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"Thomas Aquinas never had to deal with facts so utterly indisputable that his faith could be…"
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"Dumb ass answers as to why Christians believe. “God only knows”“God has his…"
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An internet group about The Internet.

The internet is both a telecommunication medium and a culture. We have embraced it because of its immediacy, its pervasiveness and its usefulness.

Even though for most of us its workings is equivalent to magic and it's enough to know that it's very 'complicated and technical,' it has become an intricate part of our life.

Let's talk about this.

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The Internet

This is a partial portrait of the Internet. Imagine that at the tip of each branch there is one or multiple human brains operating and that each one of these terminals can be instantly connected to any other, anywhere.

If we could map this image to the surface of the Earth it would make it even more obvious that this network of networks is like a new organ that has been grafted onto the biosphere.

Partial map of the Internet based on the January 15, 2005 data found on Each line is drawn between two nodes, representing two IP addresses. The length of the lines are indicative of the delay between those two nodes. This graph represents less than 30% of the Class C networks reachable by the data collection program in early 2005. Lines are color-coded according to their corresponding RFC 1918 allocation as follows:

Dark blue: net, ca, us
Green: com, org
Red: mil, gov, edu
Yellow: jp, cn, tw, au, de
Magenta: uk, it, pl, fr
Gold: br, kr, nl
White: unknown

Click here for a high-resolution 8MB image.

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So you think the cloud is Safe?

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In the digital age, your files and memories are not truly yours any more. They belong to the cloudKYLE GOODWIN wants his stuff back. One day, he decided to set up a company in Ohio to …Continue

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Wearable computers challenge human rights

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The thoughtless adoption of new technologies seduces us into providing more of our personal selves without any concerns for the protection of our personal data, argues Katina Michael an associate…Continue

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Your Daily Dot

Video shows 56-year-old Asian American man beaten to the ground in subway station

Footage shows attacker hitting a 56-year-old man at a NYC subway station

A recently surfaced video shows a 56-year-old Asian American man being beaten to the ground as he was about to enter a subway station in New York on Tuesday. 

The victim has been identified as a Malaysian-American construction worker Teoh Ming Soon. He told WABC-TV that he was on his way home from work when the attacker came for him.

Surveillance footage of the incident shows the attacker, who is wearing a face mask, approaching the entrance of the staircase and suddenly stopping. Within a few seconds, Soon walks past and heads toward the staircase. The attacker then takes a swing at him and beats him to the ground. 

Soon falls on the ground where he's punched several times before the attacker is able to get up and leave. He picks up his belongings that he had dropped during the attack and walks down the stairs. 

The video was shared on Wednesday by ABC reporter CeFaan Kim who said the New York Police Department is considering it to be a hate-crime incident. Kim posted the video with the hashtag #StopAsianHate, and it has been viewed more than 20,000 times.

In an interview shared by WABC-TV, Soon has a red eye and swollen lips; he points to his eyes, nose, and lips as he talks. The attacker reportedly punched him in the eye and hit his mouth with his elbows repeatedly. The victim has since been admitted and released to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, according to NextShark

Soon said it happened so fast that he didn't get a chance to see the face of his assailant, but he said the person not someone familiar.

WABC-TV shared a photo released by police that shows the attacker wearing a red face mask, gray t-shirt, and a black cap.

According to WABC-TV, the video was captured on a cellphone, but it's not clear who took the video or why they were recording.

The incident took place near New York City’s Chinatown area, where hundreds rallied over the weekend against the rising number of anti-Asian hate crimes across the country. New York City recorded 28 hate crimes against Asian Americans in 2020, compared to three the previous year, after former President Donald Trump called COVID-19 the “Chinese virus” and "kung flu." 

Tuesday’s victim is the latest of such attacks, which primarily target elderly Asian American people.

