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Three ways to chat

  • At the foot of your browser page, as an overlay
  • As a pop-out window
  • From the top menu, in an Atheist Universe page

From the footer

To connect to the Chat from the footer of your browser page, click on the red icon:

Click on the Go Online link. The icon turns green and you are now connected to the AU Chat.

  • To disconnect, click on the green icon, and uncheck the Connected to chat option.

The list of online members and the Main chat room expand.
You can collapse or expand each window anytime by clicking on its header:

You can start typing in the main room:

You can add smileys to your message by picking from the pop-out. Typing Enter sends your text to the chat.

You can adjust the volume or mute the notification sound by clicking on the Sound icon.

Private chats

You can start a private chat with any online member. In the Online window, hover your cursor on the avatar in the list, and click on the dropdown icon and choose Start Chat. A private chat window will expand to the left of the Main chat room.

When you click on the Clear chat history link, only your end of the chat will be cleared, your interlocutor will still see all the messages.

Clicking on the icon in the window header terminates the private chat.

When a member request a private chat with you a distinct notification sound is played and a private chat window expands from your footer.

  • Note that there are two sound notifications: one to alert you that a new post has been sent to the chat, another when a member requests a private chat with you. If you have completely turned down the volume you will not be able to hear the request sound.

Pop-out chat

From any of the bottom chat windows you can launch the Chat in a pop-out browser window.
Click on the pop-out icon on the chat window header:

A new browser window will open, continuing your chat session:

The Chat page

You can choose instead to use the chat in a regular Atheist Universe page.
Click on the Chat option on the top menu bar.

If you are not connected to chat you will be prompted to connect.

The Chat page opens on the Main Room conversation.

Under Active Conversations, if you have an ongoing private chat or receive a chat request, the member avatar will be displayed.

Click on the avatar to switch the view to the private conversation.

Underneath, in the left column, the online members list has the same functionality as in the footer chat Online window. You can:

  • Start a private chat
  • View a member's home page
  • Ignore a member
  • Adjust the notifications volume
  • Disconnect from the chat

When you choose to Ignore a member, his/her messages won't show in your Main Room conversation, and you will not receive private chat requests from that member.

You can Stop Ignoring that member later on.

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