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Marine Le Pen is running for president of France.

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She is already up against "computer errors" and voter fraud.. 500,000 French, mostly living outside of France, have been sent two voting cards by mistake. Link

Before you get all giddy about Le Penn I suggest you look into the history of her party.

I know the term Fascist is thrown about to easily now days but its very apt for her and her party.

Her party is both Racist and Anti Semitic and it would be a catastrophe for France and the rest of Europe if she was to win. But I think and hope the French people will reject her hate filled message.  

National Front has a dark past but Marine Le Pen has softened it.

Parties affiliated with racism and anti-semitism are a blur to me.

In the US the Democratic party boasts that it is the party anti-racism. Yet it supported Women's March, a movement where one of the original organizers stepped down because she was white. Many Women's March organizers across the US were divided because of race. A co-organizer of Women's March, Linda Sarsour, is a Muslim woman of Palestinian parents that has openly promoted Palestine under the Women's March name and has said Zionist women cannot be feminists.

Anti-semitism is at a high at US college campuses which has me question the Democratic party which pushes free education.

Michelle Obama was interviewed on a TV program with mostly black viewers and she told viewers to vote Democrat no matter what, don't even look into the backgrounds of the candidates. I consider that to be racist since she was talking on a show geared towards black viewers, especially when black voters are hammered to vote Democrat.

I take note that Marine Le Pen would not be a Democrat.

Social Democrats call out Swedish Democrats in Sweden yet most people do not know that Social Democrats at one point practiced eugenics. Not to mention they push multiculturalism in Sweden to the point that everything is about race, from politicians in office to people selected for game shows. It is really difficult to not notice.

Personally I am interested in anyone who will bring the expansion of Islam to light.

Since you're from England, are you aware of this event called "Operation Trojan Horse"? 20 years of correspondence found planning to replace existing headmasters at Birmingham Schools with Muslim headmasters.



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