Why isn't this website more active?

I think this website, while has some users, is a bit dead...

I know that http://atheistnexus.com/ is much more active than this website, however, because I'm a Deist, meaning I believe in God while rejecting revelation, I'm unable to complete ownership.

I would safely bet that smartphones and mobile Web in general is a problem, and we do need to use well-developed educational efforts to stop people who still don't have one from falling into mobile addiction.

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    Stephen Brodie

    I use a mobility scooter and it really pissess me off when people nearly always walk into me because they use a smartphone without looking up. Of course, I use my smartphone when I'm out and about but I use the laptop when I'm home.

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    Quiet is nice, I was on Think Atheist many years ago and did not like interacting with the Silly Xtians.  I like the fact that we only have a few Christians here.

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      Yes, this place used to be hopping with lots of smart people.  Always something going on.  Was never crazy like a reddit forum or anything, but, was a nice bunch here to interact with.
      Now it is pretty slow.

      I truly think THIS huge warning that AU is dangerous website that has "AU has attackers who want to steal your info"
      that pops up whenever i cllick on this site is a Big Factor on why ppl don't join as much.

      IF i didn't know AU was safe, i would not have pushed past my own computer warning me that AU is a dangerous website.

      I started a thread on this concern HERE