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"Joan, this sounds like Ivan talking to Aloysha or is it the old priest advising the young penitent.…"
1 hour ago
Joan Denoo commented on Loren Miller's group Quote Of The Day
""Above all, don't lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie…"
2 hours ago
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"Amanda Marcotte"
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Stephen Brodie commented on Michel's group The Daily Cosmos or Interesting Facts about the Universe
""Probing the Dark Universe" - A Lecture by Dr. Josh Frieman"
3 hours ago
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"I think I'll see if I can read that book."
8 hours ago
Joan Denoo commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"Another important book was Piri Thomas's Down These Mean Streets."
8 hours ago
Joan Denoo commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"If we fail to remember or can no longer remember the stories of our ancestors, that wisdom cannot…"
8 hours ago
Joan Denoo commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"Davy, I am very sorry you were not able to sit down with your elders and hear their stories, see…"
9 hours ago
Joan Denoo commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"I had two years of exposure to Black students in a Washington, D.C. housing project and was able to…"
9 hours ago
Davy commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"Just a little something Awabakal/ Awabaghal  means People of the plain. I think that the plain…"
15 hours ago
Davy commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"Stephen I do not expect you to feel ashamed of who you are for you did not carry out the events of…"
15 hours ago
Davy commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"I think there has been some misunderstanding to my last post about my Mother.It was My…"
15 hours ago
Randall Smith commented on A Former Member's group The Burgeoning Family Tree of Monkey Men and Women
"Interesting,  indeed. Thanks, Davy."
20 hours ago
Loren Miller commented on Loren Miller's group Quote Of The Day
"Adam Savage's appearance at the 2012 Reason Rally was, to me, among the genuine highlights of…"
22 hours ago
Ian Mason commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"You had a very brave mother, Davy. The way Europeans have treated other humans beings around the…"
Joan Denoo commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"Davy, I'm sorry to learn of the many challenges your mother faced. She had to have courage and…"
Onyango Makagutu commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"Davy i like your mama. That took a lot of courage and you have turned out well for yourself. A lot…"
Mrs.B commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"Nice bike ride."
Chris B commented on Loren Miller's group Quote Of The Day
"So they are totally unable to get a true general picture of their subject.."
Chris B commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"That's a horrible story, Davy, and she worked against a lot raising so many children! Life is…"

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Is America an unlivable, poor country?

Started by Grinning Cat. Last reply by Stephen Brodie Apr 4. 5 Replies

(Second-rate "journalists" frame attention-grabbing but uncertain claims as questions. Now that I've used that same tactic to get your attention...)Umair Haque argues that the U.S. is uniquely poor among developed countries in many ways -- not just…Continue

Calling for "unity" and 'healing" after last week's deadly attempted coup at the US Capitol - some very quotable caveats

Started by Grinning Cat. Last reply by Davy Mar 1. 27 Replies

A comment by Beagle at that deserves to be read widely:To conservatives talking…Continue

GOP Overtly Turned Against the Will of the People

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner. Last reply by Grinning Cat Dec 13, 2020. 8 Replies

In actively trying to subvert the results of the election, the GOP has shown unapologetically that aside from power, what they want above all else is the ability to tax the American people without actually having to represent them. ... a dangerous…Continue

Tags: US soft coup

Coalition of Atheists & Theists Urge Biden to Restore Religious Freedom for All (Friendly Atheist)

Started by Loren Miller. Last reply by Loren Miller Nov 22, 2020. 4 Replies

Yesterday [actually 19 November, 2020], more than 100 religious and non-religious group leaders published a letter urging…Continue

Tags: religious freedom, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden

COVID-19 spreads twice as fast

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner. Last reply by Ruth Anthony-Gardner Oct 24, 2020. 7 Replies

From the beginning of the pandemic, we were told that one infected person spread the disease to 2 others on average, called its R0. New data says the reproductive number for COVID is 4.5. "... a global average of about 4.5 new cases per infected…Continue

Tags: pandemic, COVID-19 transmission

Unfolding Fascist Takeover Is Getting To Me

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner. Last reply by Davy Oct 9, 2020. 7 Replies

It's 2:51AM and I'm awake from a nightmare. It feels as if what's happening to our country is eroding my mind, at least my mental stability. This was the tipping point.…Continue

Tags: EPA, fascism in US

So frightening!

