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"About sixty years ago, the great sociologist Seymour Martin Lipset noted that of the dozen European…"
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"Tremendous Tooting Tour - Jolly Splendid London Walk Joolz Guides"
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"Doug: Allow me to cite from the introduction to the Quote of the Day group: Please keep your…"
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"Patriotism is the extension -- in theory -- of an ethical principle to all the people of your…"
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""How would you react if your 11-year-old daughter had a sexually transmitted infection? How…"
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"" I have come across our governments freely available information that the stolen generation…"
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"I will leave you with a few views upon the monarchy from the past. What can they see in the longest…"
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"Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help shall all be…"
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"According to Google: Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder in which people interpret reality…"
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"A good video, Stephen, and I totally agree. When the cleaning starts I'll throw in the Dutch…"
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"Hello Loren! I fail to see how the bible connects with schizophrenia since I'am a…"
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"A lot like that here in Canada too. A person can be respected without all the bowing, &…"
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"Why the Monarchy Should Have Died With the Queen It's about time that we got rid of this…"
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"The Bible is like a patchwork quilt with schizophrenia that Theists insist is all one color and…"
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What kind of music do you listen to? Do you have a favourite genre or you don't care about it? Do you have favourite bands and/or artists? And, are your music preferences based at all on your belief(s) or lack thereof?

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I myself listen don't care about the genre and I decide whether I like a song or not after I listen to it.
I'm exactly like that, too. I'll load some music on my page soon. I like all kinds of music, all kinds of disparate genres.

ME TOO!!  I love all kinds of music, all kinds.


My overwhelming favorite is soul, soul, and more soul.  I love old soul music, too.  But, i love soul, R&B, jazz, blues, and all the subgenres of R&B, jazz and of blues,

 hip hop, rap, all the kinds of Reggae, country (yes, i had to get past hickophobia to learn, i do love some country songs too! and there are many subgenres of country, who knew?)

 pop, classical, new age, salsa, merengue, opera, ska, classical pops, dancehall, swing, big band, chamber, symphony, ambient, bluegrass, disco, hippie music, and also, some rock and roll. 

and soul music.  I love it ALL!!!


,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and music from all over the globe, if i get a chance to hear it, i tend to love that too.



and nope, my atheism does not impact my taste in music, EXCEPt it keeps me from listening to christian rock (or whatever that stuff is called.) 

and to the person below who wonders if music with voices included is still really music, to me it is..........

 to me, even purely vocal music is still music, like weirdly enough, i find gregorian chants beautiful.  Many forms of music from around the world are also purely done by the amazing human voice box. 

and many many songs with amazing voices can give me goosebumps.   I love both kinds, music with and music without human voices.

The kind of music I listen to depends on my mood. I have my playlist broke down by mood. Lists like "Just thinking" and "Poetry corner". I just started using to help me check out my listening patterns and it's hard for me to say that I have a favorite because it's really based on what my mood is like. As for music on my beliefs, that does come into play as well as being atheist does effect my selection. I really just look for the song that bests compliments my mood. though.
I prefer music without vocals.
Isn't that what it's really about?

Western Classical (From Barqoue to Romantic and some of contemporary), Blues, Jazz, BossaNova, Funk & fushion, etc. Love Music :) Can't live without it!

i can vouch, this is true, Just Jay LIVES for music.  It is a huge portion of his mind and heart.

Thanks Jean. I just came from the Cavatina Duo concert today! They were wonderful!

I love to listen to everything, and if I wanna dance I dance on Egyptian songs

I'm not a fan of rock but I like some rock songs

I love this song,

^^^^ Gates of Babylon by Rainbow is an amazing track. The entire album is for that matter, as is the previous two albums by them.


For me it's Metal I love the most. From good old Heavy Metal to Thrash, Speed, Black, Death, Viking, Folk, Technical and Progressive. I tend to avoid all of the commercial versions with only a handful of exceptions. I've loved music since childhood but have been a metal-head since the early 80's. I do enjoy some other types such as classic rock, movie soundtracks and classical. But by far I've got some sort of metallic sounds coming out of the stereo at any given time, including right now. ;)

The nice thing about metal is that it creates an outlet for my aggressions and anti-theistic rage that I usually feel. More than any genre of music metal possesses a myriad of anti-religion/anti-christian themed songs. So yes, my atheistic/anti-theistic sentiments greatly influence what kind of music I listen to even though I listened to it even before I broke out of the shell of indoctrination. Only now there are no accompanying feelings of guilt associated with it.  \m/

Thanks for clearing things up. For a while I wondered if you weren't this other guy...
No, that's definitely not me. I'm a musician too but not quite the same..............nor as successful.  :P


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