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"Allah had become a refugee
So, seize even the Mosque carpet
And sell the church, it's his property
And sell the muezzin in the Black market
And Turn off the stars wicks because it'll
Light up the path for the homeless drifter
Even our orphans ,their 
father is absent
So sir, seize our orphans too!
Don't apologize! who said that you're oppressive?
Don't stress! Who said you're the aggressor?"
I'll stop here.

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Thanks for the poetry.

Um kalthoum was awesome!

Wael Jassar..  My favorite singer..

I hope that I'm translating this very well..

I miss you and i told you that but I was afraid to ask you

Do you miss me? will be happy when I come back?

My feelings aren't just words, I wish I can feel I'm important to

Make me stop worrying for once even if in my dreams

The light is your eyes was my mirror, the look in your eyes is telling my life story

I saw in them my beginning and my ending

It's impossible for me to forget you any of your whispers

Any word you told me it's still in my heart

Whenever I leave you, I ask myself questions that have no answers
I wish to live a happy second when I hug you without balmes

Why are you so silent? Talk, and learn how to dream

Look at my eyes with passion and you will understand

The light is your eyes was my mirror, the look in your eyes is telling my life story

the Poet  is Yazid ibn Mu'aawiyah (646-683!),the king and the Son of the founder of the Kingdom of the Umayyad also the caliph.

and here we go :

أراك طروباً والهاً كالمتيم
I see that you are coltish(jaunty-cheery) like some on who 's captivated by love
*تطوف بأكناف السجاف المخيم
Walking around the camp wandering
أصابك سهم أم بليت بنظرة
Was at an arrow hit you or a look has troubled you?
وما هذه إلا ســجـيــّة مـغــرُّم
this is only a quality of a lovesome ( a man deeply in love)
على شاطئ الوادي نظرت حمامة
I've seen a dove on the shore of the valley ( dove refers to the girl)
أطالت عليّ حسرتي والتندم
Elongate my remorse and sorrow
فان كنت مشتاقا لأيمن الحمى***( not sure about the significant here)
So if you are yearning(longing) to spend time at the sacred places
وتهوى بسكان الخيام فأنعم
And (or came for love of one of the girls in the tents,
أُشير إليها بالبنان كأنما
( she)had been Pointed to( by people.. .like
أُشير إلى البيت العتيق المعظم
The holy ancient house(the holy ka'aba)had been pointed to (by pilgrims) Refering to her ultimate beauty

خذوا بدمي منها فإني قتيلها
Avenge for me from her ,I'm a victim of her
وما مقصدي إلا تجود وتنعم
I only want her to be generous to me
ولا تقتلوها إن ظفرتم بقتلها
And if you have the chance to kill her , don't..
ولكن سلوها كيف حل لها دمي
Just ask her how could she( spill my blood)
وقولوا لها يا منية النفس إنني
And tell her," my ultimate wish
قتيل الهوى والعشق لو كنت تعلمي
If you realize, I was killed by love and passion
ولا تحسبوا إني قتلت بصارم
And don't think I've been killed by sward..
ولكن رمتني من رباها بأسهم
But she's shot me by arrows from her eyes
مهذبة الألفاظ مكية الحشا
Her words are gracious ..her behaviors are ( like people of makkah)
حجازية العينين طائية الفم
Her eyes with the beauty of hijazi girls,and the mouth of( tai'i) girls
لها حكم لقمان وصورة يوسف
She has the wisdom of( Luqman) and the beauty of Joseph( yusuf)
ونغمة داوود وعفة مريم
And voice of Solomon's pipes and the purity of virgin Mary
أغار عليها من أبيها وأمها
I'm gelouse for her from her father and mother
ومن خطوة المسواك إن دار في الفم
And from the movement of the toothpick( miswak) in her mouth
أغار على أعطافها من ثيابها
I'm jealous of the clothes touching her curvey body
إذا ألبستها فوق جسم منعم
When she put them on (her)soft silky body
وأحسد أقداحاً تقبل ثغرها
And I envy those glasses that touch her mouth
إذا أوضعتها موضع اللثم في الفم
If she put them on the place of the kiss in her mouth
والله لولا الله والخوف والرجا
I swear to god, If It wasn't my fear of God and my fear of the blame
لعانقتها بين الحطيم وزمزم
I would have caressed her between (al hateem and the well of zemzem)
وقبلتها تسعاً وتسعين قبلة
And would've kissed her ninety-nine kiss
مفرقة بالخد والكف والفم
All over her checks ,palm( hand) and mouth(lips)
ولما تلاقينا وجدت بنانها
When we've met I found( I saw) her fingertips…
مخضبةً تحكي عصارة عن دمي
Painted( colored) with a color of my blood
فوسدتها زندي وقبلت ثغرها
So I took it(her hand) under my arms and kissed her lips
وكانت حلالً لي لو كنت محرم
And she was all mine eventhough It was forbidden for me ( because i was muhrim- in haj)
وعيشكما هذا خضاب عرفته
I swear by ur lives( myfriends) this painting I've recognised it
ولا تك بالزور والبهتان متهم
And never accused me of lies and falsehood meaning ( don't accuse me of having ur blood on my hand)
ولكنني لما وجدتك راحلاً
But when I foud that you were leaving..
وقد كنت لي كفي وزندي ومعصمي
And you were my pal, my shoulder and wrest( my strength)
بكيت دماً يوم النوى فمسحته
I cried blood,at the day of parting, then I wiped it(tears) away..
بكفي فاحمرّت بناني من دمي
With my hand, so my fingertips turned red from my bloody tears
ولو قبل مبكاها بكيت صبابةً
If I've cried from love before she 'd cried..
لكنت شفيت النفس قبل التنهم
I would have healed her soul before she hurt( not quiet sure of this)
ولكن بكت قبلي فهيجني البكا
But she cried before me and her tears aggravated me
بكاها فقلت الفضل للمتقدم
of her crying i cried..
بكيت على من زين الحسن وجهها
I cried for whom beauty had adornment her face
وليس لها مثل بعرب وأعجم
And no one is like here( neither Arab nor western)
أشارت برمش العين خيفة أهلها
she beckoned with her eyes, scared of her family
إشارة محزون ولم تتكلم
a sign of sad person, without saying aword
فأيقنت أن الطرف قد قال مرحبا
I realized then that her eyes were saluting me
وأهلاً وسهلاً بالحبيب المتيم
Saying welcome my adored beloved
ألا فاسقني كاسات خمر وغن لي
Come and (irrigate)me with win and sing for me
بذكر سليمى والرباب وزمزم
Sing me about (sulaima, rabab and zemzem)
وآخر قولي مثل ما قلت أولاً
And the last thing to say is like the first
أراك طروباً والهاً كالمتيم
I see that you are coltish(jaunty-cheery) like some on who 's captivated by love


