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Here's an interesting link about Kushner.  The background leads up to the interesting part which begins at about time 33 minutes. As complicated as it is it in my opinon is worth the time.

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To my mind, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are as corrupt as hell. But the Vicky Ward interview is just too vapid and without beef.


I doubt you think she's lying.

She's speaking to the charicter of the Don family.

Kushner nuting to Benjamin Netanyahu must be with out pork.

Having writting that what is the colloquial about pork? Ya- all know that phrase in the States.

My thoughts are congress should do what they are elected to and do  and further the invistigation and in line with the constitution take approprpriate measueres.

As many may know the Democratic party has no back bone. Turmp will be reelected because what I hear the wart on the belly of the worm Democratic party is pushing a wet noodle Biden to the primaries.

Vicky Ward is an odd bird.

I think it's good to let her speak.

yipee saves me having to watch it - thanks

I've bookmarked it. glanced through the left dialogue box and there it was ---the holocaust. I have a book by an Israeli or maybe an American Jew -- and he called his book 'The Holocaust Industry'. Had anyone else written this you can imagine the fake outrage etc... one thing that was interesting is----look up what the word ACTUALLY REALLY MEANS. Because then so much about the propaganda regarding this and much else explains itself. I wont say what -- that is up to the reader to decide.


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