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"A Christian apologist doesn't have any luck from his imaginary friend. The bell tolls for this…"
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"I love it: "spirituality is purely bogus". I've always hated hearing that. And a…"
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"The argument for a “natural need” for spirituality I think is purely bogus. There are…"
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"Just as horrible as when I was made to listen to that stuff in church when I was very young."
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"And great nurses administering the chemo....which was a 4 hour session each time."
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" Mrs.B and Terence there are two things I feel when I hear of stories like…"
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"Well done Mrs B. It shows how the power of non-prayer combined with excellent medical attention can…"
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"I found some old posts on FB. The 'nasty' god wrote this even worse version of the 10…"
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"The worker is better than the boss, GC. Very funny."
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"I had 2 types of breast cancer in 2005, with full mastectomy, 2 infections, & 5 years of…"
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"Rather, Rebalance and Enlarge the Court!!! (The "Packing" was already done by…"
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"Stephen... it's obvious; the Christian God simply has very bad aim! Things dramatically…"
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"Last Friday in the Pakistani city of Sialkot a mob beat up and killed a Sri Lankan man who…"
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TWO questions, answer both or either one.

 #1)  Who do you think Joe Biden will pick as his VP?

 #2)  Who do you hope that Joe Biden will pick as his VP?

I am underwhelmed by Joe Biden, he was not even in my top 5, and I am baffled how we got him, when we had some stellar candidates!!
but, I would vote for Ronald McDonald as a vote "against" t-RUMP.
and Biden is a decent person.  that alone, will be huge improvement...

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So nigger is fine too...

Okay JeanMarie.

Your White people, the oppressive class, complaining line is a straw dog. Nobody is saying that. See if you can counter in a substantive way any of my assertions. 

i do not use the Nword.  
I am offended by your post.  YOU have no right to use that word.  YOu have not worn the shoes and walked the path that earns you the right to use that word.
I do not understand why you said that. I don't know why THAT came up? at all?
truly, i do not understand why you said that.
I am disgusted by your trashy, rude, cruel words. 
I am leaving for  store.   

Paul, I agree, racism means that Caucasians, "whites," define the norm against which to measure other races. 

"Racism: policies, behaviours, rules, etc. that result in a continued unfair advantage to some people and unfair or harmful treatment of others based on race."

Sexism: It is equivalent to the gender term of man, "males," define the norm against which to measure women. In early research, male attributes set the norm against which to measure females, i.e. males tend to be larger than females and therefore superior.  "Gender: the belief that the members of one sex are less intelligent, able, skillful, etc. than the members of the other sex, especially that women are less able than men."

Homophobia: homosexuals face challenges of "fear and dislike of homosexuals." Gender, defined as male and female, does not acknowledge the third gender. 

"third gender, noun, a gender classification in societies that recognize a gender other than male or female. A person who identifies as a gender other than male or female or as neither male nor female.

~ Cambridge Dictionary 

"In Hinduism, Shiva is still worshipped as an Ardhnarishwara, i.e. half-male and half-female form. Shiva's symbol, which is today known as Shivalinga, actually comprises a combination of a 'Yoni' (vagina) and a 'Ling' (phallus). The third genders have been ascribed spiritual powers by most indigenous societies."


"Muxes are a third gender originating in Oaxaca, Mexico. The word muxe said to come from the Spanish word for woman, "mujer." While muxes are usually men who identify more as women, muxes may also be those who simply don't fall into the traditional male-female or gay-straight categories (the indigenous people of the area don't actually see gender in that way)."

Racism, sexism, and homophobia make no sense! Individuals have different attributes that have nothing to do with "superiority." All are Homo sapiens. Being different does not imply superiority not does it imply abomination, abhorrence, or disgust. The nonsense claim of some right-wing politicians that the world's storms, earthquakes, pandemics, etc, result from godlessness has no basis in reality.  

What's wrong with just ''people''?

Mrs B,
When discussing disparities, the mountains STILL faced by POC (a term POC themselves often use) it is handy to have a way to sort out the Vast Differences in how POC are treated by police, banks, teachers, realtors, etc.

