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"THE DAY DEMOCRACY DIED - by Founders Sing with Don McLean & Founding Fathers"
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"Loren how do these Repubs even save face when they have done such an about turn? Do the electorate…"
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"Stephen, they've been all over it, ABC, CBS, and NBC, plus my buds at MSNBC, particularly…"
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"The commemoration on 210th anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar. HMS Victory firing rolling…"
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"Loren tell me! as you live in the USA, has the main media not reminded the Republicans of…"
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"Yeah, I saw that a few hours ago ... and I did my best not to vomit."
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"Mitt Romney clears way for Trump to push through fastest Supreme Court nomination in…"
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"Yup, that would be me. Glad you made it here.  Patricia"
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" Here is how I explain it to I do not deny that Mohhomad is considered the prophet of Islam as…"
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"I have missed you! A/N died what about 2-3 years ago. I found there was not much activity so I putt…"
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"Since the national lockdown wildflowers in parks and verges on the motorways have not been cut back…"
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"I did a little gardening work yesterday: dug potatoes, watered autumn spinach, lettuce, and peas,…"
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"Sadly, Onyango, I've seen the two front runners for the SCOTUS seat, and both of them, to put…"
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"Mrs. B., I agree, health care people and scientists offer the best information for governments;…"
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"Or maybe Trump gets his way only for the appointee to become a left leaning judge"
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"Michelle's 7-year old German Shorthaired Pointer fell into seizures late yesterday, could…"
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I assume you're aware of the deliberate slowdown of US Post Office services by Trump's loyalist Post Master General. I just wrote to my congressman, and urge you to do the same. My text:

I strongly urge you to cosponsor and support H.R.8015 "To maintain prompt and reliable postal services during the COVID-19 health emergency, and for other purposes".

Maloney’s bill would require the USPS to maintain the same “operations or level of service” it had on Jan. 1, 2020, until either next year or the end of the coronavirus pandemic. To strangle postal reliability and transparency in the middle of the worst pandemic in 100 years is UNAMERICAN! While locked down, vulnerable seniors such as myself rely on it for communication, medication deliveries, voting, and critical banking and utility notices and payments. I also send a personal letter to my sister every three or four days. Stop this attack on the post office and make sure it's fully funded as an essential service.

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If you're not up to speed, try Trump’s postmaster general caught making cash off of post office co...

“DeJoy already faces bipartisan criticism for implementing disruptive changes after taking over the USPS on June 15, including eliminating overtime for many workers,” CNN noted.

... a postal worker in Michigan explained that every election year ballots are treated as “first-class mail” giving it a priority to ensure that votes are counted. Now the post office is treating it “like bulk-rate mail,” where it won’t have the same priority.

There was also the matter of DeJoy firing a slew of staff in key positions in the Postal Service late on a Friday night. Pro-democracy advocates are fearful that this is the beginning of an attempt to steal the election by Trump and his allies.

There's also this "heartening" news:

"Mail sorting equipment is being removed from U.S. Postal Service (USPS) offices amid a slew of operational changes implemented by new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, according to the head of the Iowa Postal Workers Union. [...]"

Never mind that people rely on the mail for checks and medicines... and ballots.

I voted by mail-in ballot in the primary (returned it at a city drop box); for the general election I'll forgo the postal service entirely and vote early. (Pennsylvania doesn't offer early voting by that name, but the new election law says that starting 50 days before the election you can apply for a ballot in person at the county elections office, and they have to give it to you right then, on the spot, if you ask, and give you an opportunity to fill it out privately. Then you fold, seal, seal, and sign it as usual, and return it in person, during the same visit.

More:; scroll down to "How Pennsylvania’s new ‘early voting’ works".)

Yes, Ruth. Just been reading about it. For the past 3½ years, America has been to look like a corrupt banana republic by that avaricious fool in the White House. Most governments around the world are corrupt to one degree or the other, but Trump has developed it into an art form.   

I'm pretty sure it's not postal voting that Scump is against Per se but postal voting that's against him. 

It's perfectly fine when he does it! And he even had someone bring his blank ballot from Palm Beach County, Florida to Washington, DC, and bring his voted ballot back so it could be returned before the deadline.

Just imagine, if there were a trusted courier service not just for the elite 0.01% but for all Americans, a public service that covers the largest cities and the sparsest rural areas, a service that could use massive economies of scale to deliver not only ballots, but things like vital medicines and checks, and even the occasional personal letter from a friend. Oh, wait...

Another page on AU led me to a (serious!) Cracked article arguing that buying stamps won't save the USPS; "here's what will": legislative action... which quoted a tweet about how signing petitions or texting advocacy groups' numbers don't help; "you're treated like a bot. CALL or email your representative directly"... which led me to another tweet by the same person:

if you want to #SaveTheUSPS i am BEGGING you call your representatives directly to support:
1. the Delivering for America Act (call HOUSE reps)
[This is the bill Ruth wrote about, above]
2. USPS Fairness Act (call SENATORS)

Both the USPS Fairness Act (as an identical companion bill, HR 2382) and the HEROES Act passed the House, and are apparently stalled in the Rethuglican-controlled Senate.

The USPS Fairness Act would repeal the requirement that the United States Postal Service prepay future retirement benefits, a burden no other government department or private company has to operate under. The HEROES Act includes, among many other COVID-19 relief provisions, $25 billion to the USPS.

The Delivering for America Act (H.R. 8015) passed the House on Saturday. 26 Republicans joined the Democrats in voting for it. Now on to the Senate! Call or email your Senators directly about the bill, as well as the USPS Fairness Act (S.2965, and the identical bill H.R. 2382 which passed the House in February) and the HEROES Act (H.R. 6800 as opposed to a few other similarly-named bills).

(The Republicans who voted yea: Bacon, Balderson, Bost, Buchanan, Davis, Rodney, Fitzpatrick, Fortenberry, Graves (MO), Herrera Beutler, Hurd (TX), Joyce (OH), Katko, King (NY), LaMalfa, McCaul, McKinley, Reed, Smith (NJ), Stauber, Stefanik, Stivers, Turner, Upton, Van Drew, Wagner, and Young.)

Is it my imagination or are many Republicans jumping ship?

Yes, rats trying to save their own asses and hoping we don't get another Trump term.

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