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indigenous peoples day

"Raelians believe we were created by aliens (Elohim) To me that's just as delusional as…"
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indigenous peoples day

"Hello Stephen! If your reading these words I would just like to point out that the Raelian movement…"
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"WOTM: Religion Makes People Stupid, Todd Friel Part 2"
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We are a worldwide social network of freethinkers, atheists, agnostics and secular humanists.

Before I Created You in the Womb, I knew You...

Day after day we read the endless stories about religion using politics to warp our daily lives. It's time to examine what media outlets stop short of saying. Welcome to the Jungle.

There have been posts on this site and all over the net pointing out the conservative talking points being raised regarding abortion. The frontrunners, Mr. Trump, and Mr. Cruz, are both supposedly "pro-life," and support bans on all abortions for almost any reason.

Mr. Trump, who has changed his story multiple times, has inserted into the discussion the idea of "punishment" for women who have a legal medical procedure, or possibly the doctors who perform them. Then the tune was changed to "it's the law of the land," then one more modification, "the law of the land until he is president."

Mr. Cruz is possibly even more fanatical. If elected, Ted would ban all abortions, even in the case of rape which no other conservative has done. He makes light of this very serious topic with nauseating comments. If anyone thinks he would be better in the White House than Donald you'd be mistaken. Both would be disasters, but Ted would begin the American Theocracy. Mr. Cruz opinions are barbaric. He states "I don't believe it makes sense to blame the child." Apparently the blame rests on the mother's shoulders, which is just fine in the conservative worldview. If elected, Ted intends to prosecute Planned Parenthood for criminal violations, based on the fraudulent propaganda videos edited by David Daleiden. He would stop any funding for women's health and allow companies to deny birth control coverage at their own discretion. You get a whole lot of "barefoot and pregnant" with Mr. Cruz.

Planned Parenthood supporters seem to center their rebuttals on the very serious matter of women's health, but I see a switch that's going to be flipped coming soon.  

Mr. Trump spelled out the consequences for women if abortion, as in his mind it should be, is illegal. Punishment. Someone has to pay the price. Either a woman will end up in jail for aborting a rapist's offspring, or the doctor doing the procedure will. This is the end game for America's conservative party, punishment. Certain media outlets are starting to focus on framing the debate in this manner as they should be. This is what happens if our laws protecting women are changed or ignored. Even birth control could be illegal since our religious friends believe that to be abortion as well.

We know false morality when we see it, and we see the decisions made by the holders of a barbaric morality as they continue to assault the public daily.

Yesterday there was an article in the local paper by Cal Thomas - evangelical Christian pundit and president of the Moral Majority in the first half of the 80s - that centered on morality. In his view, since the hippies in the 60s until now we have been drifting away from morality. In his mind, morality cannot change; what is written is what it is. He goes so far as to state that only "enforced" morality will turn this country around. He cannot understand that "doing unto others..." changes.

It would seem to be a fairly fanatical stance to take, but what else should we expect from the religious? The media is now starting to concentrate on what pro-lifers stand for, but they pull up short in their coverage.  

No one aggressively, or even meekly, states that religion is the cause of this battle against our rights to live free. The religious are always framed as generous and moral people in the media. Sure, every so often a pastor blows it by saying what he really means, but that is covered up and slips into the void before anyone can hold it up to the light. We have seen these "moral" people kill doctors and bomb clinics, and although many religious, and non-religious, people would say that the action is an atrocity, it is not something that the enablers will stop. It keeps happening.   

This is America's number one problem at the moment. The fundamentalist takeover of the Republican party directly opposes the Constitution of the United States. For over three decades we've had a political party get more conservative and religious in their governance. They no longer represent the people. Religion is used to foment division among us all. This is not just a problem in nationwide politics, but statewide and even city-wide governments. This is a daily threat to our freedoms. It doesn't matter if there are more and more non-believers in the country if we allow the Christian Right to run our schools, our government, our homes, and our persons. Daily they are working to bring us back to a life that is centered around myth, and they will do whatever it takes while we sit on the sidelines.  

In my backyard, there was a tribute to first-responders on one of the 9-11 anniversaries. My conservative state representative came out to say a few words. Those words comprised a sermon, nothing more. It is not governance, it is a religious intrusion into life.

No one knew me before I was born, I was born free.

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For the religious reich there has never been a time when the law, good sense, or even simple human decency was a barrier to them imposing their sick, twisted beliefs upon everyone.

"Tfe times, they are a-changing.."  NOT!

It's all very thought provoking, it's very sad that it's not getting better.

The Christians are claiming they are the victims and are being persecuted by secularists.

But history shows us as soon as they get any sort of power they persecute others and have in the past put us Atheists and others like us to death. No if you don't mind I wont put my trust in these Christians.

The US is NOT a FREE country!

And never has been unless you were the right color, sex, and religion. 

..........and under the dictates of the religion, so not free there either, no matter the white male xian.

Good one

It is a constant fight against religion in this country, and that does affect whatever freedom we may feel we have. I hope to highlight the areas where religion is once again suffocating freedom and thought. 

For all the bantering that Americans take, we still progress. I think religion and the inequality that it protects, is on its way out.

I too was born free, Neal. Two people then started socializing me into their slave state.

Long story made short. Seven years later they took me from first grade in a public school to start me in a Catholic school, where my education in serious slavery began. The Korean War and the GI Bill made college possible and delayed my entry into their slave state.

They objected to the delay and I, having glimpsed a freer life, threw them and their religion out of my life.

Tossing America's civil religion, aka nationalism, from my life is an ongoing thing.

Centuries of religious wars made Europe relatively secular. Will religious war be necessary here?

The revolution could be just a legal matter. Denounce all the bigotry as religious and start following the constitution again. Like that'll happen.

Still, it is true that the laws red states and republicans are passing are mostly based on religion, and should be exposed by all. Whenever you hear, "The United States was founded as a Christian nation," what you're hearing is theocracy marching to the throne.

Like that'll happen.

Neal, this long-time (forty-plus years) political activist wonders if A/U folk will see those words as an expression of realism or cynicism. Or maybe surrender.

I doubt that anyone will see them as an expression of idealism. Or resistance.

Tom - "Like that'll happen" was meant to be sarcasm and as a possible prod.

You seem to have been involved in political activism longer than I have. "W" was the final straw for me, the religious right was having their way and were intruding on my life and perceived freedom. Since the 80's this has been coming. It started off with a whisper that became a foghorn. 

Surrender is for pussies.


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