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"You had a very brave mother, Davy. The way Europeans have treated other humans beings around the…"
22 minutes ago
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"Davy, I'm sorry to learn of the many challenges your mother faced. She had to have courage and…"
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Onyango Makagutu commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"Davy i like your mama. That took a lot of courage and you have turned out well for yourself. A lot…"
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"Nice bike ride."
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"So they are totally unable to get a true general picture of their subject.."
3 hours ago
Chris B commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"That's a horrible story, Davy, and she worked against a lot raising so many children! Life is…"
3 hours ago
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"Some people organize their sense of themselves and the world by thorough compartmentalization.…"
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Ruth Anthony-Gardner commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"Interesting personal story, Davy. Thanks for sharing. I'm in favor of reparations for those…"
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Ruth Anthony-Gardner replied to Adriana's discussion Science Bits, News, Videos in the group Science!
"Since we can't effect what happens in the alternate universes, this entire premise makes no…"
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"Puzzling, for sure."
13 hours ago
Chris B commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
" Not just bikes - a Canadian about the Netherlands"
15 hours ago
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"Davy I'm not ashamed of my part in the British Empire because I was born after the dam thing…"
15 hours ago
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"My mother had cerebral palsy which caused her to only have limited use of her right arm. She had to…"
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"Here is something might interest you Some of Europe’s Oldest-Known Modern Humans Are…"
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"I want to put on the table, not why 85% of the members of the National Academy of Sciences reject…"
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"Homophobia/biphobia, transphobia, racism, and sexism are tied into the "I'm OK,…"
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Joan Denoo commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"Ian, it seems to me that if we have not learned from our colonial history we will destroy living…"
23 hours ago
Joan Denoo commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"Stephen Brodie, I watched a video the other day that states it is not the owner of land that…"
23 hours ago
Ian Mason commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"European countries started external colonisation only when they had established the idea of the…"
Chris B commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"And you even weren't in my classes, Joan! But I'd love to see you there, or anywhere."

We are a worldwide social network of freethinkers, atheists, agnostics and secular humanists.

Humanity has the audacity and arrogance to say they are civilised.

Oh! You are civilised are you?

Then why do you pervert your technologies to commit mass murder, it is called WAR?

Why are you hell bent on destroying the Natural Infrastructure that all life including humanity depend upon to appease your superfluous desires for the illusion of material wealth? A pandemic severely affected your economy since it is built upon illusions and delusions not in reality. Stealing from the future to satisfy the superfluous desires of to-day.

Why do you allow certain groups within your Society to dictate to the masses, what is to be in your Society and its conduct? The rules of conduct and the laws that govern your society.

Why do you allow justice to be perverted and avoided by those in the higher stratum of your society for their actions whilst those in the lower stratum are incarcerated for the exact same actions on their part?

Why do you deny certain groups in your society to be able to acquire the necessary resources to live their lives with dignity? No you prefer that they live in abject poverty and vilify them as being the cause of all your woes when the reality is that you, yourself are the cause of your woes!

Why do you propagate and perpetuate the lies and dogmas to maintain the inequalities of your Society? Are you blind and unthinkingly thick?

Recent history has shown just how good your economy is, it is lacking and barely survived the pandemic, but yet you still persist with its delusions and illusions. Where the few grew fatter in dealings that had no real benefit to your society at all? Where the few are strong arming their way to squeeze the most profit out of the solution to the pandemic by controlling the vaccines and trying to deny the least able to procure the vaccines by ensuring they pay through the nose for it. Yet you are happy to turn a blind eye to the shenanigans of those profiteers. Who by the way were subsidised by your Society to develop the vaccines.

Talking of which just take a closer look and you will find there are no truly free markets as the businesses that are in reality only allowed to operate with the consent of your Society are controlling and squeezing the markets to their advantage thus creating an inequitable and non-free markets. Whilst at the same time creating monopolies not by monopolising a market as such but by monopolising businesses by procuring many various businesses thus reducing the number of true effective competitors in a given market. You only have to look at diagram of who owns who of all major businesses, it is a very interesting diagram to say the least.

Why do you persist in not taking heed of your history and learning from it?

Humanity is not as aggressive as you believe it to be. Mayhap it was when humanity were still but wild men living like the animals but humanity is no longer living like wild animals. Humanity learnt to communicate more effectively than the rest of the animals, learnt to pass on information down through their generations on how to use their hands to produce objects to make their lives easier and safer. They learnt to co-operate to achieve things that other animals could not. But yet humanity still did not leave that animal savagery behind. Nay Humanity chained a mill stone around its ankle and drag it with them down through their history and created more subtle ways to act out that savagery. That savagery was carried on down through history on the behest of a small group of people within the Societies of Humanity using every trick in the book to get their people to carry out what they could not and would not do themselves. One of the tricks was to use your religion to bend to their will.

That mill stone is the very structure of your Society where the minority tells the majority what to think and what to do. What this structure does is create frustrations within individuals because they have lost the ability to have control of their lives not withstanding the obligations that are imposed by living in a society, within their community that boil over in to anger and rage.

It is also a structure that creates psychosis and mental disorders that otherwise would not present themselves when Humanity was just another animal fighting for its survival. The human brain is not perfect and is naturally prone to disorders but the structure of society is such it aggravates those disorders.

It is a structure that destroyed many Empires in history as it is inflexible and has self-created flaws and when stress is applied it fails and becomes but history.

Oh! You think this writer is the only one to express these views here is what a man at the rebirth of enlightenment had to say.

“Yes, ignorance and the love of accumulation, these are the two sources of all the plagues that infest the life of man! They have inspired him with false ideas of his happiness, and prompted him to misconstrue and infringe the laws of nature, as they related to the connexion between him and exterior objects. Through them his conduct has been injurious to his own existence, and he has thus violated the duty he owes to himself; they have fortified his heart against: compassion, and his mind against the dictates of justice, and he has thus violated the duty he owes to others.

By ignorance and inordinate desire, man has armed himself against man, family against family, tribe against tribe, and the earth is converted into a bloody theatre of discord and robbery.

They have sown the seeds of secret war in the bosom of every state, divided the citizens from each other, and the same society is constituted of oppressors and oppressed, of masters and slaves.”

Ruins Or A Survey Of The Revolutions Of Empires.


M. Volney, Constantin François de Chassebœuf, comte de Volney (3 February 1757 – 25 April 1820)

Has anything changed from the time Monsieur Volney made this observation?

Human Societies are not perfect so are always improving their Society for the betterment of that Society. The beacon of the truly ideal and civilised Society has been buried and dimmed beneath ten thousand years of the propaganda and dogma of the oppressors. It never extinguished the beacon as it is cracked and flawed. As those that are of the Socialist mindset of the hierarchical structured Society they live in have glimpsed that beacon urging them on. Even the great socialist thinkers like Marx, Hegel, Lenin, Trotsky and their ilk hamstrung themselves as they did not consider the very structure of the Society in which they lived. In their meditations on social injustice they not once did they consider the very structure of the society thus setting up for failure their plans for a more equal and justice society. It was this very structure that destroyed Russian communism not so called democracy of the Democratic societies. As the Chinese people are rather stoic in nature due to their history and although the Chinese style of communism seems to be working the reality though is that it is turning into a one party despotism just waiting for a dictator to arise from the populace just as Hitler did in a democratic society and so will end the Chinese communist experiment of hierarchical governance.

In Volney's extract conexxion = connection just the way they spelled it back then.

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