Started by Mrs.B. Last reply by Mrs.B Aug 10, 2020. 5 Replies

Posted from another site.......After weeks with coronavirus, a sick woman wonders when it will end - The Washington Post ‘How long can a heart last like this?’ I’ve hardly moved from this couch in weeks, but right now my heart rate monitor says I’m…Continue

How do you see the gradual easing of the lockdown laws happening in countries other then the US

Started by Stephen Brodie. Last reply by Davy May 1, 2020. 6 Replies

How is everyone. i hope you're doing ok and keeping well. The UK government has just extended the lockdown for a further three weeks. I unlike some people I understand the reasoning behind this decision, but I have to admit that my government has to…Continue

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Comment was by Chris B on February 27, 2021 at 2:39am

Time will tell, Stephen, we know so little about the virus and the vaccines. I'll take any vaccine that looks safe enough...

Comment was by Mrs.B on February 27, 2021 at 1:18am

Canada 510,002

Alta. 82,989

B.C. 73,808

Man. 28,557

N.B. 11,036

N.L. 7,466

N.S. 12,105

Ont. 258,014

P.E.I. 5,165



Sask. 22,485

N.W.T. 1,934

Nunavut 2,134

Yukon 4,309

Comment was by Stephen Brodie on February 27, 2021 at 12:56am

Now Germany's health minister and top public health official beg citizens to take Oxford vaccine as 1.1m doses sit unused after EU criticism of jab

Germany stepped up its efforts to persuade a reluctant public to take the Oxford vaccine today as Angela Merkel's health minister said it was 'strongly recommended' and a top health official hailed 'fantastic' real-world results from Scotland. 

Lothar Wieler, the head of Germany's top diseases institute, welcomed the findings by Edinburgh-based researchers that one dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab slashed hospitalisations by 94 per cent after four weeks. 

Health minister Jens Spahn said that 'this vaccine is safe and effective, it protects' as more than a million AstraZeneca doses delivered to Germany lie unused in storage after top EU figures questioned the efficacy of the shot. 

Spahn said the vaccine drive was gathering pace with record numbers of doses handed out on Wednesday and Thursday, but it is still moving far more slowly than in Britain which has handed out three times as many jabs to a smaller population.  

And despite the findings in Scotland, German regulators have yet to open up the jab to over-65s - with Angela Merkel saying she could not take it as an example to the country because she is too old at 66. 

Germany's 16 states have taken delivery of more than 1.4million AstraZeneca doses, but only 315,000 of these have been given to patients so far with some essential workers refusing to take the jab. 

By contrast, 5.3million shots of the Pfizer/BioNTech jab - co-developed by a German firm - have been deployed out of 6.7million doses delivered so far. 

The reluctance to take AstraZeneca shots piles further pressure on health officials already struggling to ramp up jabs because of the EU's chaotic procurement. 

Health minister Spahn acknowledged that 'too much vaccine is sitting in the fridge', after Merkel said the AstraZeneca vaccine had an 'acceptance problem'. 

There have also been reports of side-effects leading hospital staff and other front-line workers to call in sick. Regulators and scientists say the vaccine is safe. Covid Germany: Health officials beg public to take Oxford AstraZene...

Comment was by Stephen Brodie on February 27, 2021 at 12:47am

Europe’s reluctance to use the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccine slows roll-out, and isn’t backed up by data

With public vaccination programmes underway around the world, much has been made of the difference in progress between the UK and its European counterparts.

While UK authorities have so far administered more than 17 million doses, no other European country has yet vaccinated more than six million people.   

Fears—and comments by European leaders—about the efficacy or safety of the AstraZeneca vaccine, developed in Oxford, may offer a partial explanation.

Reports have surfaced of widespread preference for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in Germany, where just six per cent of the population have received a first dose, compared to 26 per cent the population have received a first dose, compared to 26 per cent here in the UK. Just 150,000 out of 1.5 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine had reportedly been used there at the end of last week. Although the European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved the AstraZeneca vaccine on 29 January for all age groups in the EU, Germany’s vaccine commission has said it could not recommend the use of the jab in people aged over 65. In France, President Emmanuel Macron also branded it “quasi-ineffective” for people over 65.  

