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Here's a briefing of podcasts, interviews and speaking engagements Republican Atheists did in 2017. Link

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I think I'm the 25th viewer of your interview with Todd Huff radio, and he says you live in Sweden? Awesome. Another interview states you have epilepsy and live most of the time in Sweden. You've been seizure free for three years according to the post. How much would health cost here compared to there?

The cost of healthcare depends on the circumstances a person is in. In CA there is free state healthcare Medi-Cal which people must apply for which is comparable to Sweden's healthcare system. Main difference is Medi-Cal is for people who qualify while Sweden's system is for anyone who has a personal number (like a social security number) whether they are a citizen or not. Sweden's system is not completely free though - there is still a fee to see a doctor and charge for medication up to a certain point. 

Swedes can receive private health insurance through their employers like how Americans do. I'm not sure about the cost difference there.

Swedes pay a higher income tax rate though, and higher tax on electronics and other goods, which is something to take into consideration in regards to expense.


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