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So many interesting ideas being thrown about for who should run in 2020.

Any of you have any ideas?   

and follow up, do you think we stand a chance against the trumpetmouth swarms who still idolize their dear leader?   

I need hope...pullllleeeeeeeze.....  

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idk, i think Warren is putting out some feelers for a run, she does not seem adverse to it,

however, ya know, most people would throw up in their mouth to picture running against trumpetmouth.....

hard to say...

I don't know who are the front runners for the Democratic nomination, I just hope its not from the corporate wing of the party but I'm not holding my breath.

Kerry? i hadn't much thought about Kerry...

not Corey Booker?

Who is your guess as our candidate for 2020?

In sarcasm.

Just a guess - another candidate funded by Wall-Street Titans that control mass media entertainment pretending to be news.

I didn't watch the previous Trump Reality show - The Apprentice.  I don't know what the ratings were, or what the format of the show was about.  

It doesn't seem the the current Trump Reality show producers know what the new show is about.

Kim Kardashian may be next in line since apparently some voters enjoy reality shows.


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