H/T NextShark

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News site retracts essay comparing COVID lockdown to Anne Frank and the Holocaust

A tweet over a crowd of people wearing masks

A Canadian news organization apologized on Thursday after it published an essay that compared living through the coronavirus to Anne Frank's experience during the Holocaust.

The article, published by the Globe and Mail, questions how Frank, who died at the age of 15 after being sent to a concentration camp, would have coped during the pandemic.

"As my COVID fatigue has gotten the better of me in recent weeks I started to say to myself, 'What would Anne do?' or 'How would Anne describe this time?' and 'How would she cope?'" writes Debra Dolan, the article's author.

The essay, which has since been deleted but remains archived online, immediately stirred outrage across social media.

"This story in @globeandmail compares #COVID19 'fatigue' to the Holocaust," @nilikm said. "Reading Anne Frank as a child was reading my family's story; those who didn't escape were killed. Don't casually turn our transgenerational trauma into metaphor. Will the paper print an apology?"

The Globe and Mail quickly got the message, pulling the article down and issuing an apology shortly after.

"An essay about Anne Frank and lockdown has been removed because it did not meet our standards," the news organization tweeted. "We apologize for this error."

But Twitter users questioned how the article was ever approved to begin with.

The framing on social media was also appalling to people, with the site tweeting out that the author was "channeling Anne Frank."

"How many people approved it before it went online in the first place?" @meganbielby asked.

While many have called on the author to be fired, it turns out she wasn't even paid for her tasteless article.

"An extra wild thing about that terrible Anne Frank piece is that the Globe doesn’t pay for the First Person series," @anne_theriault said. "That lady humiliated herself for free."

The post News site retracts essay comparing COVID lockdown to Anne Frank and the Holocaust appeared first on The Daily Dot.

If you are looking for adventurous porn, tune in to FunMovies

funmovies review

Good sex should always be fun. Maybe not rollercoaster or zip lining kind of fun, but I think we can agree it should be enjoyable. There are hundreds of ways to add fun into your sex life. That said, they all come with their own complications. If you find yourself in need of ideas t o try something new, you might want to check out FunMovies.

Have you ever tried spicing up your sex life with fantasies like beach or shower sex? They sound better than they really are. Sex on the beach, is in a word, messy. Think sand everywhere. The waves only add to the mess. And to top it all off, the possibility of being spotted is actually quite scary. Shower sex sounds hot until you realize that water is not a good lubricant. I'll leave the rest of that to your imagination.

If you'd rather focus on the hot parts than the awkward parts, tune in to FunMovies. Why not live these fantasies vicariously through its films? Let the pros do the work, you’ve got your imagination!

What is FunMovies? 

Brought to you by Gasm Networks, FunMovies is your gateway to fun amateur sex. It's also Austria's #1 porn site, which is why the film titles are in German. Luckily, you don't need to be able to read it to enjoy the content.

Food play, public, party sex and more are all featured on the site. Fun Movies specializes in fun sex, and it does it so well. If you’re not built for adventure, or just need a little bit of inspiration, FunMovies has got you covered. 

Cost of FunMovies 

Thanks to Gasm Networks, a membership to FunMovies comes with site-wide access to the network's library, which offers more than 1000 videos and clips. For this much content, the membership price at FunMovies is almost laughable. However, for those looking to be extra sure about the quality of the content before they commit, I would recommend taking advantage of the two day trial available to potential members for just one dollar! If you already know this is the site for you, then you’ll be happy to hear that the membership options don't disappoint. 

Membership Benefits 

Access to hundreds of cosplay videos and multiple channels 

Thanks to the Gasm Network, a membership to FunMovies will set you up with access to over 1000 erotic films from over 40 independent directors, three updates per week, exclusive releases, and more! For those simply looking to satisfy their most intense fantasies, you’ll be pleased to know that the FunMovies studio has over 1000 videos available to view, with new updates weekly.

