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    Chris B

    A great story, Joan, and I'm very glad that you found a happy home with your family!

    Now that I'm here I can introduce myself too.

    I was born in the Dutch bible belt in a disfunctional family and I escaped before I was 20. Tried to build a life - that was easier when I found the love of my life after a few years. Learnt some things other people learn in their childhood, tried to educate myself and went to work as a teacher. Three years ago my husband came out as a transwoman and started transition. We're waiting for her changes and happily celebrating our senior years together.

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      David LaDeau

       Howdy! I'm just mighty evoleved to be here! I am David La Deau also known as CompelledUnbeliever. I came up with the name CompelledUnbeliever when I came out as an atheist on the internet. I was compelled by the bible to no longer believe in the Bible. I used the moniker and was afraid to show my face for years. There are many here from Atheist Nexus my first place to meet other atheist. Eventually, I made friends, learned a butt ton of things in that community..

      They gave me the strength, confidence, and understanding to start my youtube channel called CompelledUnbeliever. 

      The Youtube channel is focused toward young earth creationist, bible literalistt, fundamentist, extremist like I was..

      I am active on and answer religious questions on quora( not very popular there).

      I aman amateur historian that focuses on proto-orthodox Christianites ( yes plural).

      Anyine here that knows me please say hello! 

      Boy it is late a my thoughts seem quite random rifht now but I wanted to Check in as soon as I found out about this website. I believe my friend that sent me here is Mrs B.

      I am glad to be here among atheist. Now days I spend my time in discussions teaching christians instead of learning.

      The best way honestlynto get to know me is to check out my YouTube Channel. CompelledUnbelieever as I have almost 80 vidoes that state my positions on many subjects.

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        David LaDeau

        I have missed you! A/N died what about 2-3 years ago. I found there was not much activity so I putt my focus on other things like my YouTube channel. I tried which I am very active in but now thanks to you and others I have more of a teaching role there as the site does not have many of the intellectual calaber of A/N. I hope I can again resume interactions with people like you that challenge me! Reasearching is great but interaction with others where I get questions I have not thought of is where understanding comes from. I hope to be active here!