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We are a worldwide social network of freethinkers, atheists, agnostics and secular humanists.


The following questions are questions that I've been thinking upon for a long time what are your thoughts on the questions and Why!

I'll set them so that you can reply to each question separately.

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Uhm, because we are the ones consuming the consumables?

We is the plural of the first person, so it generally implies the speaker as well as several members of the intended audience.  I happen to be a minimalist but it's not as though I live in the forest surviving off of deadfall and scavenged carcasses.  I cast my 'consumer vote' by avoiding superfluous purchases - although I guess I really don't need my violin or wine making equipment.  Do you live in a forest scavenging carcasses and deadfall?

sorry about deleting the post questioning what you meant by we and thanks for the answer. G/D connection/computer

The actual consumer should pay rather than everyone through taxes

The consumer is the one who DOES pay - I'm really not following you at all.  Are you suggesting that the values of minimalists be imposed on the greater society?

I'm suggesting that too often everyone pays for pollution and environmental degradation than only consumers of the products causing it.

I used to drive on a road popular for dumping garbage. Mattresses, and refrigerators lined the road because people didn't want to pay to take them to the dump which was less than five miles away. If the disposal fee was paid when the item was purchased maybe less would be illegally dumped along the road. Gasoline is another item causing pollution and health problems borne by everyone. Companies do their best to defer costs onto the public at large. Superfund sites are a good example.

In Canada we now have a 'recycling fee' charged on a lot of items.  The draw back is that for most items you don't get the fee back for taking it to the recycling centre so it's sort of pointless - although the idea has at least started rolling.

I find it amazing how averse most consumers are to reducing waste.  Try to show them a few tricks that will save them a lot of money/time/trips to the trash and they look at you with scorn.  I guess when I suggest these things they see me as an evangelical minimalist - and I really try not to be evangelical about it but some things really do improve your overall quality of life and I just want to share them.  Oh well.

When I was growing up there use to be a surcharge of threepence (3 pennies) on small fizzy drink (soda pop ) bottles and a zac (6 pennies)  on larger ones. You reclaimed the surcharge by handing into a grocery store whether you bought it there or not. The grocery store sent the bottles back to the fizzy drink makers and they would re-use the bottles. but they discontinued it in the late '60's early 70's. But South Auss re-introduced the surcharge and it is a flat 5 cents now no matter the size of the bottle though I am unsure how they claim the surcharge back. 

Most council areas in NSW have more than one wheelie bin for you to put out each week for collection. In Wagga Wagga they have three, one for plastics along with paper and cardboard, one for green wastes and one for non-recyclable material. As well they have I think it is one day a month where the council goes round and picks up all the large unwanted items.

Even when you take your wastes to the garbage tip before you go in they have an area where you can put any unwanted items such as refrigerators, clothes dryers, washing machines etc. Before you dump your wastes at the tip which also costs you.  They are sent to recyclers to be recycled this is an attempt to lower the amount of waste going into landfill. 

When you have unwanted but in reasonable condition, cupboards, wardrobes and the alike you just call up a charity such as the Salvation Army, St Vincent De Paul  society and they will come and collect them. They give them to people that cannot afford to buy them either new or second hand they also sell them at reasonable prices. 

I'd like to know who gets the deposit that isn't reclaimed.

I do not know the answer to that question. But since it was the State government that brought the law into being I would hazard the guess the state does! But don't quote me on that.

I know when me and my brothers collected the bottles on the way to school the surcharge was levied by the fizzy drink maker as this help to lower costs in relation to bottles by ensuring that bottles were returned to them. They had wording such as " This bottle remains the property of YY beverages coy"  but on the bottles produced after they dropped the surcharge that wording disappeared. 

So to-day the cost of the bottle is added to the cost of the bottle of fizzy drink. where as earlier the cost of the bottle was in the surcharge they imposed.

Exactly, we do not look at the long term health of our planet from an ecological standpoint, 

We need to maximize our collective future as a species and not maximize the short term wealth of those who damage the future.  It is like we are species of squirrels who reward those who cut down the trees rather than those who bury nuts for the future.  

Submitted by: Unknown

These questions are not esoteric questions but ones of perception.

With this question "Who is worth more a bundle of cash or a person?"

I will re-state it this way.

"What is worth more a bundle of cash or a person?"


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