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We are a worldwide social network of freethinkers, atheists, agnostics and secular humanists.

Violence in Motion

Notions of violence coming from the Christian right if Trump is impeached, and actual violence from the right and the left, seems to be a thing these days. The continued rants from our insane president are apparently having an effect on our basic moral fiber as a country. The racist nonsense walks hand in hand with the rising tide of hate crimes. We withdraw from the world leaving China to take over our leadership, and even our geopolitical strategies are in peril as China moves into countries that we have withdrawn from. Disregarding science and embracing pretend is this administration’s mantra. America is failing.

Disgraced felon Jim Bakker is crowing about Christians starting a second civil war if President Trump is impeached. Pretty doubtful that the faithful are going to rally around this ass wipe, but still another example of the Conservative Christian right once again blatantly exposing their lack of morals. Evangelical leaders all over are on Trump’s side, the insane being followed by the insane. Televangelist Paula White, a prosperity pastor which is just another name for shyster, states Trump has been raised to the position by God. 

According to the religious right, Trump is God’s chosen and we should all bend a knee. If that doesn’t trouble you, there’s plenty of Trump’s horrors to choose from. 

White nationalists are showing their faces, feeling the immunity granted them by our racist-in-chief. There are over nine-hundred white nationalist groups in America according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a number that has been rising quickly through President Obama’s administration, and racing up with President Trump. As White Nationalists try to grab the spotlight, AntiFa is gearing up as well. Violence from both sides will continue, Anti-Fascist organizations have been around since the 1920s-1930s, and will always rise up to meet the threat. 

Here is the problem. Media is trying to equalize the groups, just like the president in the aftermath of Charlottesville. And this has been a constant discussion on many social networks, one that is argued back and forth without being resolved. White Nationalists are racists, not much more. Their existence stands for European purity and if they had the numbers we’d be Nazi Germany in a heartbeat. AntiFa only exists because of this, and without Nazis parading around they’d disappear. 

Here is the debate about hate being met with violence. One side argues that when Nazis rally that we should not counter-protest in the same area. They should not be met with violence because it gives them a stage. The other side believes every day should be “punch a Nazi” day. AntiFa groups failed in stopping the rise of the Third Reich due to the fact they were, as now, a small group. Without the support of the populace, they can not stop the rise of fascism. 

So this is it, is it better to hold opposing protests away from the White Nationalist protests, or to directly confront them? This is a debate that’s been going on since Charlottesville, confront or ignore. I will admit that I’m into punching Nazis, I’m an aggressive guy. I look at every move towards an authoritarian government and it is worrisome. I’m on the side that thinks if you sit back, stay out of the fray, that we’ve lost. I’m in the minority of friends and family when this discussion comes up, and I have no doubt that the argument being presented to me is valid, it just hasn’t convinced me. I still have the too-oft repeated quote, “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out,” playing over and over in my head,


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Hillary Clinton makes an interesting observation in her book, What Happened, about how it was she lost her 2016 presidential bid.  While I don't have the exact quote on hand, her explanation amounted to the following:

I ran a traditional campaign ... he ran a reality TV show.

Trump played to the 21st century groundlings, which includes that "basket of deplorables" Clinton so accurately pointed out: the neo-Nazis, the KKK, the alt-right, everyone who feels as though they've been victimized by the social evolution toward a less white-privileged, more inclusive America.  By the way, that includes Christian evangelicals, as their progressing disempowerment has been a well-known fact for long before this last election cycle.  Add that to the tendency toward communication by sound bite, general ignorance about civics and civic responsibility among the general populus, and badly mistaken ideas about voting, not voting and why, and the beginnings of reasons why Trump gained the White House take shape.

And now we're stuck with Orange Julius ... and dealing with him and his madness has become the job of those of us who will be bothered to think past the superficialities and the present moment.  I hope we're up to it.

I don't see the pitchfork and torch crowd, it may be awhile. It seems that the orange buffoon will do anything to distract us from "Russia."

I do think the religious right has given up any claim to morality. 

If they were holding any claims to morality, it can only be by pretense

Good post Neal. I'm getting tired of this false equivalence between Fascists, white supremacists and progressive anti fascists. One is evil and the other is fighting evil.



I keep hearing..."it can't happen....It won't happen....not here....never in our country"....

Well its happened, is continuing to happen & spreading out as well.

As an engineer i can only say that a  country that is proud NOT to use SI units is subject to making bad decisions.

Doone I heard someone on the radio say that now that the UK is leaving the EU we can go back to the imperial system. Its taken us years to get to the point where we use SI for most but not all of our measurements. It would be crazy to go back now.

We've been on the metric system for decades.

Why is the US such a hold out?

What? The US stop using God's system?

It's happening, Mrs. B. Twenty years ago I was tutoring high school kids (in an upscale community) who were falling behind in algebra. They were using both systems, 'English' amd metric, about half and half. They were also doing set theory, which I in the 1950's first saw in college.

I learned the imperial system in school, & my cookbooks now all have the old system, but I can get along with the metric. I have grade 10, so I had no real introduction to metric other than very basics.

It didn't come into being here until after I was married, & I was not going to replace all my cookbooks.

I use conversion tables if I need to.

Our politicians have been cowardly when it came to changing from imperial to metric. This has left us with a halfway house of a system where we have the metric system in most of our measurements but we allow our pubs and market traders to use both. This has been happening for far to long and there is no end in sight


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