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  • Suzanna

    have a great day

  • Loren Miller

    Much appreciated, Stephen, thank you!

  • Hiram C


  • Frank O'Meara

    Kind of you Stephen. I plan to keep blogging until these frail fingers freeze.


  • Mrs.B

    Thanks very much, Stephen!

    71....who knew?!

  • Carolyn Barratt

    Thank you very much, Stephen.

  • Carolyn Barratt

  • Andy Stout

    Elementary, my dear Stephen. elementary!

    Thanks for your thoughtful birthday wishes!

    I got every present I asked for...Geritol, rocking chair, and an AR-15—(it's the latest way to mow down your lawn).

  • tony dennis

    Thanks Stephen and, have a very nice day too my friend.

  • bill storm

    man i'm really sorry i didn't see this til now. 

    this email wasn't working and i didn't even notice til now. 

    thanks so much - i really do appreciate it. 

    makes me feel really bad...

  • fester60613

    Thanks, Stephen, for the birthday wishes. ! Had a lovely evening: friends, burgers, beer, and Bourbon. :)

  • Steven Richards

    I have a question that needs to be answered to help me argue better against the bible. Can someone e-mail me to give me some help.

    Steven Richards

  • Steven Richards

    Ok you can contact me as you wish. Or shall I ask the question here? I really want to put this person in their self-righteous place.

  • Manavalan B.S.

    Thank you very much for the birthday wishes.


  • Charles Marshall

    Thank you very much for the Birthday Wishes.


  • Ian Roller

    Thank you Stephen, I haven't heard from Atheist Universe lately so It's good to hear from you.

  • Ian Roller

    I'm not familiar with the Atheist Universe site, although I know I visited some time in the past as I occasionally get posts in my Inbox. Currently I'm a big fan and participant in Quora where I get to communicate with atheist and theists, and being a confirmed anti-theist I find that format very enjoyable. Have you visited Quora?

  • Theresa Thompson

    Hi, thank you )

  • Laurel Tincher

    Thank you Stephen! I had teriyaki, so it was a good day!

  • Philip Anthony Tucker

    Thanks, Stephen

  • Suzanna

  • Suzanna

    Haha, I'll be happy to

  • Loren Miller

    Molte grazie, bello!

  • Terry Carrington

    Thanks Stephen, and a very happy new year.

  • Jimmy

    Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes, brother! Appreciate it.
  • Mrs.B

    Thank you Stephen.

  • Suzanna

    Hello Stephen

    Just to let you know I'm alive, it was a close thing a few times and I've been in hospital for a few weeks the place seems to be much better run now, i heard in the last year or so they had a big overhaul of how it was run. I'm pleased they have changed it and not just ticked a few boxes.

    I'm still not very well but at the moment I'm hanging on. I have to say the staff were amazing. My brain hasn't been very switched on for a while and I only realized yesterday that I've missed 5 weeks of my life and I hadn't noticed. Still in grateful to be here and at some point will hopefully be well enough to read through some of the things on here that I've missed.

    Hope you are doing well.

    All the best Suzanna

  • Carolyn Barratt

    Thank you so much.

  • Loren Miller

    Stephen: I don't know who monitors or moderates Atheist Universe, but I think we got a troll in the camp, by the name of Joy or Joyce or Stella:

    Rather variations on the old Nigerian Prince routine, I suspect, with her profile conveniently set to PRIVATE.  Please have a look or pass this on to someone who can check this person out properly.

  • tony dennis

    Thanks Stephen. Just back from a short break. Once again, thank you.

  • Steven Richards

    Thank you for the happy birthday. I am 68 today

  • Steven Richards

    Best to you my friend.

  • Loren Miller

    Many thanks, Stephen!

  • Thomas Bear

    Thanks, Stephen, much appreciated.  So... how active is A.U.?  I'm on at least one, maybe 2-3 other similar sites, but only one of them is really active to any degree.  It's my hope that A.U. is more active.

  • Thomas Bear

  • Mrs.B

    Thanks, Stephen. Kitty massage looks good....I should try it.

  • Doone

    Tapejara wellnhoferi was a small, Brazilian pterosaur from the Cretaceous Period. It had a wingspan of 1.4 metres & possessed a large crest on its head to attract mates. (Credit: Sergey Krasovskiy)
  • Robert E. O'Dell

    Thank You;

    I'll try to check in more often; not a very high bar though. lol

  • tony dennis

    Thanks Stephen. Great you are Londoner as well. Kind of put a nice smile on my face. Stay safe however.

  • tony dennis

    Yeah, I agree with you, that's our only option.

  • tony dennis

    Sure, bar restriction to only 4 per customer on a number of  items that I barely notice in shops, no empty shelves in Haringey neighborhood and no lines of humans in front of supermarkets. I applaud the supermarkets led by Aldi for putting all customers  first with their restrictions on the supposedly essential items though.

  • anon_atheist_stuff

    Ok, thanks for the add, will look forward to seeing what's here.

  • Doone


  • Davy

    Thank you Stephen appreciated.

  • Peter Barclay-George

    Hi Stephen - Thanks for your comments. I don't really mind people who are prepared to argue their case to me for a god of some description becasue there is no real arugment. I never went to university although I did study various religions with the OU later in life along - with other things to do with the human condition - but, even without the Higher Education of some, I seem to find it incredibly easy to argue the Atheist case - because the case for a god is so weak. It quite surprises me really that their case can be torn apart quite so easily (even by someone of my limited education) once you dispense with 'blind faith' which, in the end, is all they can end up arguing. I have even had discussions with those that have studied and made a career in the church - and in the end it all comes down to the same thing - you just have to 'believe' without any evidence apart from that which has been manufactured in the past by others of faith in order to obtain and keep power over the (what was then) uneducated masses. They will always argue that the Big Bang cannot be the origin of everything - because it's stupid to believe that something can come from nothing and then they go on to argue that their god came from nothing in order to create us - which really is the definition of arguing against yourself. Now, I don't know if the Big Bang is the answer - nor do scientists - that's just the best explanation they have at the moment - until knowledge improves on the matter - at which point they will look at the evidence and see where it leads them. This is the complete opposite of what religion tells us to believe - that god came from nothing to create the universe and that, despite any evidence to the contrary - we must continue to believe that - oh yes, and if we don't, we will roast in the burning pits of their imaginary hell for eternity - so speaks their all powerful and 'forgiving' god. Anyway - if evidence ever comes along to prove me wrong - I will follow that evidence - as all rational people would. Take care now. Pete BG

  • Grinning Cat

    Hi, and thanks for your welcome!

    Noticed your photo about how "Jesus was a socialist"... reminds me of American right-wingers' objection to universal healthcare because of the "moral hazard" that people would be getting "undeserved" services they didn't individually pay or insure for. Chances are a healthy* majority of those right-wingers are Christians, whose entire religion is founded on the biggest moral hazard of all, according to their beliefs: salvation and a blissful afterlife freely given, not through any merits or work of people's own, but as a completely unearned and free gift! If it was good enough for their Jesus...

    * (pun not intended, but I'll take it!)

    (As opposed to Republican Jeezus! [click to embiggen])

  • Atheist Universe

    The incredible brahmin moth! (Photo: Igor Siwanowicz)
  • Leonard Rockstein

    thank you for the welcome

  • David LaDeau

    Thank You, I also look forward to meeting new friends and also learing from them!

  • Loren Miller

    Thanks a lot, Stephen.  As it happens, this one is the big 7-0, LXX, Three Score and Ten ... and as it happens, I'm doing well for all those years.