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Hypothesize anything and see where it and logic take you.

That's deduction, and without it we would have no fiction. Or math?

Induction keeps me in reality.

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Mathematics has been called the language of the universe. it can be an elegant way to describe reality. If we were to meet an alien people maths maybe the only way to communicate.

Stephen, mathematics cannot DESCRIBE the universe. It can APPROXIMATE the universe.

What follows requires the study of more than calculus and even differential equations. It requires the study of at least numerical analysis, which can account for rounding and truncation errors.

Without that study you won't understand what follows, so either suspend judgment or accept the consequences of talking about stuff you don't understand.

For many calculations, the geometry of a uniformly dense sphere works and the math is easy.

The mathematics for the trips to and from the moon in the 1960s required more accuracy than that. The mathematics for travel to and from planets requires still greater accuracy.

The reasons?

The earth is not uniformly dense. Metal ore deposits are heavier than clays, sands and water.

The mathematics of underground exploration--oil, minerals and more--requires knowing how sound travels through the non-uniform earth.

Further, the earth is not a sphere; it's a slightly flattened sphere, bulging at the equator.

The mathematics of the moon trips in the 1960s required mid-course corrections. The mathematics of trips to and from planets will require more such corrections.

The above conditions mean that no mathematican can write the differential equations that DESCRIBE the earth. Many can write the differential equations that APPROXIMATE the earth TO THE ASCCURACY REQUIRED FOR MANY APPLICATIONS.

The differences matter.


There was a discussion here about hypnosis.

When I was in high School a hypnotist had some of my fellow classmates doing stupid stuff such as chicken dances.

A couple of years ago I went to the fair and saw people being hypnotized and doing wired stuff.

My High School had a hyptoniost. People in high school who were hypnotized said they didn't remember what they did.

What is it about some people who turn over their mind to a hypnotist?

I wonder how much religious 'leaders' use the same tricks.

Darren Brown shows some interesting tricks.

Chris, you ask about people "who turn over their mind to a hypnotist".

I once did so during a night club act and enjoyed the five-second-long experience.

I can say fearful people, such as authoritarians who have already turned over their minds to leaders, don't turn over their minds to hypnotists.

A hyponotist did a performance at the High school I attended. Seven, or eight students I knew went on stage, from that group the hypnotist dropped the group to about five. The hypnotized students, some I knew did a bunch of goofy things such as chicken dances. They said they didn't recall the actions 'on stage.'

I went to the local fair a couple of years ago an saw another hypnotist perform with - about 7 subjects.

A Psychiatrist tried to hypnotize me using beat frequenty harmonics. I had to quell myself from bursting out in laughter at him.

Having fun at a dance club with a beautifull woman is different than being hypnotized.

I'm curious about how prople can be hypnotized.

Religious, Political, Chrismatic, Movie, and TV Personallaties seem to hold people captive.

... the hypnotist dropped the group to about five.

Hypnotists, to succeed, have to exclude people who will resist.

I wonder if religious people are more apt to be hypnotized than others.

It seems there is a difference in the mind that allows some to be subjected to hypnotism more than others.

Is it true (as I've often heard)  that intelligent people are easier to hypnotize?

Why are are some people apparenty easily hypnotised?   - religious indoctrination - worship of movie stars - vote for politicions who don't represent their interests, or purchase items they don't need based on commercials seen in print, hear on the radio, or watch on TV.

Chris, I see two differences.

One, in the Catholic schools I went to, the nuns and priests repeated their stuff five days a week for twelve years and used guilt to "glue it" in place.

Hypnotists don't do that.

And two, the kids and adults who are victims to religion are troubled kids and adults.

People cooperate with hypnotists.

I'm going to start a discussion on this.

I agree that people (subjects) cooperate with hypnotists.

The subject of hypnotism may make an interesting discussion. One of the founders of Atheist Universe [Adriana) who doesn't contribute posts much any more] didn't believe that people could be hypnotised. We disscussed this a number of years ago. It's worth bringing up again.

Indoctrinantion, Stockholm syndrome, and repeted commercials aren't the same.

I'm curious what's in the mind of people who allow themselves to be hypnotized. Darren Brown shows how easy it is to manipulate another persons mind.

I'd like to hear from someone who has been hypnotized. People who have been hypnotized probably don't even know it happened to them.

I played around with some of Browns techniques (in a safe manner) and found targets are easy to recognize.

How much do tent preachers, the Peter Popoffs, and other religous kooks use hypnosis for their benifit? I'm thinking of Havens Gate, The Branch Davidians in Wako Texas, Jim Jones, Charles Manson  and others bring forth complience by their subjects.

A discussion of the subject may be interesting. Perhaps someone will be able to provide information about hypnotism.


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