IF IF IF there were NO disparities? then, we would not have any need to refer to one group or another.
but sadly, this is not an even playing field here for POC.

First of all, if Biden is a so-called "gaffe machine," he is a raw amateur, compared to the Orange Nightmare, whose ignorant bullshit and transparent lies set entirely new standards in the US political venue, standards which I hope NEVER to see met again, let alone exceeded.  Parenthetically, I fully expect Biden to RUIN Trump in the debates, presuming they even take place.

That said, regarding his choice for VP, I have two very strong preferences:

  • Susan Rice
  • Tammy Duckworth

I see both those women as having excellent qualifications for the position, never mind both of them being well and properly suited for the top spot, when and if the time comes.

Regarding some of the other candidates, I DO like Elizabeth Warren, but I suspect she brings enough negatives to the table in the eyes of the GOP to make her problematic during the campaign, and that's a shame.  She is damned fine and intelligent woman.  Kamala Harris is much the same in this regard, and I think she better serves in a Senate which I hope will be properly BLUE in the wake of 3 November, 2020.

Also, regarding recent contender, Karen Bass, her recent misapprehension of the Church of Scientology disqualifies her as a candidate in my eyes.  Why she was considered in the first place, I don't know, but her faux pax with the CoS is a bridge too far for me.

OOH, Loren, i love every word of this post.  I will have to read up on this Karen Bass, hadn't heard of her.
I hadnt thought of Tammy Duckworth much, but yes, maybe!  
but wouldnt' Susan Rice be an unusual choice for a Democrat.  I have grown far more fond of her as a commentator in recent years, than i was when she was in W's team.
See, Bill Mahar is for Susan Rice, and that is worth noting, too.  He is pretty insightful.  It is also possble maybe, that having Susan in copilot seat "might" help peel off a few republicans who have grown sick of cheetohead....

I agree entirely, that Biden's gaffes are totally less disgusting than Anything that comes out tRUMP's cakehole. you are spot on right on that.
still, for some reason, lefties always seem to get a black eye easier than rightwingers.  Seems that way at times.

I am inspired with your vision of Biden shredding cheetohead in debate!  I am "cautiously optimistic" on that one....    

First off, thank you JeanMarie for your political work in Florida. We need more people like you.

And I have to agree with Stephan with regards to "persons of color (colour)". However, anything is better than the N word.

Finally, I guess I'm A Susan Rice fan. I also like the mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance-Bottoms. Something about both Kamela Harris and Elizabeth Warren rub me the wrong way. I hate using personalities as a criteria, but it is what it is. 

Randall, at the risk of repeating myself, i do like POC as a term, as do most POC themselves.  IF we had no disparities or racism to discuss? we would NOT "need" any term to encompass all the minorities who still face murders at hands (and knees) of cops, as well as financial institutions, schools, stores, it IS systemic.
I love the term, and find it respectful.  POC can include browns, blacks, many types of minorities can often be in that umbrella.  And they all face discrimination.

Randall, i can not even slightly imagine why or how you even offer the Nword as an option to compare to POC...? wth is THAT doing in your comment?  how is that even related to this topic? I am confused.   

but , i am trying to make the point, it is handy to have a term that we can use to respecfully refer to those who ARE being murdered and oppressed at an alarming rate in US and other countries, as well.
IF we had no inequality? we would not need words to try to explain what is wrong.
we have inequalities.   oh do we ever.  

and yes, Randall, i too, like both Susan Rice as a winning ticket combo, i think that would put the GOP back on their heels a bit.
I am uber impressed with Keisha Lance Bottoms, as well.  She almost has alot on her plate right now though....
I love Kamela and Elizabeth and I am not even slightly daunted by powerful, outspoken accomplished brilliant women who speak their minds,
but, that's just me.   :)
however, we do need to win, and many are put off by such powerful women.  so Maybe Rice who does not quite have that reputation might be a more winning choice.
It will be fun to see who is chosen.

Michelle Obama



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