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Calling for "unity" and 'healing" after last week's deadly attempted coup at the US Capitol - some very quotable caveats

A comment by Beagle at that deserves to be read widely:

To conservatives talking about “unity” and “healing”:

You need to realize a few things.

Above all, that you have fucked up. Big time.

For years, you have consistently indulged in violent rhetoric and wild conspiracy theories that have no link whatsoever to reality. You have been repeatedly tearing down Others who don’t fit your narrow, cramped vision of what type of existence should be permitted. When we have objected, you have responded by dismissing our concerns. You have dismissed us as “snowflakes.” You have condemned us as “libtards.” You have put every roadblock in the way to even the most tentative efforts at resistance.

Your rhetoric has finally led to its inevitable result. An armed mob stormed the U.S. Capitol building with the intent of assassinating a number of U.S. government officials. And you built this.

At this moment, none of you has even the tiniest shred of credibility. The only exception is the one Republican member of Congress that voted to support the impeachment and conviction of your president last year. We can’t trust you to act in the best interests of the country or even to acknowledge reality.

So if you want unity and healing, you are going to have to face the fact that you have been building this for decades. Then, you are going to have to accept responsibility and accountability. The following non-negotiable conditions would be a start.

Your President Must Go. Now. Resignation, the 25th Amendment, and impeachment and conviction are all acceptable methods. But the Leader of the Coup must go.

Ringleaders in Congress that have led the battle against the American system of government must also go. Again, now. At minimum, that means Brooks, Gohmert, and Jordan in the House, as well as Cruz, Hawley, and Tuberville in the Senate.

Except for representation by counsel in criminal and civil actions, you will provide no assistance to anyone in the mob that stormed the Capitol. They’re on their own.

You will disavow the conspiracy theories that you have been pushing without the tiniest morsel of credible evidence. Q and QAnon must go. Stop the Steal must recognize that you are the ones trying to steal the election. And we don’t want to hear any arguments that there’s any truth to those theories. You’ve had plenty of time and opportunity to offer credible evidence. It’s too late to pretend you have anything that we can believe.

That should do for a start. But even then, you’ll have a long way to go before we can trust you. It took you a long time to get the country to this point. Expect to spend a long time working your way to any kind of decent reputation.

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Right on!

Yep! That would work

Grinning Cat, there is a statement at the end, "Share Anywhere."  Does that mean I can post it on my family site with attribution to the author, on Facebook, Tweet, and Atheist University without getting permission from the author? I also want to send it to my Senators and Congress-Woman.

This is excellent, it spells out the actions and methods against the law even as it does not violate their right to speak and petition the government:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
~ First Amendment to the Constitution

Beagle also spells out the remedy.

Jeez, I wish I could write as well!


Beagle did post on a public site, so I certainly would go ahead and share their posting, with attribution! (Like I did!)

("Share Anywhere" seems to be from Atheist Universe, at the bottom of each discussion-starting post. It's a link with a few options for posting onto other services or sharing with friends on this site.)

Grinning Cat, thanks for your feedback, I would have asked Beagle if I could have found him/her. I have not noticed the "Share anywhere" before. 

Calling for healing and unity without also calling for proper justice where our laws and indeed our Constitution have been violated put us exactly where we started.  Those who do these kinds of actions are hoping like all hell for no response ... so they can go right on doing what they're doing.

An example must be made, not just of Trump, but every last person in authority who has let Trump's actions slide at minimum or blindly supported him at maximum.  I'm looking at YOU, Hawley and Jordan and entirely too many others.  Trump himself is facing a buzz saw of lawsuits and criminal charges, starting at 12:01 PM, 20 January, 2021, but it can't end there.  Aiding and abetting insurrection Is A Crime, deserving commensurate penalties, and there are 140 House members and more in the Senate whose votes to challenged what was already a fait accompli in the election of Joe Biden skirt fractionally close to such. Being an engineer and not a lawyer, I haven't the expertise to state decisively one way or the other, but investigation AT MINIMUM is certainly warranted here.

This kind of behavior – Trump behavior – has become too normalized within the Republican party, to the point where the party itself may be in need of reinvention. If the GOP is to survive in any form, such behavior not only cannot be tolerated; it has to be purged from those who would put an (R) next to their names and offices. Neither Republicans nor Democrats can be allowed to stand alone, without opposition. Ironically, one of the most despised men in Republican history knew this all too well:

The American people realize this cannot be made a fight between America's two great political parties. If this fight against Communism is made a fight between America's two great political parties the American people know that one of those parties will be destroyed and the Republic cannot endure very long as a one party system.
-- Wisconsin Senator Joseph R. McCarthy

Loren, powerfully stated. Calling for healing without as vigorously calling for justice mocks the intent of the Constitution. It calls to mind Martin Luther King's imperative, "Peace without justice is not peace." 

I know the answer, Loren, but may I share your statement with others and with attribution to you?

Go right ahead, Joan.

...If the GOP is to survive in any form...

The Republican Party (nothing "Grand" about them) has been making it clear for years if not decades before Trump -- perhaps ever since the Southern Strategy of welcoming racist former Democrats -- that their philosophy is, at bottom, "I've Got Mine, Screw You." And under Trump, both before and during the COVID pandemic, they've taken that principle to deadly new lows.

(Kids in cages for the parents' "crime" of seeking asylum? Trans people erased from civil rights laws and regulations, so they can become jobless, homeless, health-care-less, and dead? To name two examples.)

The Republican Party can go the way of the Whigs and other former political parties, for all I care. And yesterday wouldn't be too soon.

And yes, we need to reimagine systems of government, or at least of voting, where more than one or two parties can have a meaningful voice. Warren Smith's analysis suggests that range voting (a.k.a. score voting) -- where you give every candidate on the ballot a rating, say 0-9 or 0-10, and the highest average wins -- is as much of an improvement over the "first-past-the-post" system most of us have, i.e. "pick just one name and shut up about all the rest" (my words) as that system is over randomly or dictatorially picking a winner.

The term a two-party system is an apt term for the USA being that the Democrats and Republicans are only two parties in the US Congress. The UK has often been called a two-party system as well, but there are ten parties in the UK parliament. 

We have 5 federal parties.

Many US states actually give privileged ballot access to Democratic and Republican candidates, with people running under minor parties having to get more signatures or meet requirements that major-party candidates don't have to. Things like that help keep the idea that "the Republican and Democratic parties are the only ones that really matter" a self-fulfilling prophecy -- as does our broken voting system that effectively shuts out third parties.

(I'm also smiling wryly at how we can be divided by a common language. This American has heard of candidates "standing" or "running" for office depending on which side of the pond we're talking about, as well as how a legislative chamber "tabling" a proposal can mean either putting it aside (in the US) or considering it!)


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