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We are a worldwide social network of freethinkers, atheists, agnostics and secular humanists.

Everyone: bookmark this page NOW. I mean it. I love it, it shows a classification tree of logical fallacies, the category they belong to, and how they are related. When you click on each fallacy, it takes to yo a page with a great description and explanation of the logical fallacy, and real world examples. It's a great resource.


It's interactive, so i'm not posting the diagram here, you need to go to the page. But here is an example:

Syllogistic Fallacy

Type: Formal Fallacy


Any non-validating form of categorical syllogism.


The categorical syllogism is part of the oldest system of formal logic, invented by the first formal logician, Aristotle. There are several techniques devised to test syllogistic forms for validation, including sets of rules, diagrams, and even mnemonic poems.

More importantly for us, there are sets of fallacies based upon the rules such that any syllogism which does not commit any of the fallacies will have a validating form. The subfallacies of Syllogistic Fallacy are fallacies of this rule-breaking type. If a categorical syllogism commits none of the subfallacies below, then it has a validating form. To understand these subfallacies, it is necessary to understand some basic terminology about categorical syllogisms:


Etc, etc.


Then you click on an indivudual type of syllogistic fallacy, for example Affirmative Conclusion from a Negative Premise and you get specific examples.


I could click on that page all day.

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Great resource. Thanks. I've added it to the homepage.

I bookmarked this earlier in the day - and e-mailed it to the faculty of my department. 

One professor is already figuring out how she can incorporate it into her three syllabi for the fall semester.

I should point out that the site was mentioned by Massimo Pigliucci who is a professor at City college, in his blog Rationally Speaking. I didn't discover it. But I really like this site as a resource! He also recommends a book  in the comments to his blog, it's his latest blog post.
I just sent the link to my son and my wife, as a resource for our family arguments :)

I've booked marked it for future spare time reading.

Added it under the Pages 3 menu up there on the menu bar.

I had suffered severly under the yoke of fear, that while I might be able to clear my mind of the cobwebs of some error, I might not be able to operate with honesty while in the presence to dudu brains...;p(

I have seen logic 'happen' a few times, but mostly find that power gaming and nutty can trump clarity. I do not wish to embrace cynism, with the attempt to become aware of where good minds go bad, but will anyone other than we hardy few desire self correction?

I have attempted decision analysis, while involved in family problem solving, but it appears that most would rather fly by the seat of their pants, driven by twisted whim, and vain pursuits.

Recently, a dear family member decided to spend $1000 to build a horse barn and buy tack, just to get a free horse from a woman that was expecting the December 21st 'end of reality'. All arguments were ment with 'I want', 'I deserve', etc, trumping the practical demands for thrift and bill paying. I expect that a whole new area of logic could be created just out of a tentative subject line, 'Family Logic for Complete Idiots', with a vast market waiting with baited breath, and customers of both sexes seeking a moment of revenge.

I would consider writing the above book of humor, deep correction, and vengeful insight, but I still have a f--king horse barn to finish...huhhhh.... 

James, the human mind is imperfect, and there are ingrained biases that defy logic, or evidence-based thought. Some of these cognitive biases served us well to make quick assessments of situations during our evolutionary past, now, they burden us. For example, our predilection for high calorie, high fat, high sugar foods is making humans ill. When those foods were scarce, it made sense to eat like that, now that those foods are super abundant or cheap, it makes sense to eat Brussels sprouts instead of a cheese burger with a vanilla milkshake. Few people reason that way, though. 

If you have not read it yet, I highly recommend the book "Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow" by Daniel Kahneman.

On your barn situation and the workings of the human mind, well....I'd said the horse is out of the barn ;-P

Actually we never received the horse! I got word from family that the horse died a few weeks ago, just a little after the barn was nearly completed, but my wife had been stiffed already. Our cuisen had changed her mind maybe because she wanted to ride her horse onto the waiting flying saucer is Arizona for the December 21st pickup...damn sorry this sounds so twisted...LOL

I am only 1 out of 4 kids in our family that ever spent time in college. Sadly many of the rest of our family seem to be drunks, dopers, or people with religion and guns. Our last Christmas day gathering was more painful that usual, I guess I have diverged badly. 

I got the perfect solution for you! Buy a horse for your wife, it seems she really wants a horse. And you have the barn already. If I didn't live in NYC, I'd want a horse myself!


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