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Republican Atheists' President shares detail about the Museum of Communism located in Prague, Czech Republic

Ever wonder why Czech Republic is one of the most atheist countries in the world?

Republican Atheists' President Lauren Ell shares details from the Museum of Communism located in Prague, Czech Republic. Link

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Her take on it made me laugh because "there is none so blind as those that see!" 

A Republican conservative in the Museum of Communism. How ironic NOT.

Have you been to one?

If you take time to explore communisum take time to know about Lech Walesa.

If you explore Poland you may, or may not be interesed in the Solidarity museum in Poland.

Your link didn't provide much information.

As a professed Republican, are Unions Evil?

Did you share a song by Yip Harburg to defend communism? Obviously times have been tough in the US but capitalism and free-market economy have shown to be the most superior economic systems. After the communist regime fell in Czechoslovakia a capitalist system was introduced and Czech Republic has been gradually building itself to be a stronger and more free European nation.

Unions serve a purpose but just like any other collective organization it needs to be controlled to a certain extent.

Laughing my ass off.

Yip Harburgs music isn't about communisims.

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"  isn't about communism.

Sort of Binary?

Enjoy the new eara of Joseph McCarthy.

I share a post discussing the atrocities of communism in Czechoslovakia and in response you share a video showcasing poverty in the US, in a sense justifying communism where thousands of people died from malnutrition, attempting to flee the country, being falsely accused by police, practicing religion. Thousands of Czechs fled to the US, and now US's primary economic system is being implemented in Czech Republic for development. Imagine that.

Back in the day. 

Famine in Russia.

Maybe this link will provide information   and how Herbert Hoover saved the lives of many people.

it would be interesting to talk about Pogroms- if you'd like.


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