Purely fun content

FunMovies doesn't skimp on the fun activities. Its content covers so many different themes and sub genres that there will most definitely be something for everyone. At first glance, you’ll see that the studio has covered food play, outdoor and public sex, group fun, and role play extensively. Surely with over 1000 films available on the site, a deeper dive into the content offering will only unearth more gems. 

Membership Cons

Site navigation

This isn't a huge problem, as the content from FunMovies makes up for the lack of streamlined searching, but for a seasoned member, it can be an annoyance. Once you log on to the network and begin to view the FunMovies channel, the content is automatically sorted by its latest posts. While you can search for a favorite video title, sorting by sub genre or performer or any other filtering option is out of the cards. A studio with this much content should have better search and filtering options for its members to make the viewing process as seamless as possible 

Is it worth it? 

If you’re looking for fun sex, FunMovies is most definitely worth a membership! You’ll have access to its entire content library, on top of what’s available from other Gasm network studios, which makes your viewing possibilities almost limitless.

The post If you are looking for adventurous porn, tune in to FunMovies appeared first on The Daily Dot.

‘I don’t got time to listen to a customer do a musical in the drive thru’: Viral TikTok has people lamenting harassment of Starbucks workers

A woman ordering at Starbucks.

A video that appeared to show a TikToker getting owned after trying to use a Starbucks employee to create viral content is serving as a pretty hilarious reminder that we don’t always know the context of these short clips that go viral.

The video in question shows @tanjewest pulling up to the Starbucks drive-thru with her passenger recording. The barista says “Hi” and Tan jumps right into singing him a little “Thank you” for the drink. It’s clearly pre-meditated and feels super cringe right off the bat.

And the employee seems to agree, straight-up shutting the window on her.

“Are you kidding me?” the passenger asks. “Dude, he’s so rude.”

“I’m so embarrassed,” Tan says.

The barista begins to walk away entirely, so Tan’s passenger suggests she knock on the window. The clip ends with her opening the car door, apparently about to follow through on his idea.

As the clip went viral across Twitter, a number of commenters lamented our current social media content-driven society that rewards people with “likes” and “follows” for doing these seemingly bizarre things in public and putting minimum wage workers in awkward situations.

“Working a minimum wage job I don’t got time to listen to a customer do a musical in the drive thru,” wrote @selenaswap. “Take your venti coffee and move.”

And the people have a point. After all, Tan is far from the only person who has ever done something strange in a drive-thru and filmed it for TikTok or YouTube.

But taking the video outside of the context of Tan’s ongoing TikTok account removed one key detail—the Starbucks worker is her husband.

“He’s my husband y’all but the video wasn’t staged…we visited him at work and wanted to embarrass him so I started singing when I pulled up,” she wrote on a subsequent video in which she joked that she got him fired before pulling back to show him sitting in her front seat.

“Omg I’m so glad you know him cuz… I would have never gone back to Starbucks lmao,” one TikTok user commented.

Someone else suggested the context didn’t matter because Tan is “still making people think it’s funny and cool to bother people at work,” although that doesn’t seem to be the takeaway most people get from Tan’s video.

There’s certainly still a debate to be had over whether embarrassing someone you know in a drive-through is more acceptable than forcing a stranger to listen to your serenade for $7.25 an hour, but the reality in this situation is clearly that Tan though she could embarrass her husband and he played right along and embarrassed her back. It definitely puts a different spin on the video, and provides a good reminder to try to check viral videos for a little bit of context.

The post ‘I don’t got time to listen to a customer do a musical in the drive thru’: Viral TikTok has people lamenting harassment of Starbucks workers appeared first on The Daily Dot.

Woman finds whole other apartment behind her mirror in terrifying series of TikToks

Arm reaching into hole in wall (l), empty room (c) and three friends looking into empty room (r)

When New York City resident Samantha Hartsoe decided to investigate why her apartment was always freezing, she was not expecting to find a whole other apartment hidden behind her mirror. But that's just the magic of the big apple.

