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"If we fail to remember or can no longer remember the stories of our ancestors, that wisdom cannot…"
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TWO questions, answer both or either one.

 #1)  Who do you think Joe Biden will pick as his VP?

 #2)  Who do you hope that Joe Biden will pick as his VP?

I am underwhelmed by Joe Biden, he was not even in my top 5, and I am baffled how we got him, when we had some stellar candidates!!
but, I would vote for Ronald McDonald as a vote "against" t-RUMP.
and Biden is a decent person.  that alone, will be huge improvement...

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No clue. He does seem rather blah.

yes, Biden is a gaffe machine, too, this pandemic is actually helping Biden in the polls, imo.
IF Joe was in front of cameras too often? the gaffes would add up way too fast and give credence to cheetohead's complaint that Biden is senile. That is very a popular rightwinger talking point, is biden mind is too soft for the job.

Biden really can barely talk for 15 minutes without goofing up something.  A nice man, but a gaffe machine.
still, ANYBODY, almost any grown adult,
is gonna be better than cheetohead,

and so
i spend my spare time writing post cards to the democrats in my county (a crucial florida county) to please make the call to become able to vote by mail.

I am doing all i can to help Biden get elected, but it is not with the fervor i felt while campaigning for Obama.   Oh i was so into that campaign! I was in another state back then.
I got to meet Obama, twice, shook his hand and was fired up for days after,
I got chosen to meet him because i registered so many voters for his campaign.  (almost 600) and i got chosen to go to the state capital to be delegate to cast the vote for Obama for my county.  A democratic convention? how fun!  loved it.
Those were the days, my heart was IN IT for Obama.

but Biden? meh.
still, i am doing all i can to defeat trumpetmouth.

also, any 'merikan reading along here? call your local supervisor of elections for instructions on how to get your ballot mailed to you.  Way safer.  Gives you time to study up all the ballot questions.  I live in Florida, a crucial county, a swing county, 

and florida picks the president.  we just do.  All the rest of you, are gonna be the color you usually are, and there are only a handful of swing states, and florida is a biggie.

anyway, florida ballots are notoriously difficult to complete, just TONS of questions about stuff you never even heard of "How do you vote for Proposition 582053u5925?"
and so on,
as a form of voter suppression in my opinion.  My county is chockful of geezers, it is a geezer wonderland here, which is one of many reasons i moved here for my geezer years,
and this many geezers

taking a looooooongggggggggg time to fill in the ballot? might deter a few people in line who might just

have to head home after a few hours in line.

Once a ballot here was so so many pages long, i just could not get over it.

but at home, i can google the various propositions and I like Vote411 and league of women voter websites.

VOTE BY MAIL and no, i hope the new appointed head of the post office will not screw it up for us...i hope.  i just can't believe cheetohead did that...

My plan is to vote early in person. With tRump's lackey now in charge of the US Postal Service, I'm fairly sure they will be slowing ballots down.

Anyway, check your state's rules, contact your county's board of elections, find out how you can stay safe and make sure your vote counts.

Even if you're in a "sure" blue state. Especially if you're in a "sure" blue state: the down-ballot positions also matter, even small local offices. The Republican Party has shown themselves to have literally turned 180° from the erstwhile "party of Lincoln" to the party of John Wilkes Booth. They have been enabling evil and suffering and tens of thousands of people needlessly, painfully dying in the last few months alone. The Republican Party deserves to go extinct; it should not have any viability, even for someone running for dogcatcher.

I hope not Friend Of Rufus because I am a geezer

Me too.

I've not been keeping up on Biden's thoughts on who he wants as his VP but I read a Guardian article that he has a list of four candidates all of them women and people of colour(Boy I hate that term) the article cites an insider as giving the nod to Kamala Harris. But whoever he chooses, they would have to be prepared to take over the top job on the possibility of Biden popping his clogs whilst in office.

Age is definitely not in his favour.

Stephen, this is a derail---- but why not... like a "real" conversation, haha.

why do you hate the term "people of color"? It seems fairly innocuous to me, encompassing both brown and black people, maybe even other minority "colors" for lack of a better word. 

saves time listing every "color" of minority maybe.  Many POC (people of color) seem comfortable with the phrase.
what is the problem there?  is there something about the term i do not know?


I probably dislike the term people of colour because like all things I'm not keen on being left out. Lol  Also I find the term divisive. But using the term is thankfully not up to me. 

Stephen, i am so happy to find another human who feels as i do about people of color. I have written various critiques of the aforementioned odious expression. Here is my latest.

Tis the season to discuss racism. My bugaboo beyond the oft-mentioned is the phrase people of color. People of color is a way of seeing from the perspective of whites. What else can it be when Caucasians are also people of color but Caucasians are the group excluded from the colored umbrella? So Caucasians see color in the OTHERS but not in themselves. If it is color that the dominant group perceives to distinguish itself from the others then why perpetuate this singular differentiation that is the badge of hatred? Caucasians are the paradigm and the others are colored, tainted, imperfect, less desirable, and perhaps a little less human.

So many intellectuals go along with it. Why? I have a feeling if somebody prominent in BLM made a stink about people of color it would become taboo. 

Paul, This is a hard one, but I just instinctively find it divisive. If others are people of colour does that make me blank? No, I don't think it's very helpful to divide people in this way                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


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