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We are a worldwide social network of freethinkers, atheists, agnostics and secular humanists.

The demise of Homo sapiens will not be due to some natural catastrophe, though it may be the catalyst to hasten their demise, but due to their unwillingness to have a serious discussion about the very structure of their societies!

They are unwilling to have a discussion about the very reason why humans are failing to resolve the problems that beset Humanity to-day, problems which they themselves have created, and which are also is impacting on the web of life upon which unknowingly Humans rely upon for their physical and psychological needs.

It is one reason why once flourishing civilisations are now only mere footnotes in the pages of the history book of Homo sapiens.

What are they unwilling to discuss?

The very structure of their societies!

“Society does not like to have any breath of question blown on the existing order." – Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882).”

A structure that is the breeding ground for inequity as it is built upon inequality. For without Equality there can never be true Equity between all.

“Gleichheit ist das heilige Gesetz der Menschheit”

"Equality is the sacred law of humanity".

– Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller.(1759 – 1805).”

“The only school of genuine moral sentiment is society between equals.

– John Stuart Mill (1806 – 1873)”

This inequality encourages in an individual human, feelings of arrogance and superiority over their fellow humans.

It is a structure that enriches the few by impoverishing the many.

"Wir geben den Reichen, wir nehmen den Armen."

We give to the rich, we take from the poor. – Old German Proverb.”

It is this structure that ensures that there will be humans that suffer the indignities of lacking enough to meet their basic needs to live,to suffer hunger and starvation even though there is sufficient for all,whilst others have a surfeit of the needs required to live. So it is a breeding ground for selfish behaviours and nourishes greed.

It is a structure that allows the upper echelons to create the laws and rules of the society.

Laws grind the poor, and rich men rule the law. – Oliver Goldsmith (1728 – 1774).

Within this structure the majority of laws that are enacted are not for the maintenance of harmony and peace within the society but to enforce the privileges and entitlements of the upper echelons of society as well as protecting their corporations to evade the consequences of their actions. Also to assist them to evade their social obligations placed upon them since they also live in the society.

Its structure does not allow the leaders of the society to be selected for their wisdom and ability to guide a group of humans through difficult situations. Though it does allow for people that have little wisdom or no wisdom with little or no abilities to guide any human group through difficult situations and in doing so the situations met with varying degrees of success. An upshot of this, is we now have Egotistical, Psychopathic and Narcissistic people leading human societies.

Quam parva sapientia regatur—Think with how little wisdom the world is governed.”

You only have to take a good scrutiny of the present day batch of so called leaders that are heading societies. While your at it, take a good look at those that are heading multi-national corporations and the way they influence your society.

It is a structure that perverts the knowledge acquired by the arts and sciences to create weapons to assist in the mass murder of other human beings. As it is also a structure that perpetuates the waging of mass murder in its many forms. It is called “War”.

“ Each animal,

By nat’ral instinct taught, spares his own kind ;

But man, the tyrant man! revels at large,

Free-booter unrestrain’d, destroys at will

The whole creation, men and beasts his prey,

These for his pleasure, for his glory those.”

William Somerville, : 1692-1742,

Somerville. Field Sports , line 94.”

It is a structure that allows economies to be governed by illusions and delusions.

“ ‘The world is seldom what it seems; to man, who dimly sees, realities appear as dreams, and dreams realities.’

— Samuel Johnson (1709 – 1784)”.

It is a structure that compounds and aggravates the mental illnesses that humans suffer from the stresses of living in a slightly not so natural form of society and due to the natural structure and chemical processes of the human brain. We live in a society to ensure our survival and well being by sharing the work load in obtaining the necessities to live that is enforced upon us by our very being and Nature. This thus brings with it stresses that we did not encounter when we lived in smaller groups whether semi-nomadic or settled in to an area.

Thou hast not what others have, and others have not the gift thou hast.

From this imperfection springs sociability. – Christian FÜrchtegott Gellert – (1715-1769)

It is a structure that frowns upon and inhibits an individual from thinking for themselves! Though it is quite happy to encourage the human individual to cultivate a thoughtless herd mentality so that they do not rely on their own thinking but allow others to do their thinking for them. Thus it is a structure that forces human individuals to seek aid from intangible beings to assist them in their struggles in life.

If a person gave your body to some passerby, you’d be furious. Yet you hand over your mind to anyone who comes along, so they may abuse you, leaving it disturbed and troubled – Have you no shame in that? -- Epictetus.

It is a structure that is very slow to respond to the changing circumstances both within the society and circumstances outside of the societies, that require resolute and quick responses to mitigate the the circumstances impact upon their societies.

Though this form of structure seems flexible and resilient it is so full of fault lines, so when it is truly faced with circumstances that require the full concentration and effort from all the humans of that society to overcome the circumstance that it faces, it readily shatters and falls apart, just as the hardest naturally known substance when improperly struck by a blow from a hammer shatters into a thousand fragments, that being the diamond.

Why are they unwilling to have this discussion?

They are unwilling to have this discussion as it means that there are those in those societies that feel that they are entitled to a misleading sense of wealth and power.

They are unwilling to have this discussion due to the mantras they have been chanting for millennia. Mantras that affected the thinking of Marx and Engels and others that wanted to create a better society, for their thinking was rooted deep in same structure of society they lived in.

These mantras are what drives unknowingly some anarchists within their thinking to do a complete one-eighty and lose sight of the fact that humans individually and collectively want and need guidance from another human being so that time and effort is not wasted on achieving the required end result of their endeavours.

It was in part why Communism in Russia failed. That which is known as communist China is not Communism but just a single party hierarchically structured society.

Why? That is because Communism requires all the humans within that society be and are equals and no matter what role a single person has within that society does not give them any special privileges or entitlements over and above everyone else in Society, even though they are well respected for taking on that role.

Unless Humanity willingly has this discussion about the structure of their societies. Homo sapiens will, like the civilisations that they created which are now just footnotes of its history book, become just a footnote in the history book of this Planet.

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Human equality.

The equality of humanity lies in the uniqueness of each individual of humanity!

Though human individuals on the surface looks similar but appearances are deceptive!

No two individuals are the same, as the DNA of each individual is inherited from both parents and expresses itself uniquely in the individual and giving them innate abilities.

Each human individual's childhood life experiences are unique which shapes the personality and the character of the the adult human individual.
Mullity Nik-ken-bah (20th - 21st Cent.)


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