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Your Home Page

As a member of Atheist Universe, you are provided with a personal Home Page. At this time the website allows only for limited customization of your page. Here's an overview of the different modules that comprise a home page.

Profile Information

Your home page displays some information about you. To control what other members see, from your home page click on the Edit button in the title bar of the Profile Information section.

You can also access the page from the top menu under the My Page menu.

This will take you to the My Settings page. From this page you'll be able to edit the various ways in which you interact with Atheist Universe and Atheist Universe interacts with you. You can chose to edit your Profile, Privacy and Email settings but you can also reset the layout of your home page (see below) or setup your connection to add photos from your cell phone.

Click on the image below to learn more.

The AU Mail

You can use the internal AU mail system to message the members you have befriended on the network and the moderators of AU. To keep track of the messages you receive just check the section under your member name, at the top left corner of most pages of the site.

It will let you know if you have an email message, a friend request or an App Alert. Clicking on the links in this section will bring you to the appropriate pages where you'll be able to manage your mailbox or reply to your friend request.


Your Activity

Your home page displays a summary of your latest activity and of the activity in the discussions you have started and activity on the various content you have posted. If you have created groups on AU, the activity in these groups will be displayed here as well.

You can set how your own activity is displayed on the page by clicking on the Edit button in the title bar above the section to expand the settings:

Your Content

My Page displays the content you have posted on Atheist Universe. Your Blogs, Photos, Videos and Music are shown in different sections on your page. You can set how these are displayed directly on the page, just click on the Edit button to expand the settings:

If you haven't added music to AU yet, just look for the My Music section on your home page and click on the Add Music link.

Once your playlist is setup on Atheist Universe, click on the Edit button on the bar above the music player, you will be taken to the Edit Playlist page where you can add more music (a maximum of 100 pieces 20MB each) and re-order your playlist.


The discussions you have started are also displayed on My Page. You can set how they are displayed by clicking the Edit button.


Your Comment Wall

According to your Privacy settings, other members can post comments on your wall. It can be any member, only your friends, or even only you. You can respond to these comments by using the Comment Back link, found below all member comments on your wall. This will take you to the member's comments page where you can enter your reply message. It will show on her/his page.

RSS Feed

You can display an RSS feed from any external blog or website on your home page.

Click on the Edit button in the section's header to open the RSS options. Just paste the address of the feed you want in the URL field, and Save your settings.

Text Box

Your home page comes with a text box. You can enter supplemental information on who you are or use it to embed a external slideshow or video. Just click on the Edit button: a regular text box will open, just enter your text or code and hit Save.

Your page layout

You can reorganize the different sections that are displayed on your home page. Let your cursor hover over a section's title bar. One of these icons will appear to the left of the title:


This will tell you if you can slide or move the section on the page. Click and hold on the section headers and the display will change:

You can now drag the section elsewhere on your page. Release the mouse button to set it in place, no Save is needed. 


Your Friends

When you befriend a member, you can send your friend private messages with the AU Mail.

To make a friend, go to the member's Home Page, and underneath the avatar, click on the Add as Friend icon:

A dialog will open, you can type a message with your friend request. Click Send. You will be notified when the member accepts your request.

If another member would like to befriend with you, you will receive an email notification of his/her request. You will also see that you have a friend request under your sign-in box:

Click on the Friends icon to accept or decline the invitation. Upon acceptance, the member will be displayed on your Home Page My Friends section:

Clicking on the View All link brings you to your friends list page:

From the My Friends page you can perform a variety of actions. You can:

  • Invite Friends to the Atheist Universe
  • Sort the list - Recently added, Alphabetical, Random
  • Search by name
  • Do an Advanced Search (See below)

If you have pending friend requests or have received friend requests from other members, they will be listed on their own page tab.

From your list of friends you can also:

  • Go to your friend's Home Page
  • Leave a comment on your friend's Comment Wall
  • Send a gift to your friend

Advanced Search

When you click on the Advanced Search link, you are taken to the Advanced Search page and your search will cover all Atheist Universe members.

Advanced Search lets you use the members' Profile questions a search criteria. In the example below four criteria were used:

  • A male member 30 Year old and younger, located in the United States who originally was a Catholic.

Clicking Search, brings you to the Advanced Search Results page:




Likes are a convenient way to bookmark items of interest. On almost all Atheist Universe pages, under blogs, photos, videos, groups, forum discussions and member pages, you see a Like button.

Clicking on the button for an item will turn the Like into a Liked It! button:

And will add the item to your My Likes page. You can access your own My Likes page from the top menu bar under My Page.

This will open your My Likes page where for the current month all your liked items will be displayed:

Clicking on any item brings you to the page you have liked.

  • Note that the Next link at the bottom of the page actually brings you to the previous month's list of Likes.

You can also see any member's Likes page from his/her Home Page, under the avatar:





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