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In 1945, 52 texts that came to be known as the Gnostic Gospels were discovered at Nag Hammali in Upper Egypt. These cryptic ancient papyrus manuscripts were hidden to avoid destruction by the Orthodox Christians. Gnostic Christian monks hid them sometime between 120 and 400 A.D. These heretical texts criticize key Orthodox Christian beliefs ----> eg. the virgin birth, divinity of Christ, and the resurrection of Christ. These views were profoundly dangerous challenges to the very survival of the early Orthodox faith. There was originally high interest in the Gnostic views, but over time the Orthodox Christians were able to violently crush these views. The Gnostic worldview was mostly lost until the 52 texts were found in 1945. In its place has been the more fundamentalist supernatural worldview <----> a worldview that has had a huge impact on current Christian theological dogma. Two key Gnostic rediscovered views were: 1.) Jesus did not come to judge sin but to help us with harmatia ---> getting our life back on track. Jesus came as a messenger, mentor, and guide and not as a condemning judge, and 2.) Know by experience --> Gnosticism is about experiential knowledge that comes from our experiences in life. Knowing by experience includes experiential awareness of truths and what reality is. Gnosticism values and respects a person’s knowledge gained through experiences, and not being told what to believe by an external source.

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Comment by Chris on Wednesday

Curious Al Wm Johnson

Why are you wrapped around the spokes of Abrihamic theology?

There is so much other important things to learn about and explore.


Comment by Chris on Tuesday

Har Har Lutz,

I don't  know enough to debate your comment.

It doesn't really matter does it?


Funny  back in the sisxties there was a child's toy called Potatoe head.

Comment by Chris on March 15, 2019 at 11:58pm

Theory of knowledge is an interesting thing to look at.

Comment by Chris on March 9, 2019 at 5:08am

As you know if we prey enough the sun will rise in the morning.

(In sarcasm).

Comment by Chris on March 9, 2019 at 5:06am

Gosh darned Catholic.

Read rare bone fragments.  Fossiles.

Comment by Lutz on February 24, 2019 at 12:53am

except they believe we live in a false material universe created by this demiparaclete - all a mistake because Sophia was entraced by the divine lights above in the celestial sphere and ended up coming down here with these lights which are now within us. so blame the woman- so typical Middle Eastern male ago manic delusions. The material world is evil. I mean how mental is that. Is a potato evil? This thing of theirs with the light is garbled Indian enlightenment that preceded the Gnostics by Millennia. Same with the savior identity. Plus their binary cosmic insistence came from Persian theology. Ahriman the Evil One incarnating matter and Ahura Mazda the principle of the Good in Light.

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