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Site Rules of Atheist Universe


Atheist Universe is a social networking site for atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, skeptics and secular humanists. Religious people or theists are allowed to join, provided they uphold the site rules (see especially rule # 8.) As with any other social networking group, the site rules are intended to keep our site an enjoyable and safe experience for all members. Please be aware that if you break these rules, moderators will issue a warning and take corrective action, which may result in temporary of permanent suspension (banishment) from the site. Please be aware that these rules cannot cover all possible situations, and Atheist Universe reserves the right to suspend members or take other corrective action, including deleting offending posts, whenever necessary. If you feel that you were suspended or your material was deleted in error, please contact an Administrator.

Note: This is a Ning site. Members are first bound by the Ning user ToS (Terms of Service). When in doubt, their rules precede ours.

These rules apply to the entire site, including the Forum, blog posts, Groups, chat room, etc.

1. Threats of violence against anyone, member or not member, will result in an immediate lifetime ban from our site, with no previous warning. Please be aware that we reserve the right to notify the authorities and reveal your personal information to said authorities in case of violent threats

2. Personal attacks (ad hominem, name calling, insults, derogatory remarks) are not allowed under any circumstance. Content and actions can be attacked, but not people. Avoid personalizing your comments. Negative or derogatory discussions or blogs about other fellow members are not allowed either. Moderators will delete offending comments and issue warnings whenever necessary and proceed to suspension or banishment if the warnings go unheeded.

3. Disclosing private information about a member, and/or posting pictures or videos of other members without their consent is not allowed. It may result in an immediate removal from the site, depending on the gravity of the situation.

4. Derogatory or bigoted comments or remarks about racial or ethnic groups, gender or sexual orientation will not be tolerated and will be deleted, followed by warnings and suspensions if necessary.

5. Pornography, other adult content, and links to that type of material are not allowed or will be deleted. Please label content as not safe for work (NSFW) for any material that contains profanity, or anything that you would not show to your grandmother or to your boss.

6. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Please give credit to the proper authors of material you post. Material from external sources needs to be attributed appropriately; please provide functioning links to the original external source. Please post only part of the content and provide a link to the rest of hers/his content on the original website.

7. Spam is absolutely prohibited and will result in an immediate suspension without warning.

8. Absolutely no religious proselytizing. Attempts at converting other people, prayers, praises to deities, posting material from sacred texts to attempt to impart fear or convert members will result in an automatic suspension without warning.

Site Guidelines to make this site enjoyable for all


1. Please do not use profanity in the title of your discussions or blog posts, and remember to label them NSFW if the contents warrant the warning. Remember that anything you post in the Internet may be seen by anyone. Use a pseudonym if you live in a part of the world where your atheism may have negative consequences for yourself or your family.

2. Please post discussions in the appropriate category in the Forum or in the appropriate Group. Please include tags in all your posts to help in searches.

3. Blogs and videos are subject to previous approval by the moderators. When posting videos, please search the site to make sure the video has not been posted already.

4. If possible, please avoid cross-posting the same discussion in multiple places within the site. If you think this will be of interest for several groups, post in one group and then post a link to the discussion or blog in the other groups.

5. Discussions and blogs need to have some content and substance. A blind link is not acceptable. Please include a paragraph or two explaining to members what is at the site where they will be taken if they click on the link.

6.Forum discussions need to be of general interest to atheists, freethinkers, secular humanists, etc. Personal material should be posted in your own personal blog.

7. Your content is your own, and you may delete it as you see fit, but please be aware that when you delete your own content, comments from other people will disappear as well. If you repeatedly post discussions or blogs and then delete them, members will start ignoring your posts. If you do not wish any more comments, please close the discussion.

8. Moderators are volunteers and cannot be on the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you feel anyone has broken the rules or is not following the guidelines, please contact a moderator, and keep a copy of the offending material in the form of screen shot or a copy of the email, if you received an email from a thread you were following. We count on our members to help us keep this site a pleasant place to hang out, connect with friends, make new friends, and have stimulating discussions.

All material posted on Atheist Universe represents the author’s view or opinion exclusively, and not that of the moderators, administrators or site owner; Atheist Universe will not be held liable for anything that members post.

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