• Changing times :Royalist or Republican

    With the passing of the queen and all the pomp and pageantry going on here in Australia, people are now polarised as never before.While she was our monarch, there was a respectful quiet discussion between Royalists and republicans about Australia’s future.She was the calm, now the storm rapidly…

    By Kurt Neuleuf

  • Have Any Book Suggestions?

    Looking for book recommendations:any and all regarding skeptical arguments contra religion and/or any particular sect.

    By JimL

  • Creating Christ

    Here's a book worth reading: Creating Christ: How Roman Emperors Invented Christianity by James S Valliant & Warren Fahy 2018See review at https://volumesofvalue.com/2022/09/18/creating-christ/

    By JimL

  • Introduce Yourself

     This is where you can introduce yourself to the Atheist Universe community, in as many or as few words as you'd like. Who are you, what brought you here, where are you coming from, when…

    By Atheist Universe

  • Does reversing abortion laws give all non-white Americans a better socio-economic demographic position?

    Does reversing abortion laws give all non-white Americans a better socio-economic demographic position?Statistically, more non-whites are aborted than whites.Reverse this trend and the shrinking white demographic dominance goes into overdrive.White is demographically shooting itself in the…

    By D L

  • I’m new here

    Hello to everyone. I joined last night and got my email confirmation this morning. I joined this site as I truly need the intelligent conversations that I know I’ll find with fellow Atheists and Agnostics. I had been on another site for the past four years after losing my husband in 2018. Alas, the…

    By Rhonda Pennell

  • Stephen Hawking makes it clear: There is no God

    If I were a scientist, I'd stick to the Goldman Sachs principle: bet on both sides."Believe in science, believe in God" seems to cover all the possibilities and gives you the best chance for a cheery afterlife.For a time, it was thought that astrophysicist Stephen Hawking had also left a tiny gap…

    By Stephen Brodie

  • Spiritual Bypassing

    Any thoughts on this topic?  Probably not well known or understood.  Below is but one link that will help give a deeper understanding of the concept.Spiritual bypassing describes a tendency to use spiritual explanations to avoid complex psychological issues.The term was first coined during the…

    By Fvck Y0u

  • Magats in the meat... The cure may have arrived!

    The demise of the USA appears to be inevitable. The "red meat" of this nation is "rotten" (full of "magats") and they are reproducing like flies. The latest nail in the coffin is the magats' devastating Roe v Wade victory. Soon, there will be far more of these lowlifes making babies and increasing…

    By Andy Stout


    By Kurt Neuleuf