Natural History

For those who like natural history, especially from the sea, 

2019 Nautilus Expedition Highlights | Nautilus Live

It is fun to watch the scenes with those who shared the video and the camera's pilot—remarkable colors and shapes. I especially like octopuses. 

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    Joan Denoo

    The video seems not to want to appear. Try Googline or Duck Duck Go 

    "2019 Nautilus Expedition Highlights | Nautilus Live"

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      Very weird creatures.

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        Stephen Brodie

        During the long school summer holidays, I would spend almost every day at one of the many museums in London, of course, the British Museum, but my favourites were the Kensington Museums, the Science museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and my favourite the Natural History Museum. The British Museum catered for my love of Classical Greek and Roman History and in those days the British Library was attached to the BM and I would get to sit at the same chair and desk that Karl Marx sat and later where Lenin sat. But my real joy was when I visited the Natural History Museum and see the statue of Charles Darwin In those days the barrier wasn't there.