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""Above all, don't lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie…"
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"Amanda Marcotte"
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""Probing the Dark Universe" - A Lecture by Dr. Josh Frieman"
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"I think I'll see if I can read that book."
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"Another important book was Piri Thomas's Down These Mean Streets."
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"If we fail to remember or can no longer remember the stories of our ancestors, that wisdom cannot…"
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"Davy, I am very sorry you were not able to sit down with your elders and hear their stories, see…"
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"I had two years of exposure to Black students in a Washington, D.C. housing project and was able to…"
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"Just a little something Awabakal/ Awabaghal  means People of the plain. I think that the plain…"
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"Stephen I do not expect you to feel ashamed of who you are for you did not carry out the events of…"
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"I think there has been some misunderstanding to my last post about my Mother.It was My…"
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"Interesting,  indeed. Thanks, Davy."
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"Adam Savage's appearance at the 2012 Reason Rally was, to me, among the genuine highlights of…"
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"You had a very brave mother, Davy. The way Europeans have treated other humans beings around the…"
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"Davy, I'm sorry to learn of the many challenges your mother faced. She had to have courage and…"
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"Davy i like your mama. That took a lot of courage and you have turned out well for yourself. A lot…"
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"Nice bike ride."
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"So they are totally unable to get a true general picture of their subject.."
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"That's a horrible story, Davy, and she worked against a lot raising so many children! Life is…"

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The Chukchi and Beaufort Seas, sometimes called the Polar Bear Seas, are vital to the survival of threatened polar bears, walrus, bowhead whales and so many other Arctic species. Yet Shell Oil and other companies are charging ahead with plans to industrialize this crucial area without proper protections for the amazing wildlife that could be devastated by an oil spill. Stand up to Big Oil. Urge the Obama administration to nix new drilling in the Polar Bear Seas.
The Obama administration's proposal for managing our national forests comes up woefully short on protecting these special places -- and the lynx, martens and other wildlife that depend on them for survival. I just sent a message asking my U.S. representative to sign onto a letter to urging the Obama administration to adopt stronger protections for our national forests. Send a message to your U.S. representative now online at:

The Arabian oryx conservation programme in the KSA         

Arabian oryx


 Many species of wild animals have distinct physiological and ecological advantages over traditional domesticated livestock species in arid and semi-arid ar eas. Amongst the most significant are an ability to thrive in the absence of surface water (by movement in time and space), to make optimal use of vegetative resources and their minimal impact on the environment. They also have disease-tolerant, heat-tolerant and drought-tolerant attributes and their reproductive characteristics are more efficient.


The Arabian Oryx, a charismatic white antelope, once roamed throughout most of the desert plains of the Arabian Peninsula. Unfortunately oryx was hunted to extinction in the 1970s. Humans had exterminated from the wild a beautiful and distinctive antelope, which had evolved to exploit one of the worlds' harshest environments. Hunter-gatherers have existed in arid zones from pre-historic times. Harvesting, processing and utilization of wildlife products that include oryx, gazelle, houbara and other formed the basis of their livelihoods. Since the advent of four wheel drive vehicles, it became easier for people to chase and poach oryx and other animals even on sand dunes. These days oryx are not hunted for food but for sport as the animal provide challenge for hunters and that lead to extinction of many species in the wild.


In Saudi Arabia Oryx conservation and restoration programme was started in 1986 by the National Wildlife Research Center (NWRC) under the Saudi Wildlife Commission (SWC), formerly National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development (NCWCD). Concurrent conservation programmes for the protection of large areas within the former range of the Arabian Oryx, and the captive breeding of Oryx at the NWRC in Taif have together enabled the restoration of the species in the Kingdom: a first reintroduction took place in the fenced Mahazat as-Sayd Protected Area in 1990 and in 1995 the second free-ranging population of Oryx in the world was established in the unfenced 'Uruq Bani Ma'arid in the "Empty Quarter".

Till 2006, Uruq Bani Ma’arid protected area was the only place where free-ranging oryx population existed and Mahazat as-Sayd protected area has more than 500 oryx.  Species management plan has been drafted to manage the population of Arabian oryx and other ungulates as per the carrying capacity of the protected area.


Re-introduction programmes of Arabian Oryx were selected from the populations which were identical to the same species which had been exterminated.  Founders were obtained from areas where the environment is as harsh as the introduction sites.

Released animals were marked with suitable tags for identification and fitted with radio collars to enable them to be relocated after release. The post-release progress of oryx has been carefully monitored and the information gained from early releases utilized in planning subsequent attempts where appropriate

source: conservation programme for Arabian oryx 

Beautiful animal. Glad to hear of the conservation efforts to preserve the species.
Help Stop the Brutal Practice of Penning Coyotes & Foxes in Indiana

The Indiana Natural Resources Commission (INRC) is considering a proposed rule to legalize the practice of coyote/fox "penning" year-round. Penning involves capturing wild coyotes and foxes and then placing them in pens where they are mercilessly chased by packs of hunting dogs. This practice often leads to the coyote or fox being torn apart alive by the dogs. Penning enthusiasts claim the activity trains the dogs to better pursue and hunt foxes and coyotes in the wild.

After proposing rules to outlaw this abhorrent practice last year, the INRC reversed itself and is now proposing to legalize coyote/fox penning. Indications are that this switch in position was a result of political pressure.

Your voice matters -- we need to remind the INRC of how it came to its humane decision last year to end this practice. This cruel practice was recently outlawed in the state of Florida, and we can make it happen in Indiana too. INRC will be conducting two public hearings on their proposed rule changes and is accepting public comments until May 18.

Take Action!

Submit comments to the Indiana Natural Resources Commission in opposition to the proposed rules. Find a sample letter on ALDF's website and instructions for submitting comments.

Indiana residents only: Attend a hearing and speak out in opposition to this cruel and violent practice.

Tuesday, May 10
(6 p.m.) at McCormick’s Creek State Park, Canyon Inn, Sycamore Room, 451 McCormick Creek Park Road, Spencer (Owen County).

Wednesday, May 11 (6 p.m.) at Webster Recreation Center, Plymouth Park & Recreation Department, 110 Webster Ave., Plymouth (Marshall County).

Thanks, will do!
***WARNING Explicit Video***

Uploaded by StopAnimalSacrifice on Mar 11, 2011

'The Global Campaign to Stop Animal Sacrifice' influences only to conscious human minds and supports them to awake those, who are still sleeping with cruel traditions of Animal Sacrifice just because that, they did not get proper chance yet to learn - why it should be stop!!

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