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"So they are totally unable to get a true general picture of their subject.."
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"That's a horrible story, Davy, and she worked against a lot raising so many children! Life is…"
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"Some people organize their sense of themselves and the world by thorough compartmentalization.…"
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"Interesting personal story, Davy. Thanks for sharing. I'm in favor of reparations for those…"
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"Since we can't effect what happens in the alternate universes, this entire premise makes no…"
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"Puzzling, for sure."
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" Not just bikes - a Canadian about the Netherlands"
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"Davy I'm not ashamed of my part in the British Empire because I was born after the dam thing…"
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"My mother had cerebral palsy which caused her to only have limited use of her right arm. She had to…"
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"Here is something might interest you Some of Europe’s Oldest-Known Modern Humans Are…"
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"I want to put on the table, not why 85% of the members of the National Academy of Sciences reject…"
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"Homophobia/biphobia, transphobia, racism, and sexism are tied into the "I'm OK,…"
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"Ian, it seems to me that if we have not learned from our colonial history we will destroy living…"
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"Stephen Brodie, I watched a video the other day that states it is not the owner of land that…"
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"European countries started external colonisation only when they had established the idea of the…"
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"And you even weren't in my classes, Joan! But I'd love to see you there, or anywhere."
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"Chris B, you provide such thoughtful and energetic teaching to your pupils. I hope you can get back…"
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"We exist at a time and place where royalty and religion have no place or purpose. There is no need…"
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"The "land grab" of England known as the "Norman Conquest," carried on…"
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"Oh, ain't religion grand!"
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Calling for "unity" and 'healing" after last week's deadly attempted coup at the US Capitol - some very quotable caveats

A comment by Beagle at that deserves to be read widely:

To conservatives talking about “unity” and “healing”:

You need to realize a few things.

Above all, that you have fucked up. Big time.

For years, you have consistently indulged in violent rhetoric and wild conspiracy theories that have no link whatsoever to reality. You have been repeatedly tearing down Others who don’t fit your narrow, cramped vision of what type of existence should be permitted. When we have objected, you have responded by dismissing our concerns. You have dismissed us as “snowflakes.” You have condemned us as “libtards.” You have put every roadblock in the way to even the most tentative efforts at resistance.

Your rhetoric has finally led to its inevitable result. An armed mob stormed the U.S. Capitol building with the intent of assassinating a number of U.S. government officials. And you built this.

At this moment, none of you has even the tiniest shred of credibility. The only exception is the one Republican member of Congress that voted to support the impeachment and conviction of your president last year. We can’t trust you to act in the best interests of the country or even to acknowledge reality.

So if you want unity and healing, you are going to have to face the fact that you have been building this for decades. Then, you are going to have to accept responsibility and accountability. The following non-negotiable conditions would be a start.

Your President Must Go. Now. Resignation, the 25th Amendment, and impeachment and conviction are all acceptable methods. But the Leader of the Coup must go.

Ringleaders in Congress that have led the battle against the American system of government must also go. Again, now. At minimum, that means Brooks, Gohmert, and Jordan in the House, as well as Cruz, Hawley, and Tuberville in the Senate.

Except for representation by counsel in criminal and civil actions, you will provide no assistance to anyone in the mob that stormed the Capitol. They’re on their own.

You will disavow the conspiracy theories that you have been pushing without the tiniest morsel of credible evidence. Q and QAnon must go. Stop the Steal must recognize that you are the ones trying to steal the election. And we don’t want to hear any arguments that there’s any truth to those theories. You’ve had plenty of time and opportunity to offer credible evidence. It’s too late to pretend you have anything that we can believe.

That should do for a start. But even then, you’ll have a long way to go before we can trust you. It took you a long time to get the country to this point. Expect to spend a long time working your way to any kind of decent reputation.

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Sounds good, but it'll take decades to earn back any respect the rest of us have totally lost, & this won't happen within my lifetime.

Mrs. B. I agree. It takes time and evidence of change to regain trust in a person, a politician, or a political party. They don't have to agree, they have to think and act like a mentally healthy, mature, civil person or party. 

I am not particularly a party loyal person, & anyone who is so extremely loyal to a party to support a completely unqualified, ignorant, self-centered, spoiled, frighteningly dangerous nutcase, who cares nothing about anything but golf, deserves no respect from anyone.

Patricia, I heartily agree!

I want so badly to see him brought down, but all the stalling around just makes it more likely he'll die of old age first. I also want to see him stripped of that title, but that's not likely either at this rate.

When the republicans clean house of all the Trumpists and return to being a one nation party once again. But like the Tory Party back in the UK they've swayed too far to the right. 

Just think of all the rallies Trump has held instead of creating a plan to manage climate change, and to gain control over the viruses, or to take effective action developing better education and medical plans. We still don't have the health plan he promised to replace Obama-care. And what about homelessness, hunger, clean energy? 

Trump, you are fired!

That should have been done within his first 6 months.

Of course he should have completed these tasks. He didn't even finish his beloved wall. 

Golf is what's important dontcha know.

This is the wall we needed:

A wall to keep America safe? (Brick wall sealing Trump's mouth) That should do it

One of the best portraits of scump.


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