Who do you think should be next VP?

TWO questions, answer both or either one.

 #1)  Who do you think Joe Biden will pick as his VP?

 #2)  Who do you hope that Joe Biden will pick as his VP?

I am underwhelmed by Joe Biden, he was not even in my top 5, and I am baffled how we got him, when we had some stellar candidates!!
but, I would vote for Ronald McDonald as a vote "against" t-RUMP.
and Biden is a decent person.  that alone, will be huge improvement...

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    Randall Smith

    First off, thank you JeanMarie for your political work in Florida. We need more people like you.

    And I have to agree with Stephan with regards to "persons of color (colour)". However, anything is better than the N word.

    Finally, I guess I'm A Susan Rice fan. I also like the mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance-Bottoms. Something about both Kamela Harris and Elizabeth Warren rub me the wrong way. I hate using personalities as a criteria, but it is what it is. 

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      Paul Smith

      Michelle Obama

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        Stephen Brodie

        I'm a White disabled working-class man who's fought the Good Fight all his adult life against racism and all other discrimination and have never been in position where I had the power to discriminate against "POC" and I truly resent being told I'm whining. I can remember having my head kicked in by the National Front a truly fascist organisation which we on the left fought out of existence. Perhaps it's a different situation in the UK where the numbers are completely different, then those in the USA