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  • Dennis Paul Renner

    All money that has taxation, and interest involved is a form of percentage slavery.  No way around it. 

    Every major form of theism has a version of the Golden rule.  Some times called the law of reciprocity.  Atheists generally refer to it this way.   It is probably the most common sense ideology humans ever came up with.  Every aspect of our social behavior should be tested against this law, rule, or what ever you want to call it.  If that was done, and enforced it would solve 90% of our problems.   Think of all the human constructs that are in conflict with the Golden Rule.  Monetary system, Economics, Markets, capitalism, literally any thing that causes social stratification, or inequality.   Think of the number of products that would not be sold or traded as they cause health harms to individuals as well all of society.    If we simple took seriously the act of doing no harm to anyone, or any society that we would not want imposed on our selves.   Well you get the idea.  Humanity has had the answer to its' problems for centuries.   If it had only practiced what it preached.    

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  • Doone

    Chris, can you please stop posting for the weekend?  I think you need to take a vacation from AU for a few days. Any post you make will be deleted by me, Doone so please do not waste your time.  Thanks in advance for complying wiht my wishes.