It started when she realized there was a breeze coming from her bathroom, a place with no outside windows and so, theoretically, nowhere for that breeze to be coming from. After discovering the source appeared to be her bathroom mirror, Hartsoe took the mirror off the wall to find the stuff of nightmares hidden behind it.

An entire room was located behind her bathroom mirror. Understandably, Heartsoe immediately called her friends to come over for back up. Less understandably, she also decided to climb right through the hole and look around.

Tying a torch to her head and armed with a hammer for self-defense, Heartsoe climbed through the tight space to go explore whatever nightmare world existed on the other side.

She discovered not just one room but an entire, empty apartment, complete with construction debris and trash bags scattered over the floor. Most worrying of all there was an unlocked main door, something Heartsoe quickly dealt with by securing the latch on the inside.

I too have seen Candyman and this doesn't end well

The Candyman secret room thing is making me cringe only because if the poor girl's landlord finds out about that extra space her rent's gonna like, triple

Ive seen this movie and the Candyman does not play. These people are too young to understand what tonight will bring.

Naturally, everyone who has seen the 1992 horror film Candyman completely freaked out when they saw this TikTok.

"Gen Z needs to watch Candyman, apparently" embedded tweet with the tiktok and caption "look what she found in her apartment"

That’s Candyman. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Some were busy ragging on white people and our ability to make the worst possible choices when confronted with a horror movie type situation.

Candyman is trending because once again white people prove their only natural predator is their own curiosity.

This is why I love white folks. Only yall will find a portal to the Upside Down in your bathroom and decide to go investigate it. Random black dude walking thru the neighborhood: Lemme call the cops. Find Candyman's Hellmouth in the bathroom: Lemme check this shit out myself.

While others shared a little-known and horrifying fact—Candyman is based on a real murder, committed using a hole in the bathroom wall just like the one in the video to move between apartments. Apparently installed as maintenance hatches in places with lax building codes, such holes between apartments are rare but more common than you might think (as generally, you'd think the number of person-sized holes in the walls between apartments would be zero).

Now seems like a good time to remind everyone that while the movie Candyman is obviously completely fictional, the story of the murder that occured because someone broke into an apartment through the bathroom mirror thanks to substandard housing policies was true.

a woman named ruthie mae mccoy was murdered in chicago in the 80s by someone who came into her apartment through her bathroom mirror, the candyman movie is allegedly loosely based on it. lawsuit!!!

So it might be worth checking behind your bathroom mirror tonight. Just in case.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Hartsoe and will update this story if she responds.

The post Woman finds whole other apartment behind her mirror in terrifying series of TikToks appeared first on The Daily Dot.

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Nice Comment

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Comment was by Chris on August 21, 2019 at 4:48am

Libraries, Electricity,  telephones, the Internet, TV, Radio, Mail (postal service)  seems to me should be a public resource as should education facilities as opposed to private entities.

Having written that if these were public instutions then the public would be able to influence the institutions as opposed to private (for profit) institutions.

Comment was by Chris on August 15, 2019 at 4:11am

May be interesting to some.

May be of interest to some about robo calls. July 17, 2019 Senate Hearing on Combating Robocall See more
Comment was by Chris on August 9, 2019 at 6:50am


Wrong. Your links are nonsense.

Comment was by Chris on August 8, 2019 at 6:30am


As you may know to promote infrustructure  takes individuals support.

It upsets me that some don't know know much about economonimic therory.

My thoughts are that the Internet, wires connecting it should be considered a Public Utility.

It should be well known that the Internet, and the internet was developed as a public agengy. 

Pre Mosaic-- IP.

The same with the electrical grid.

Comment was by Chris on August 8, 2019 at 6:09am

Comment by Stephen on November 3, 2015 at 5:58am

Chris I'm constantly surprised that California of all places is as slow as it appears to be. I've noticed that most of your phone lines are overhead and not buried underground and I read somewhere that overhead cables are hard to convert to fibre optics. You can understand it in the more rural areas but from what ive seen even in your cities they are laid out above ground

Hello Stephen,

Laid above and below ground - or even on tower cells.

