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"(Correction: that recording of War is a Racket was read by John Greenman.)"
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"An actual quote from War is a Racket: The only way to smash this racket is to conscript…"
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Open Society University Network: Local and global issues

I ran across this plan for education that takes on the challenges facing us in 2020. We have had…See More
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"I expect nothing good from someone who thinks only of himself."
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We are a worldwide social network of freethinkers, atheists, agnostics and secular humanists.

I think this website, while has some users, is a bit dead...

I know that is much more active than this website, however, because I'm a Deist, meaning I believe in God while rejecting revelation, I'm unable to complete ownership.

I would safely bet that smartphones and mobile Web in general is a problem, and we do need to use well-developed educational efforts to stop people who still don't have one from falling into mobile addiction.

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That's why we need to stop those still without a smartphone.

Imagine if this happened with a Segway.

What do you mean "WE"? And who made you in charge of what people purchase?

Those who are smart enough to make campaigns to stop those without a smartphone from getting one.

See how terrifying is this comment of Reddit:

Translation of the comment:

He is wrong at many levels, but still, the fear is the main foundation of the post.

Yes, in first paragraph that girl has a total tunnel vision. Then he secretly references to this article:

In second paragraph, he is right and wrong. You don't have to constantly use your smartphone. Dumbphones can be tracked down as well, whether is your cellular carrier or Google.

Third paragraph: We aren't going to believe that you spent 1 month of an iPhone bill on all those devices unless you prove it.

Then, no, the problem is the popularity of the device. Because of that, it's harder and harder to resist the allure of the smartphone. If there really was no incentive to learn anything anymore, then he should try to become a rocket scientist at NASA tomorrow. Now, the real problem is 2FA.

Yes, smartphones are expensive, you shouldn't get one if you can't afford it.

And yes, you do lose something from a smartphone these days even if you never get one in the first place. How you can trade on Steam without a 15-day hold without a smartphone? Most 2FA systems require a smartphone.

Now, his edit is nothing more than failsafe.

Nobody is going to believe that device manufacturers waste their money on this, unless you show proof (hint: there is none).

Yes, you'll become so addicted to using your smartphone that you'll have a withdrawal if you get separated for more than few feet, but that a very long time ago with palm pilots.

That guy referenced to smartphones as "computers", and yet he says "get you constantly looking at your phone". Another lie!

It's accurate for Instagram that you'll come back for more, but always?

Microsft has got all your data if you use Windows 10. Microsoft is very good at what it does. Glad I've went with Apple from beginning.

There is no proof that the goal is to get them advertising revenue besides him. If not enough, maybe you should add mining cryptocurrency too?

And yes, theoretically everyone can live simple life. There is difference between possible and achievable.

Now, if you value real life friends and family, don't get a smartphone. Simple as that.

If smartphones are not for him, then it's completely OK. Still, it's useful to scare away people from getting a smartphone.

Exactly Mrs B. Even if it was desirable to stop people getting a smartphone(And It isn't) where do people get off telling me what I can and what I can't do with my own money. Beside technology isn't the problem its how we use it.

Yes, but in the last 12 years, we have saw rise of smartphone in hands of "dumb" users.

Again, if you read my post just above your, you will understand that this Redditor tries to use fear to scare away people from getting a smartphone. It's effective, but again, for most people it's too late.

For his "Sounds like an addict to me" claim, Dave Parrack of MakeUseOf was right, "do so knowing that once you have gone over to the dark side of smartphone ownership it’s very difficult to return to the simple pleasures of owning a humble feature phone".

Quiet is nice, I was on Think Atheist many years ago and did not like interacting with the Silly Xtians.  I like the fact that we only have a few Christians here.

Yeah, and for the most part, we don't get trolled. If I post something I usually get one of two reactions, 1. A cogent reply 2. No reply at all. Happy with that I am                          

Yes, this place used to be hopping with lots of smart people.  Always something going on.  Was never crazy like a reddit forum or anything, but, was a nice bunch here to interact with.
Now it is pretty slow.

I truly think THIS huge warning that AU is dangerous website that has "AU has attackers who want to steal your info"
that pops up whenever i cllick on this site is a Big Factor on why ppl don't join as much.

IF i didn't know AU was safe, i would not have pushed past my own computer warning me that AU is a dangerous website.

I started a thread on this concern HERE

We are thinking of moving to Ning 3 from Ning 2 which might help with the certificate issue. Personally, i do not see your warning message but I think others have seen it often or a lot of time.

Ning has been through a lot of ownership changes so they may not be as responsive as they were ten years ago- but they do fix bugs.  BTW, there are four owners of this website - it is a community.  

Yes, that sounds good, Doone!  HOnestly, i do not understand the difference between Ning 3 and Ning 2,
but i trust your intelligence there.  I remember you! I recall you are super smart fellow heathen.  so, If You say that might help? it seems well worth a try.
I do not know why You  do not get this pop up? warning you that AU "attackers" might be trying to steal your info? but, i sure do.

every time.
every single time.  and it takes a bit of effort to bypass my own computers virus thing to get here.  I have Zero reason to lie about this, i WANT Au to do well.
I want people to find it and click on it and feel welcome.  
but, i promise you, there is a pop up warning people that AU is possibly trying to steal your information, and do not enter any credit cards, etc.
which IS off-putting.  to say the least.

some ppl might be more computer savvy and not worry about such a thing? but i once had a computer problem/virus or whatever, and what a hot mess.  what an effn hot mess.

some ppl who HAVE ever had a computer hot mess thing like i did, might turn away.  IF i didn't know this place IS legit and safe, i would have turned away.

but, i know this place is safe for a long time.

so i pushed past my computers strongest efforts to keep me from coming to AU.
others may not be so confident, i don't know.

Is cash involved in re-certifying this website?
I can send some $ via cashapp or something, we could all pitch in, if it is a money issue?

No, cash is not involved.  Ironically, I now get the same problem as you.  Let me contact Ning and see what needs to be done.  It was not fixed before as normally we do not see it. 

Let see if this helps - I had no problem using Google Chrome and to test it I opened up AU in Firefox and got the message.  Now my Google Chrome is complaining.  We will try to resolve this ASAP and many thanks for mentioning it JM!!!


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