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"It’s the strangest thing about this church - it is obsessed with sex, absolutely obsessed.…"
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Jesus as reincarnated Alexander the Great (no more wacky than mainstream ideas)

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"Although the far territory of the extreme can exert an intoxicating pull on susceptible individuals…"
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"All labels start as abuse and become a treasured icon."
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"Those of us on the left who believe in equality and fairness should take ownership of the term…"
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"Great proverb, Patricia."
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"O'Brien is so down to earth when he has a go at hysterical media whipping up problems where…"
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"And I respect neither."
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"I worked hard to undo my xian servile training, and I'm proud to feel as independant and free…"
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" Chris I had imagined that the cap doffing would have lessened considerably by now and…"
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""Happy Birthday!""
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"I love that one, Patricia! When you're trained in cap doffing and other servile habits,…"
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"The average teacher teaches kids facts. The outstanding teacher teaches kids to teach themselves."
Kurt Neuleuf commented on A Former Member's group CRITICAL THINKING
"Stephen I hypothesise that the only sure fire way to teach our future citizens to think will be…"
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Mrs.B commented on Sydni Moser's group Coffee Break
"The shallowness is astounding."
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"I know yeah. The British are encouraged to turn on people who believe in fairness and decency…"
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"Oh for shit sakes!!!!!!"
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"Kurt now that's a hard one to answer. Our only hope I think is to teach our children not…"

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Comment was by Davy on March 5, 2022 at 12:51pm

Is it really?

Herr Putler also thinks sanctions are an act of war and in one of his ramblings made mention to that in passing.
Sanctions now in place so now consider that!
I think that he is not that far gone to not realise that should he press the button of doom he will be ruling over an empire of rubble and debris should he survive. In other words he will have nothing and no-one to praise and glorify him like wish to be ruling over the vast Russian Empire that other Tsars only dreamed of. For he is a very vain person that adores to be worshiped and adored like a god. 
I just hope that alzheimers sets in and makes him to begin to not remembering what he was going to say or do.

Comment was by Ian Mason on March 5, 2022 at 12:49pm

Escalating the conflict would be a bad move and do more harm than good, I think. It doesn't help to keep raising the stakes. The economic sanctions will, I hope, influence Putin's plurocratic base who will in turn push him back into place or remove him. If the Russian troops are as reluctant and demoralised as some reports suggest, military advances may be very slow. I think the average conscript 'Ivan' is unlikely to want to act as part of an occupying force, weakening the Russians even further.

Of course none of this helps Ukranians here and now and my heart goes out to them but I'm afraid that Putin is unstable enough to drop an a-bomb on Kyiv. Let's hope that the great Russian tradition of a knife in the back is still alive in the Kremlin.

Comment was by Stephen Brodie on March 5, 2022 at 12:23pm

But Davy the situation is different than it was in the Balkans. NATO and Russia have nukes and the likelihood of things going arse up is just unthinkable. You can't rely on our leaders doing the sensible thing, it's just too dangerous. 

Comment was by Davy on March 5, 2022 at 10:25am

Stephen but it was right to have a no fly zone in the Balkans and they were not either in the EU nor NATO but because it is denying Russia the freedom of the sky it is a no-no? How so?
Had Herr Putler been definitely serious about the pushing the button of doom he would have done so by now because of the sanctions and they are beginning to bite. Plus the way the invasion has gone so far has not been in his favour.  The sanctions are beginning to bit into his cronies and minions that put him where he is to-day.

Comment was by Davy on March 5, 2022 at 10:17am

I quite agree with you Ian about the refugees and the double standards involved but there is also the thought that many people including Ukrainians that the are European which also helps to understand in part where  that double standard arises. It is also the geographical centre of the European continent.

Yes! Indubitably Ukrainians are no angels.

Yes! Well in the last election the right wing faction of politics only garnered 2.1% of the general vote. So where is your right wing extremist movement  that is suppose to exist? 

I have been sitting in Ukraine with my wife for the past twenty years watching all the events as they unfolded so I may have just a little more information that you are not privy to.

