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Hell, this might be even better than the stationary earth dude. Cutting off your balls should be an action that all religious men partake in. 

An Indian spiritual guru-turned- movie-star allegedly convinced up to 400 men to castrate themselves because it would bring them closer to God.

The procedures are thought to have taken place around the year 2000.

However, victims are only coming forward after overcoming initial fears of speaking out against the widely-beloved Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, who has around 40 to 50 million followers worldwide, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Got to love it.

The Rakyat Post

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this is beyond ridiculous! the things people believe

Hope it was without anesthesia, now that would get them closer to their god. =)

Don't run with scissors.

A guru-etc convinced up to 400 men to castrate themselves to get closer to their god?

The guru-etc saw the Darwin Awards and did something for his part of the world.

What was the group called that committed suicide when the comet Hale Bopp orbited?

Heavens Gate!

I understand that if not all most of them were Eunichs 

Farrell and good by them and others of their ilk.


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