In Germany, Austria and France, the roll-outs of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine have been limited to those under 65. In Belgium, the vaccine is only being given to under-55s.

Given this muted reception from European authorities, public reservations are to be expected. But how justified are questions about the AstraZeneca vaccine’s efficacy when it comes to different age groups?  Europe’s reluctance to use the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccine slo...

Comment was by Stephen Brodie on February 21, 2021 at 2:07pm

Loren I also watched unfit last night on prime. Even though I knew what was coming, after all, I had lived through it. From the first minute to the end it totally shocked me at just how many insiders knew or suspected that Trump was really crazy. Shocking. 

Comment was by Loren Miller on February 18, 2021 at 8:46am

I never much listened to Limbaugh, but the fact is, Stephen, that he was a pox on American media, if not American journalism (I mean, he was no one's idea of a journalist), and the primary thing he did was to further the wedge driven between us with his incendiary rhetoric.  The problem is that others took after him: Hannity and Ingraham and O'Reilly, never mind the nutcases at OAN and Newsmax.  The insistence of these people on a badly skewed and inaccurate version of the facts does real damage to our democracy.

I'm not sorry to say I'm glad Rush is gone.  Thing is, he left too many of himself behind.

Comment was by Stephen Brodie on February 18, 2021 at 4:37am

I as an Atheist and Humanist I could never bring myself to feel glad at the news of Rush Limbaugh's demise, unlike many Conservative Christian's who rejoiced at the death of Christopher Hitchens. We can disagree with people without wishing harm to them.

This Preacher Said in October He Cured Rush Limbaugh’s Lung Cancer With Prayer


Whatever your thoughts on his impact, Limbaugh’s death should come as a surprise to right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau, who said back in October that his prayers had cured Limbaugh’s terminal lung disease.

This Preacher Said in October He Cured Rush Limbaugh’s Lung Cancer ...

Comment was by Loren Miller on February 17, 2021 at 7:51am

Last night, I watched Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump, and it was pretty good. Unfortunately, it was missing the most qualified observer of Trump's behavior: his niece, Mary, who penned Too Much and Never Enough, perhaps the most scathing analysis of that man who was FORMERLY President of the United States (Oh, that feels good to say!). Even without her input, I think Unfit is worth your time.

The Republican party at this moment is involved in some pretty serious internecine conflict, trying to determine its direction from this point and whether Trump has any place in that future. Certainly, the temptation to continue down the path of fascism and authoritarianism has to be strong, but we all know it's also the path to the destruction of American democracy and it must be resisted at all costs. In having raised its head, fascism has alerted the other side of the aisle to its presence and the threat it represents, and the fight between these two philosophies will be UGLY at best.

One way or another, the impulse Trump catalyzed must be defeated, and whether the Republican party survives that contretemps remains an unresolved question.

Comment was by Stephen Brodie on February 17, 2021 at 3:01am

@Joan. My error if I didn't explain myself properly, I wasn't talking about the divide in American politics but the rise of Fascism and racism on the European continent and why we have to fight it. The rise of racism and Anti-Semitism and attacks on LBGTQ people has to be fought against.

Comment was by Ruth Anthony-Gardner on February 17, 2021 at 12:08am

As I see it, Trump's power depends on racism, authoritarian culture, the news and social media profiting from pushing hatred and conspiracy, economic control by big corporations (especially fossil fuel, financial, and weapons), and Russia-based propaganda.

Republican leaders openly admit they can no longer win elections if all citizens could vote. That situation historically leads a party to try and seize control by other means.

There's a psychopathology people can fall into because it's easier to blame others for your problems than to so uncomfortable self-examination. The rescuer/victim/persecutor triangle. Every action is interpreted as one of those roles. Victims can collect self-pity "stamps" to cash in on guilt free violence and persecution. Victims evade all responsibility. The world view narrows down to exclude all other roles or motives. Republicans have fed this red meat dynamic for decades, blaming minorities and the poor and liberals. But entire cultures can get locked into this pathology. And nobody who succumbs to it even notices that their world doesn't match reality.


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