Like do you know that in Odessa that there is a large number of Russian speaking Ukrainians and what their response to the invasion was? They consider themselves Ukrainians not Russian so within one day the switched to speaking Ukrainian. Prior to that Ukrainians weren't upset by them speaking Russian in the least for they can understand  Russian speaker just as the Russian speaker can understand them.

The other guarantors was the U.S of A and the United Kingdom but when Herr Putler reneged on the deal they did absolute jack shit just looked the other way.

Ukraine just like any free sovereign state has the right to chose their alliances to meet her peoples need for security and for her economic well being.
Does she or doesn't she have that right?

For should she have not  that right then every other sovereign country also does not have that right and must bow down to any other country that tells them no you cannot have this alliance but this alliance I chose for you not you! 

Comment was by Stephen Brodie on March 5, 2022 at 10:00am

Ian I couldn't agree with you more about Putin reneging on its guarantee and the sanctions are the right move. But calls by some of our politicians to go for a no-fly zone is just crazy.

Comment was by Ian Mason on March 5, 2022 at 9:46am

Russia was supposed to be a guarantor of Ukranian integrity but has reneged on a promise. The Ukrainian people are no angels. There is an extreme, right-wing, nationalist movement there. Something like democracy had only just begun to take root. NATO has been rattling its sabre on the quiet with aircraft flying extremely close to Russian airspace before turning off at the last second BUT Putin chose to invade another country. HE crossed the line. HE has hinted at a nuclear response to any move by the West. 

I too am shocked by many people's and government's attitude to refugees. In DK everybody is rushing to help as much as possible - something that's the reverse of what happened when the people fleeing a horrible war were darker skinned. If standards are good, double standards are regarded as twice as good.

Comment was by Davy on March 5, 2022 at 9:43am

All Ukraine would like Europe to do is the same thing they did in the Balkans keep their air space free and that would also include Ukrainian aircraft. Thus allowing them to move freer in land battles where they are showing great aptitude to organise and defeat  the invaders. Which they won't do because they are gutless spineless cowards.
From my perspective Herr Putler would have already pushed the button of doom as his invasion force has been hampered in their mission to destroy and obliterate Ukraine from the maps of the world. Yes! His mind is that twisted. 

Oh! You can also blame your integrity-less government also for this shambles by not  standing by the guarantees that were given to ensure Ukraine's security as they coerced her out of her nuclear arsenal. 

Comment was by Davy on March 5, 2022 at 9:30am

The AZOZ battalions were absorbed into the territorial army and as for the right wing nut jobs here are in the minority for at the last election they were lucky to garner 2.1% of the general vote. So Ukraine is no different to other countries that also have right wing elements in their politics.

From my observations they are not really blaming the people for they realise that there are good people there as well as the not so nice people and they put all the blame that is going directly and squarely on Herr Putler. And his propaganda machine that keep a lot ignorant of what he and his minions are doing outside of Russia.

They do have and show animosity to some of the combatants but still treat them humanely giving them something to eat as most of the ones that have been taken are bloody hungry . They also give them a phone to call home. They mothers have been told that they would be released when they go to Kyiv in person to take them home.

Were people to change the structure of society things will actually get better for the elderly not worse for they would be looked after by their Societies in their own communities and treated with respect for it is a society that regards that everyone has equal access to the resources of their society to satisfy their needs and wants but not their desires.
But that change won't occur overnight but gradually over a few generations as the people learn once again learn how to treat the fellow human beings with respect as they are no better nor worse than anybody else but roughly the same in thoughts. Since people are going to have to be weaned of their privileges that will destroy the equality of all and their government then truly becomes Government of the people for the people for the laws are not created by the few but everyone as they will diffuse as other communities recognise the soundness of a law and adopt that particular law.

Comment was by Stephen Brodie on March 5, 2022 at 9:14am

I got a phone call last night from my niece Lesly who was almost in tears over the situation in Ukraine but the reason is not what you imagine. She is scared that the war may spread to us in the UK, I tried to calm her down but she's already heard many of our politicians and their bellicose speeches. With NATO and Russia armed to the teeth with Nuclear weaponry, cooler heads are what's needed 


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