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My Settings Pages

You access My Settings under the top My Page menu. My Settings lets you set the various ways with which you interact with the other members of the Atheist Universe:

  • you can upload and edit your avatar
  • edit your profile information
  • set the privacy of your home page
  • set the visibility of your activity on AU
  • decide what emails you'll receive from AU
  • moderate who can comment on your page, blogs, photos or videos

Clicking on any of the links at the top of the My Settings page brings you to the different settings sections.


This is where you can set various settings that characterize your presence on Atheist Universe:

You can change or edit your avatar picture, change how your name is displayed, modify the profile questions you answered at sign-up, and get the connection to upload images from your cell phone.

It is also from this page that you can leave Atheist Universe.

As with all the other pages in the My Settings area, remember to Save your changes.

Privacy Settings

Atheist Universe is a public network. This means that non-members can see our different pages on the Internet. In the Privacy settings you can set the visibility of your profile page and friends list to anyone, only other AU members or only your friends on AU.

You can also set the visibility of your blogs, photos and videos, to anyone including non-members, just your friends on AU or just you. These settings can be overridden for individual items as well.

You can moderate the comments that are posted to your blogs, photos and videos. You can decide that anyone, only your friends or only you can comment on your own material.

For comments on your profile page or on your blog, as well as when someone sends you a gift, you can decide to approve them before they are posted. You will be notified when a comment or gift is awaiting your approval.

Finally on this page you can set which of your activity on Atheist Universe is published in the Latest Activity column.


Email Notifications

Atheist Universe can notify you by email, at the address you have used at sign-up, of activity on your content and on replies to your own discussion comments. You can also set it to notify you when you receive AU internal mail messages, friend requests, broadcast messages, gifts or group invites. If you have created or are admin of a group, AU will notify you as well.

From this page of the My Settings area you can set how Atheist Universe communicates with you.

As with all the other pages in the My Settings area, remember to Save your changes.

My Page Settings

At this time, Atheist Universe does not allow for extended customization of your home page. However you can change the layout of the sections that comprise your home page and here is where you can reset the appearance of your home page.

On this My Settings page you can also modify the URL of your home page to 

It is also from this page that you can access the Apps directory.

My Apps

You can install a variety of free apps on your home page. You can choose from Twitter trackers to external blogs and websites newsfeeds, from polls to games and graphical applications. There is a whole directory to pick from.

From the My Settings/My page area click on the My Appps Directory link. 

Then click on the Add To My Apps Page button of the selected application. You can also access the apps directory and your My Apps page from your home page, with the links underneath your member avatar.


When you connect your Atheist Universe member account with your Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo accounts, you can sign-in automatically and post directly to these services using the various sharing icons under blogs, media and discussions throughout our web site. These include Facebook likes, Google Plus, and sharing on MySpace, Twitter,, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Digg.

In the case of Twitter, you can also share to a different Twitter account than the one you have linked for sign-in. 

Once you have connected your accounts, you can use the sharing options seen across Atheist Universe:

Clicking the Share Anywhere option opens the Share dialog:

  • Clicking on one of the sharing services icons will open that service's usual sharing dialog. Once you are done with the service, you are returned to this dialog. If you do not want to use the other sharing options, just press Cancel to close the dialog.
  • You can enter individual email addresses manually.
  • You can also share any AU item with your friends on Atheist Universe. Select them from your friend's list, add an optional message and click Share This Page. Clicking on Friends on this Network will select all the friends on your list. Your friends will receive an email notification with the link to the item of interest.

More Options will let you import contacts from your personal address book(s) on Hotmail, Gmail, etc...

You can also use the Twitter, Google+ and Facebook Like buttons to share directly to these services.



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