Open Society University Network: Local and global issues

I ran across this plan for education that takes on the challenges facing us in 2020. We have had such poor leadership in the basic principles of democracy, sustainability, inequality, the use of arts and science for this modern age, and the struggles to gain global justice I look for actions I can take. I liked the specific goals addressing the major issues of modern society. The article is a good read.

If our government is not doing the job that a robust democracy should do, we need to find ways to meet the threats personally and confront our government to do a better job of governing.

We are not victims if we stand up to the challenges. I made a simple outline of the goals, and I hope it gives you some possible action ideas. 

Open Society University Network: Local and global issues


OSUN’s programs:

1. explore the principles, progress, and challenges of open society and democracy at a time of authoritarian resurgence;  

2. examine what makes an open society;  

3. investigate how open society is weakened in today’s world; and 

4. research how to advance open society in the face of contemporary challenges.

B. SUSTAINABILITY   Sustainability is a defining challenge of our age, as human enterprise ambitions continue on a collision course with planetary life support systems. 

OSUN’s programs:

 1. provide a distinctive combination of interdisciplinary study, environmental, social, economic, and governance dimensions; 

2. research science rigorously; 

3. emphasize sustainability as a decision and leadership challenge; and 

4. orient toward explicit solutions and truly global perspectives.  


COSUN’s programs: 

1. explore the causes and consequences of inequalities within and between societies, including social and political dimensions of inequality, and 

2. examine various forms of inequality related to gender, race, ethnicity, and forced displacement. 

D. HUMAN RIGHTS    Human rights are under assault around the world. 

OSUN’s programs: 

1. deepen the theoretical interdisciplinary knowledge;

2. strengthen the skills for empirical analysis to defend and advance human rights; 

3. interweave the study of human rights law, politics, and advocacy, focusing on the power of aesthetic, performative, and curatorial forms in human rights struggles.


OSUN’s programs:

1. promote expression of contemporary life, including dissent, difference, and the full power of the human imagination,  

2. advance cross-cultural study and presentation of work in fields ranging from poetry to film, photography, and dance; and

3. connect the arts to politics and society, including freedom of expression and struggles against oppressive regimes.

F.  GLOBAL JUSTICE   Many of the twenty-first century’s most urgent global problems—from climate change to forced migration due to global pandemics—present unprecedented challenges to humankind and have given rise to new forms of social, political, and economic injustice.  

OSUN programs:

1. explore how individuals and groups can organize within and across state borders; 

2. develop new mechanisms of global governance; 

3. agitate for social change; 

4. hold power accountable; and 

5. build more just and inclusive societies at the local, national, and global levels.

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    Stephen Brodie

    Thanks, Joan interesting read. Very helpful.

    In the sixties, the then Labour government created the Open University where a person could enrol in any courses and eventually get a degree. Of course, this was before the internet but even then a working-class person could do all their courses remotely. Slowly over the years, Tory governments weakened the system, so now it's only a shadow of what it once was.

    Our courses - The Open University

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      Joan Denoo

      Stephen, the sixties were a tumultuous time, with the Civil Rights Movement in full swing, women's lib raged through the campuses and communities, people questioned old traditions, especially religion, and also there was a lot of political rowdiness. The Viet Nam war rattled our cages and assassinations rocked out boats. It started well, with the hope and promise of the Camelot Era of John Kennedy, and abruptly ended with his assassination. 

      Your nation's Labour government in the 1960s creating the Open University was part of that time of making life a bit easier for the working class and then weakened by the conservative Tory government. I can't remember who said of Great Britain, "if the 1950s were in black and white, 1960s were in technicolor."

      The Beatles - Help! [Blackpool Night Out, ABC Theatre, Blackpool, United Kingdom]  Television: Sunday 01/08/1965.