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    Doone fixed it.  He contacted Ning and something was done, and this here warning should stop popping up in 2 days, 

    so yay for Doone.

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    Joan Denoo

    I also receive the warning and am debating whether I should remain. If Doone, or someone, can clarify the issue I will definitely remain; if not, I will have to put my brainless power with those of you who have more cognitive ability and trust your judgment. I love you, the former Atheist Nexus guys. 
    By the way, has anyone been able to notify Ian? 

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      Atheist Universe

      Just an update on this - we DO have a valid SSL certificate and the site is secure BUT each and every old image with only an HTTP:  has to be updated to HTTPS:  which may take some time. 

      How do you know what is what - click on the NOT Secure button at the top and you will see this - it says we have a valid certificate