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Groups are mini-networks whithin Atheist Universe. They are dedicated to special interests. Groups feature a Home page, with a members list and a comment wall. And groups have their own discussion forum.

Groups have a creator, moderators and members. Most groups on AU are public but for some of them your membership request might have to be approved and there are others where membership is by invitation only.

When you click on the Groups menu on the top menu bar, you get to the Groups Page where all the groups are listed.

  • You can sort how groups are listed, search all the groups with a keyword or an expression, and subscribe to an RSS feed of all group-related activity.

At the bottom of the page, you can navigate through the groups list.

Groups are also accessible by categories from the top menu bar Groups menu:

You can find a list of the most recently active groups on the Main page in the Our Groups section.

Group Home Page

Clicking on the group's icon brings you to the group's Home Page. You'll find a description of the group's purpose, a list of its members, the group's pages, the latest discussions and a Comments Wall.

The Location field in the group's description is used for the group's category (hashtag+keyword). Clicking on the link will bring you back to the category's groups list.


Adding a Discussion

  • You must join the group to be able to comment on the Home Page or add discussions.



To add a discussion to the group, go to the bottom of the Discussion Forum section of the Home Page and click on the Add a Discussion button.

You can also add a new discussion from any of the group's forum pages with the top-right Add button.

Group discussions are similar to the Main Forum's discussions.

To learn more about adding discussions, see Starting a Discussion here.

Starting a Group

All Atheist Universe members can add groups to the network. You can add a group from the Groups menu on the top bar, by clicking on the Start a Group option and from any groups list page with the Add button.

This brings you to the Add a Group form where in Step 1 you will fill the group's information, and set its properties.

In the Group Information section you enter the group's name, upload and edit the group's icon, customize the URL of your group's home page, and set the language in which messages are sent to members and features are displayed on the group's discussion pages.

The Location field is used for the group's category. To have your group listed from the Groups menu categories, enter the hashtag character (#) followed by one of the category keywords in the Groups menu.

You use the Privacy Settings to set your group so that non-members see only the group's information on the group's Home Page.

You then select the Features you want for your groups. Most groups will want to have discussions and a Comments Wall. You can add a Text Box on your group's Home Page. Some groups also want to add an RSS feed to their Home Page.

  • Once you've added your group to AU, you'll be able to specify the URL of your RSS feed on your home page and edit the text box to add more description, links of interest, photos or embedded videos.

In the Members section, you set your membership on approval or invitation. By default, membership approval is not required and any AU member can join. Finally, you decide if your members can send a message broadcast to all the members of the group.

Click on the Add a Group button to complete Step 1. In Step 2 you'll be taken to the Invitation Page. You can skip this step and go directly to your new group's Home Page.

From the Invite form you can:

  • import selected names from your Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or AOL address book,
  • enter email addresses manually and add a personal message,
  • pick members to invite from a list of your AU friends,
  • add names from an exported Outlook or Apple address book.

Just click on the section title to expand it.

When you are done you can go to your group's Home Page to edit its various sections.

Text Box

Click on the Edit button in the title bar of your text box. This will open a text editor in which you can give a title to your text section (not required,) write text, add a photo or in HTML mode, embed a video or any other supported Flash player.

Remember to Save your changes.

RSS Feed

Some websites like ours offer RSS feeds. They usually consists of some or all the website's activity formatted in a short news stream summary that is updated automatically by the website. Some RSS feeds are words only, others contain images as well.

Click on the Edit button in the title bar of your RSS box.

This is where you add a title to your RSS box, set the URL of the feed, display only the titles or a detailed view of the new items, and set how many items are to be displayed (1 to 20.) Some RSS feeds in detailed view can be quite lengthy, in such a case it is recommended to display fewer items.

Save your changes to see your feed on your Main Page.


Click the Edit button of your Forum Discussions section to change how your discussion are displayed. 

You set how your discussion are displayed: titles only or detailed view.

You set which discussions are shown. You can view the most recently active threads, the newly added discussions or the most popular ones. Some  groups may chose to use this section of their Home Page to display only the threads started by the group's administrators.

You then set how many discussion will be shown and how much of the discussion's content you will show (from 250 to 2000 characters.

Click Save to view your changes.


Adding Group Pages

Pages are a convenient way to keep useful or important information, reference material or lists of links handy. Unlike regular discussion topics that get pushed down as new threads are added, Pages remain easily accessible at all times

To learn how to add pages to your group click HERE.

Managing Your Members

To access your Members Management page, click on the Options button of your group's Home Page and choose Manage Group Members.

Your Members Management page lists all members of your group. The list can be sorted by clicking on the column headers: by name, by role or by date joined.

You can also:

  • search your members by name or email address,
  • nominate members administrators of your group,
  • or suspend a member from the group.

Group administrators have the same privileges as the group creator except that only the creator is reputed to be the "owner" of the group. If the creator was to leave Atheist Universe, the groups he created would still name him/her as the creator of the group, even if other members have taken over the administration of the group.

You can also invite new members from this page.


Please note:

  • The email addresses in your members list is confidential information.






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