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"Joan, this sounds like Ivan talking to Aloysha or is it the old priest advising the young penitent.…"
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""Above all, don't lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie…"
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"Amanda Marcotte"
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""Probing the Dark Universe" - A Lecture by Dr. Josh Frieman"
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"I think I'll see if I can read that book."
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"Another important book was Piri Thomas's Down These Mean Streets."
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"If we fail to remember or can no longer remember the stories of our ancestors, that wisdom cannot…"
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"Davy, I am very sorry you were not able to sit down with your elders and hear their stories, see…"
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"I had two years of exposure to Black students in a Washington, D.C. housing project and was able to…"
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"Just a little something Awabakal/ Awabaghal  means People of the plain. I think that the plain…"
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"Stephen I do not expect you to feel ashamed of who you are for you did not carry out the events of…"
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"I think there has been some misunderstanding to my last post about my Mother.It was My…"
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"Interesting,  indeed. Thanks, Davy."
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"Adam Savage's appearance at the 2012 Reason Rally was, to me, among the genuine highlights of…"
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"You had a very brave mother, Davy. The way Europeans have treated other humans beings around the…"
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"Davy, I'm sorry to learn of the many challenges your mother faced. She had to have courage and…"
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"Davy i like your mama. That took a lot of courage and you have turned out well for yourself. A lot…"
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"Nice bike ride."
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"So they are totally unable to get a true general picture of their subject.."
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"That's a horrible story, Davy, and she worked against a lot raising so many children! Life is…"

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Mental Health and Related Issues


Mental Health and Related Issues

Mental health and or physical disorders, related or not, that happened or happens can change someone's views, perceptions, thinking and even someone's life.

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physical and mental

This shows how our physical state can affect one's state of mind and one's thinking process.

I'm having bronchitis at the moment but I was diagnosed only last wednesday.  Most people were telling that it was just the flu (grippe), and that it takes longer in summer for it to take its course and disappear, and poor ignorant me, I believed them.

Instead of improving, the symptoms became unbearable:  coughing non-stop, blocked nose, headaches, no hunger and feeling dizzy.

Now, I'm on antibiotics and have to use a respirator twice a day.

The physical symptoms are lighter now, but, I'm always exhausted with a very cloudy brain.  I can't seem to use my mental faculties properly. I make stupid mistakes and generally speaking I'm kind of out of it.


So, this was just to give an exemple of how physical and mental health are closely connected.

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In a couple of hours I have become either a pariah or a monster....

Started by Marianne. Last reply by Chris Nov 29, 2015. 12 Replies

I know I started that group quite a while ago and it didn't seem very active when I was away...I've been on fb a lot and there my friends were only (or are) atheists.  But in this period of time we are in, everything goes very quickly as do comments…Continue

All for one, one for Adderall (Living with Adult ADD/ADHD)

Started by Keely. Last reply by Chris Nov 26, 2015. 9 Replies

So........I have gone 42 1/2 years of my life without having to rely on any mind or…Continue

Tags: Pharma, Adderall, Medications, Big, Hyperactivity

Those anonymous groups...

Started by Marianne. Last reply by Chris Sep 27, 2013. 2 Replies

All those anomymous groups have something in common: the twelve steps and the religious prayer at the end of their meetings.  To name the ones I'm aware of: the AA (alcoholic anomymous), the NA (narcotics anonymous), the GA (gamblers anonymous), the…Continue

Suicides and SSRI's

Started by Chris. Last reply by Chris Jul 22, 2013. 2 Replies

The other day I heard a guy talking about Prozac on the radio talking about the high suicide rate for people taking Prozac. He said the manufacturer had their own unreleased studies showing the dangers of this medicine. …Continue

Pills side effects

Started by Marianne. Last reply by Chris May 5, 2013. 5 Replies

I actually take a lot of pills everyday for different disorders.  As I suffer from Chron disease I take 8 Salofax a day for that.  I'm also severely ridden with arthritis so I take pills specifically for arthritis and other, oxycontin because I…Continue

Domestic violence

Started by Marianne. Last reply by Quilla Mamay Apr 23, 2013. 9 Replies

Domestic violence is very common but for the larger part it never comes to light.  I believe  there are three types of domestic violence, the physical one, the verbal one and the non-verbal one.  I find all of them forms of mental cruelty.Whether it…Continue

Will the taboo ever be lifted ?

