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Adding Content

As a member of Atheist Universe, you can add a wide variety of content to the network. You can write blogs, upload photos, embed videos and upload music.

All content that you add is reputed to be yours, and you may delete it as you see fit, but please be aware that when you delete your own content, comments from other members will disappear as well. If you leave Atheist Universe you'll have the option of removing it from the network. 

There are many ways to add content on Atheist Universe:

  • from the top menu bar Blogs and Media menus,


  • from the Latest Activity column,


  • from any of the blog or media pages, using the Add button,


  • or from your home page, with the Add link below each of the corresponding section of the page:


At this time Blogs like all other media only allow for linear comments from other members. These comments are displayed with the most recent at the top.

When you click on any of the Add Blog buttons you are taken to the Add Blog Post page. It consists of a full-function text editor, a tags field, privacy and comments settings and the option to moderate commenting on all your blogs.

On top of the usual functions you find in all comments and reply text boxes throughout AU this text editor allows for font selection, text size and text colors.

  • Under the text box you find the Tags field. Tags are keywords that help you and all other members find your blog more easily. Use commas to separate your keywords. You can use quotes to have expressions treated as a single keyword: "Atheist Universe."
  • You can also choose to publish your blog immediately or at a later date and time.
  • At the bottom of the page you will set the privacy of your blog, who can see it, and who can comment on it. The defaults are set so that every visitor can see it, and every member can comment on it.

If your blog is not completed in one session you can save your work as a Draft. It will be listed in your My Blogs page and can be retrieved, edited and published at a later time.

Before you publish your post, you can preview it. This will display your blog in a separate browser window, so you can see how it will look like when published. When done with the preview, just close the new browser window, you will return to the Add Blog Post page.

When you are satisfied with the result, you just click on the Publish button. Your blog will be published and added to the Latest Activity feed.



You can also change your global moderation setting. Clicking on the Change link will take you to the My Settings page where you can set all comments on your blogs to be approved by you prior to publishing.


You can upload up to 100 photos daily on Atheist Universe. Each photo may be up to 10MB in size, but smaller photos will upload faster. We support photos in the .jpg, .gif and .png file formats.

Clicking on any Add Photo button or link will take you to the Add Photo Flash uploader. With the Flash uploader you can upload multiple photos at one time.



If your web browser does not support Flash, you can Use the Simple Uploader. Clicking on this link will bring you to the Simple Uploader page where you'll be able to add photos one at a time.



From any of the above uploader page, you can get the email address with which you can upload photos directly to your AU account. Just click on the Add Photos by Phone link. You can also reset that email address.



Once you are ready, click on Add Photos. This will take you to the Edit Photo page. You can modify the title, add a short description, modify the photo's URL and add keyword tags.



If you have connected your AU account with your Twitter account in the My Settings/Connections page, you can also share the image on Twitter.

Optionally, you can create a new photo album or add it to one of your existing albums. Albums are a neat way to manage your images into different categories. Each album can be viewed in a separate slide show player, that can be embedded elsewhere on AU or shared on any other blog or website that supports HTML embedding.

Remember to save your changes when you are done.


When you click on any Add Video button, you are taken to the Add a Video page. 



There is a text box where you can paste the embed code from YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo or any other video hosting service.

Not all proprietary video players are supported. Some may not embed at all or not embed properly. If you need help about embed code, the links at the bottom will take you to the help section of each of these three major service providers.

This is from YouTube:



Once your video has been added successfully, you can edit the video information, share on Twitter if your two accounts are connected and save your changes, edit the URL of your video and add keyword tags for easier retrieval.



The video will be added to Atheist Universe's video collection.

Again, it is recommended that you use keyword tags to help you and other members find your video.



You can upload up to 100 MP3s. Each MP3 file may be up to 20MB in size, but smaller files will upload more quickly. The MP3s will be added to your playlist player on your home page.

Like photos and videos you can add music from various places on Atheist Universe.

When you click on the Add Music button, you have the choice between using either the Flash uploader for adding multiple files at a time:



or the Simple uploader if your browser does not support Flash:



In both cases you can choose instead to add the music from another website, it is faster than uploading files from your computer. Clicking on this option brings you to the Add Music by URL page:



You can paste the links to the MP3s from other websites.

When you click on Add Music button, the uploading process begins.

  • Do not close the web browser page until the uploading is completed.

When you have uploaded or linked your MP3 successfully, you are taken to the Edit Music page where you can change the information of the file:



  • Note that you also have the option of allowing other members to add your MP3 to their own playlist. (See below, section on music player)

When you click Save, you are taken to the Edit Playlist page:



All your music tracks are listed. You can re-order the list by dragging with the handle on the left of the track, up or down the list. You can also listen to the track, edit it's information or delete it.

Click Done to save your changes.


The Music Player

On your Home page if you have a playlist, when you click the Edit button in the title bar of the My Playlist section, you can change some of the music player's properties:



  • If you click on the Autoplay option, your playlist will start playing automatically when a visitor accesses your page.
  • If you uncheck the Show Playlist option the player will only show the current song that is playing and hide the list of tracks.
  • You can also choose to have the list play as ordered or shuffled.

Remember to Save your changes.

The music players found on Atheist Universe are Flash players that can be embedded elsewhere on the web where embedding flash players is supported (Wordpress, Blogger, etc.) To embed an AU playlist click on the rightmost button of the player's control bar:



Choose the Share option. You will get the embed code that you can copy and paste into other text boxes that support Flash embedding:



Any track from a music player can be added to your own playlist. Select the track on the player's list, click on the rightmost control bar button, and choose Add to My Playlist.



The embedded playlists on Atheist Universe can be opened in an independent browser window from the player's control bar. Choose Pop-out Player.



The playlist can be played as its owner ordered or shuffled. Click on the Play Mode button.



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