but by pure "accident". They say terms that are not necessary represented in the bible,but in sayings that are "attributed" to the bible(like by the saying "hate the sin,not the sinner") or by being to fucking stupid to actually understand the actual contents of the shit they are believing in. But for me and most atheists,we are enlightened,we have the knowledge on how not to be stupid,we know the holy texts and how fucked up they really are. We are not surprised when  even "christian" countries have fucked up laws concerning women and such. We have a greater knowledge than them,not just because we see shit for what it actually is,but because we actually learned this shit  firsthand,and saw the effects of it and hold it dear to our heart and aren't making decisions on a deluded thinking.

So what does human-ness have to do with it? As humans we are creatures of pride,we can often see people who are less learned that we are,and the "enlightened" will almost always be the first to point the finger,(which we should maybe),but we see that though love,whether is compass or desire for things beautiful to us humans,people will act towards it,inwardly or outwardly,even if it against their religion. This is the true beauty,that kindness if far greater than any so-called "truth"


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Comment by Chris on May 2, 2019 at 12:27am


A friend of mine who has some, if not many medical problems said she began to attend a Lutheran church - congregation.

She said it helps her.  

That's great.  

She said that the group she belongs to is about ten people.  Great.

She said that the preacher (or what ever you call it) is doing biblical studies.  

I asked her if they are teaching about Armageddon - she said "No" - She said she is learning about history. Old Testimate?

I told her good for that.  She said she is learning about Lebanon and some of the middle east.

I suppose it's good that she is learning about that - even though it's coming from a church group rather than a university  historian.

She is a long time friend.

It's good to have them.


Comment by Chris on April 20, 2019 at 2:49pm

Is the Sharia Suni Devide similar to the Catholic Lutheren devide?

On that with might be called familiy divides - they should settle it themselves.

In a family conflict who gets injured - the mediator!

Comment by Lutz on April 17, 2019 at 5:17am

I am always wary when 'truth' comes into the conversation. I believe in secular culture without predefinitions [haha-ironic]- in that sentient awareness verifies experience and only the verifiable is a phenomenon which may be called -factual- though not in a supra logical way. Truth anyway cannot be anything but relative- the reason I mention this is because there are supposedly absolute truths---and religion goes into this meta-inflation without any contents or substance.

As for your hope [good intentions] that knowledge dissipates ignorance---I think many humans are d--f's in your quaint jargon. The neurological connectivity just does not eventuate. They simply cannot cogitate. Think even. Beyond pressing a button and even then. I was on the tram and on the door when the green light goes on on the door knob one presses that and voila it opens--because if no one uses it it wont open to keep the air conditioning etc---anyway this retard- pensioner {me too] stood there---totally bereft---staring at the green light---and nothing---no brain activity--I had to press and voila door opens---I also had the pleasure of doing an arts degree and even some academics were non compis mentis---they just could not mentally digest what they were reading---being a bus driver people would get on and totally cluesless where they were going. or even better ask: where is this bus going? ---I could go on about human stupidity---ask anyone in the service industry.

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