How to add a Page

Group creators and administrators can now add pages to their group. 


These pages, of the type you find under our LIBRARY menus, can hold all kinds of content that is of interest to your members:


  • List of links
  • Reference articles
  • Embedded videos or Flash widgets
  • Images
  • iframed external web pages
  • etc.


● To add a page, from the Home page of your group, click on the Add Page link under your group member's icons.



You will then access a Create page form, similar to the Add New Discussion page, and be able to set-up your content as you see fit.


● You have the option to Allow Comments. If you allow comments they will be of the same type as for blogs, photos or videos.


● You have the option to Show Sidebar. If you turn it off you will get a full-width page such as this one here. If you keep it on, your page will look like he screen capture below, with the website column present on the left.



When you hit Create Page, the page link appears on your group's Home page.


You can then access and edit your existing pages or add new ones by clicking on the View All link, below your list of pages.



Unlike regular discussion topics that get pushed down as new threads are added, Pages remain easily accessible at all times. We hope you will take advantage of this new feature to add richer content to your group, and to the whole of Atheist Universe.


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