مهذبة الألفاظ مكية الحشا
حجازية العينين طائية الفم

in these 2 lines he is describing her beauty so he brought the famouse thing girls had been famouse of amongest all tribes( each tribe is famouse that its girls have certain characterestics or qualities
in here ( makkiyeatu alhasha) she has the beautiful and well manners of girls of makkah ( حشا) could refer to her body too[/B]
and she has the beautiful eyes of hejazi girls AL- hejaz is the western area of saudi arabia now [/B]
and she has the beautiful of mouth that girls of ( Tai'' tribe have) Tai' is a Tribe located in the northern borders of saudi arabi now

**ومن خطوة المسواك إن دار في الفم
Al-Miswak( المسواك)- is a wooden stick ء from a know tree used to clean tooth also known as ( alarak)

هو المكان الواقع بين الحجر الأسود وزمزم ومقام إبراهيم عليه السلام أي أمام باب الكعبة إلي حجر إسماعيل علية السلام وسمي حطيماً لأن الذنوب تحطم فيه أي تغفر وتمحي بفضل التوبة النصوح الصادقة
The place between the black holy rock, zemzem and ( maqam Ibrahaim)

***بذكر سليمى والرباب وزمزم"]names of arab beauties back then- Zemzem could be also the hloy well of zemzem and a name of girl

the Source: here

Of course, such a literary text, should be translated by a professor of Arabic literature. but I couldn't find one. so, i'm sorry ...

I love this!

If you lookup what was happening in the world in the 7th century, you realize that Arab culture was so advanced (and life-loving, as this poem shows) that it's no surprise they were able to conquer the known world so rapidly.

I agree with you, Mecca itself was the new Arab center which the convoy trade cross...
Because North Arabian Peninsula (by that I mean Arab countries bordering the Mediterranean ) was subject to the Byzantine Empire and the South of the Arabian Peninsula was suffering from the recent fall of the Kingdom (110 BC. - 525 - 527) . After the fall of the old Arab kingdoms like Kinda (200 BC.- 633)

 I will stop here and back to describe Mecca at that time (I don't want to boring you with all the details ) but just to say, there are a very old Arab kingdoms date back to more than 3 thousands years ago recent studies indicate that the climate & environment was very different and the climate change has been slow, but with disastrous consequences.

anyway, There were more than 300 gods worshiped in Mecca in Huge statues, sometimes some parts pure gold (that is normal, because Al-Hijaz has the largest gold mine not just in the arab region but in the Middle East) and the Arabs had their yearly known meetings some of it last for 20 days and some for a full month in those specific times of the year they celebrate life, singing ,dancing , wine, challenge each other to who say the best poetry and they do a lot of trade. Muhammad always avoid these days, he go to the mountains and stays alone for weeks .... oh this is funny story you probably do not know about it after Muhammad's death ...Prophetess! from Najd region lead (as head of the army) an army of 100 thousand fighters to fight Abu Bakr (the first caliph) lol

the introduction in this video is a poem by Imru al-Qais (520-565) .

@hope muhahaha 

she sang to her husband, he is in the audience  and she almost mocked that guy 6:45:D

Arabic version hahaha :

okay , I think you gonna like this


If I had two hearts, I would live with one
And leave the other to torment in yearning for you

But I have only one heart, overcome by passion
So neither can I live in comfort nor is death any nearer

Like a sparrow in the hands of a child who squeezes it,
Tasting the pains of dying, while the child simply plays

The child doesn't understand nor realize what is experiences
Nor does the bird have wings to fly away and leave."

this part translated by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani.

I will do my best this is some other parts:

Oh, you who my passion praise him and humiliate me
How to go,to reunited with you, Guide me!

You are the one who taught me and swore to me
And swore, that you will not betray me, and you betray me!

I'll sit on the road, and I'll complain 
like a aggrieved, and you did oppressed me!

and I'll pray at the darkness of the night
it may illness you like you illness(/ed)  me!

I'm in god/Allah sake, what did the passion do?
I have been infected by an illness that can not be heal!

I looked for the passion judge, to tell my story

To judge between me and my Lovers, by equal (equal judge)

the love judge answered me and said : oh boy!(/young man) 
How many martyrs/people have been martyred in the conquering of passion!!

I'm the love judge, and the love is my killer
And the Judge of the Judges* of passion , the passion is his killer!

*قاضي القضاة: a position in the judiciary like Supreme Judge.

I am the worst translator ever. i'm not a specialist in the translation of Arabic literature. so I'm sorry If this is a poor translation for an old literature.


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