Donno if you have a cell phone - most people I know who use cell phones have terrible connections.

Above ground fiber was recently ran to the pole infront of my house.

Don't understand - thought do understand why the road was repaved without  doing it to make it more safe  and effieient - even thought the cost may have been higher at the beginning.


That's another subject though.

Comment was by Chris on August 2, 2019 at 3:16am

On Big Networks.

Interesting commentary.

Comment was by Chris on August 2, 2019 at 3:09am

May be of interest to some.

Tulsi Gabbard, Democratic Presidential Candidate, Sues Google for $...

In her lawsuit, Tulsi Gabbard asserts that Google muffled her free speech rights when it briefly suspended her ad account after the Democratic debate in June.CreditCreditDoug Mills/The New York Times.

  • July 25, 2019

Representative Tulsi Gabbard, the long-shot presidential candidate from Hawaii, said in a federal lawsuit that Google infringed on her free speech when it briefly suspended her campaign’s advertising account after the first Democratic debate in June.

The lawsuit, filed on Thursday in a federal court in Los Angeles, is believed to be the first time a presidential candidate has sued a major technology firm.

In a twist that reflects Ms. Gabbard’s unorthodox political views, the claim that her speech was stifled by Google is similar to complaints made over the last year in Republican circles. Few Democrats have raised similar concerns.

Big tech companies like Google are getting increasing scrutiny by lawmakers and regulators around the world for a wide variety of issues, including their influence on political debate, their handling of consumer data, and the aggressive way they compete with smaller companies.

A day before the Gabbard lawsuit was filed, Facebook said the Federal Trade Commission had opened a formal antitrust investigation into its business practices. Earlier in the day, the F.T.C. announced that Facebook was fined a record $5 billion for deceiving users about their ability to control the privacy of their personal data.

Tulsi Now Inc., the campaign committee for Ms. Gabbard, said Google suspended the campaign’s advertising account for six hours on June 27 and June 28, obstructing its ability to raise money and spread her message to potential voters.

After the first Democratic debate, Ms. Gabbard was briefly the most searched-for candidate on Google. Her campaign wanted to capitalize on the attention she was receiving by buying ads that would have placed its website at the top of search results for her name.

More in the first link.

Comment was by Chris on July 29, 2019 at 9:59pm

Aaron Swatz full movie.  Maybe it should be in the Doccumentaries group, the medical group, or a political group.

Comment was by Chris on July 27, 2019 at 5:48am

Democrat Tulsi Gabbard sues Google over suspension of ad account

The lawsuit adds to a chorus of bipartisan complaints against Google over the power it has accumulated.

Google spokeswoman Riva Sciuto said that an automated system triggered the suspension.

“We have automated systems that flag unusual activity on all advertiser accounts — including large spending changes — in order to prevent fraud and protect our customers,” Sciuto said in a statement.

“In this case, our system triggered a suspension and the account was reinstated shortly thereafter. We are proud to offer ad products that help campaigns connect directly with voters, and we do so without bias toward any party or political ideology.”

The company has the largest share of the worldwide digital ad market, with 31 percent of all digital ad revenue, according to research firm eMarketer. Google’s grip on ads related to searches is even tighter, with 61 percent of the market worldwide.

Democratic and Republican politicians have shown growing frustration with the power of social media companies and Silicon Valley generally. In 2017, Twitter blocked an abortion-related video ad from Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., before reversing itself and allowing it.

More in the above link.

Comment was by Chris on June 18, 2019 at 3:39am

I'll check in with Ning to see if somehow a message through that network would provide an IP address.

Sorry for being grouchy.   I wanted help from the administrators figuring this out - rather than being 'outcast.'

I shouldn't have posted the previous.

Working with Apple find it's interesting how little the technitian knew about time and the calender portion of the system.

None of that compost matters though.


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