what is your media of choice

What do you read for your source of news. What media outlets. My favorites are the Financial times, the Banker( http://www.thebanker.com) not well known. Sometimes CNN. I also read arrticles from other media but only when someone sends me the link. I read the globe and mail newspaper for Canadian news, but I dont go to their website. What are your media habits. How do you get informed on matters?

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    zdrm: Check out The Economist

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      I am liking this thread.
      I read news on my phone, in app called "Smart News" on my breaks.  But, like most news apps, it will begin to feed what you click on.....i clicked on karen stories and now, i am getting 5 a day now.  lol.  I also scan google's discovery at times, for less political news (i am obsessed with news of sharks and whales, for example)
      I am fond of Al Jazeera, Business INsider, New York Times, BBC, and Young Turks.
      I like RAchel Maddow and the new Reid Out show, and i like several anchors.
      I also watch ClusterFox "news" at times, ---just to see How in the World are they gonna spin THAT ?    when t-RUMP has done something especially egregious.   Turns out, they mostly do not even cover it, or they couch it inbetween multiple panelists saying how it is okay he did that.  Fascinating to watch how it is done over there, creepy AF but fascinating.  I can not watch it for long, and some of their anchors, i can not bear at all, not even for a minute, but, i do look over there now and then to see how they spin it.
      truth be told, rather than turn on faux news, i am more likely to head over to their website, and scan the headlines.   FAscinating to compare the headlines CNN or MSNBC vs Faux news.

        For local news i watch local channel briefly and look at an app called Patch, which is not really very good.  For example, tRUMP was in my town the other day, patch did not mention it and i was trying to find out if the protest was very big.  Couldn't find it.  I almost called in sick to join in the protest there.

      NOW i am New to RT, thanks to this thread.
      I also watch RealTime on my HBOnow app, and i go to youtube to watch late night comedians to get myself to laugh at all this craziness, i look for Seth Meyers a closer look, sometimes Daily show, SNL news cast, jimmy kimmel and fallon, well, i like almost all the late night comedians.

      and my newest favorite comedian today is Sarah Cooper

      sorry, but i GOTTA use comedy to get through this presidency.... and, as someone else said earlier, comedy can be used to catch stories we might have missed.  

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        Ruth Anthony-Gardner

        I start at Science Daily, Google News, Alternet, and the climate and coronavirus Reddits. Used to go to Arctic Sea Ice Graphs daily, until the pandemic took priority. With hubby I watch CNN.