Started by Marianne. Last reply by Marianne Feb 3, 2013. 3 Replies

I know that there is much talk about discrimination, against gays, against atheists, but nothing seems worse to me than the continuous and not talked about discrimination against people with a mental illness or having had a mental illness solved by…Continue


Started by Marianne. Last reply by Marianne Aug 21, 2012. 2 Replies

Alcoholism seems to be an issue that hasn't been broached too often even if it is so definitely widespread.  I sneaks on one and can have disastrous effects on the person who is alcoholic; why the person becomes one is always for one or many reasons…Continue

Reactions in times of crisis

Started by Marianne. Last reply by Michel Jul 23, 2012. 3 Replies

The major crisis may happen to you or to someone else whether it is to someone you barely or do not know or someone close to you. In time of crisis when action is necessary, usually I react instantly, like in a car accident, or closer to home when…Continue


Started by Marianne. Last reply by Adriana Jul 15, 2012. 1 Reply

It's awful to have a really really negative tag put on you. Gays may know something about this.It's hidden and has to stay that way. At one point being an atheist was a stigma too but it's getting better, I believe.  But having had some kind of…Continue

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Comment was by Stephen Brodie on August 20, 2018 at 11:10pm

Boy has huge chunk of his brain removed, and he’s doing better than ever

The brain is the most essential organ in the human body, it controls everything, and makes you the person that you are. Messing around with the human is a horrible idea, unless, it is the only choice you have to lead a normal and healthy life. Recently, the story of a boy has shocked medical circles across the globe with his a dynamic neurological process that worked wonders.

Comment was by Chris on March 7, 2017 at 11:09pm

Tuesday, Sep 1, 2015 01:00 AM PDT

By: Steven Rosenfeld

The twisted psychology that explains Donald Trump’s appealThe pundi...

"Nobody needs a psychology degree to know the 2016 presidential campaign trail is filled with genuine narcissists—exceptionally vain men and women who see themselves as deserving attention and power. And then, in a class by himself, is Donald Trump.

Remarkably, the chord that Trump has struck with voters is growing, to the dismay of the Republican establishment and to the glee of Democrats and progressives—who feel they are watching a spectacle that’s better than The West Wing. Who could have imagined this script, where the GOP is being destroyed from within—and Trump, leading in all recent national polls for the nomination, is fighting with Fox News?

“Something is going on,” Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan wroteFriday, then describing two acquaintences who wouldn’t normally vote for Republicans but are wildly cheering Trump. First is a women from Georgia in her late 60s, living on Social Security, who voted for Obama in 2008, but can’t stop texting her family—“middle-class, white, independent-minded.” And Cesar, from her local deli, who said, “He’s the man,” adding legal immigrants are angry at illegals and Latinos don’t vote in blocks anymore...."

More Here

Comment was by Marianne on January 2, 2014 at 12:02am

Happy New Year too Lori,  I sincerely wish I could help you with that because I know such a support group exists in Quebec city.  It seems very strange that you're facing a brick wall.  Anyway, a psychiatrist or someone who deals with mental health problems must be aware of the difficulties of parenting a child with mental health issues.  You can always vent here and I will always respond.

Comment was by Lori Daubenspeck on January 1, 2014 at 8:45am

Happy New Year !  I really would like to find an atheist or humanist group for parents of adult children with mental illness. I find that on NAMI forums ,if I mention anything pertaining to my son's fanatical religious faith and its impact on his mental health,my posts don't appear. I have contacted them to no avail. Any suggestions ?

Comment was by Chris on May 20, 2013 at 4:30pm
I posted an article about circadian rhythm and depression in a discussion and it should have been posted here. Here's the link.

Comment was by Marianne on May 8, 2012 at 11:22pm

This video is horrific; I can well believe they used shock therapy possibly indiscriminately and without the patient consent (if he is not aware enough to realize what might happen to him) or without the parents'assent...

Comment was by Neal on May 6, 2012 at 12:18pm

Horrible video of shock treatment being used on a boy in Massachusetts. This video was hidden from the public eye since 2002, case in court now.

Comment was by Marianne on February 24, 2012 at 10:12pm
Comment was by Sydni Moser on January 7, 2012 at 10:54am

Please Explain: Hoarding

WNYC - Public Radio Podcast

Almost everyone has closets full of stuff, favorite mementos, and expanding collections of books or shoes or spices or hotel shampoos. But sometimes our emotional attachments to stuff can spiral out of control, and people become not just pack rats but compulsive hoarders. Dr. Robin Zasio, therapist who specializes in treating hoarding and other anxiety-related disorders, explains what compulsive hoarding is and how to treat it. She’ll also give advice about how to live a less-cluttered, better-organized life. She’s the author of The Hoarder in You: How to Live a Happier, Healthier, Uncluttered Life.

Comment was by Michel on November 26, 2011 at 5:31pm

Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.  

Ralph and Edna were both patients in a mental hospital.  One day while they were walking past the hospital swimming pool, Ralph suddenly jumped into the deep end.

He sank to the bottom of the pool and stayed there.

Edna promptly jumped in to save him.  She swam to the bottom and pulled him out.  

When the Head Nurse Director became aware of Edna's heroic act she immediately ordered her to be discharged from the hospital, as she now considered her to be mentally stable.

When she went to tell Edna the news she said, "Edna, I have good news and bad news." 

"The good news is you're being discharged, since you were able to rationally respond to a crisis by jumping in and saving the life of the person you love.  I have concluded that your act displays sound mindedness."

"The bad news is, Ralph hung himself in the bathroom with his bathrobe belt right after you saved him.  I am so sorry, but he's dead."

Edna replied, "He didn't hang himself. I put him there to dry....  How soon can I go home?"



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