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"As for chess. I enjoy playing it, but if I'm honest I'm not very good."
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"Yeah, that's right Mrs B but even with things easing you have to look to your own…"
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"My husband has played chess a time or two, but I know nothing about it. It's good to safely…"
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"Sentences should be a lot tougher."
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"As in most things in life the truth doesn't come easy."
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Introducing the Patient’s Right to Know Act

by Neil Carter
Did you know that if you have ovarian cancer for which the treatment would cause sterility, healthcare facilities run by religious institutions will withhold specific types of chemotherapy and not tell you they even exist? The same goes for treatments of testicular cancer. Any course of treatment which renders a man unable to reproduce is strictly forbidden [Read More...]

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I don't know how health care providers, hospitals, or insurance companies sweep the trail behind them.

I'm sorry for your loss Suzanna. A seemingly preventable death is frustrating and maddening.

The potential for  infections in hospitals is a reason they discharge patiens ant try to get them home as soon as possible. Hospitalizationists are smarter and getting better at preventing infections. Unfortunately carlessness may result in infection.By nature hospitals spread pathogens because the patients are sick and weak.

Having said that, some health care practitioners don't follow proper procedurs.

When I go to have my compression bandages changed twice a week, the clinical side for infection prevention is very good, everybody is expected to use the alcohol rub before and after treatment, but there is a loophole the waiting rooms, that's where infections can spread. But the nurses at the clinic are ultra watchful about infections. 

There's always snags in the systems, however much you plan your systems things always get through.

My former girl friend had instetinal surgery. We set up a medical power of attorney prior to the surgery. This is a good idea to do. The admitting nurse laughed and joked about it expressing that the surgery was fairly rountine and there should be nothing to worry about.

After surgery, before she was eating and digesting food the hospital staff changed her pain medicine from the IV to pills. She was given multiple doses of pain pills that were sitting in her stomach because the intestins hadn't opened up and began working yet. When her insestines started working all the pain medicine was digested at once resulting in an overdose. She began halicunating and asperated on vomit resulting in lung damage.

The surgeon did emergency surgery to remove the vomit from her lungs.  At least the doctor was honest enough to tell me the cause of the problem as he asked me to pull life support from her.  Upon hearing that I asked what tests they performed to check for kidney, brain, and other organ damage. The answer was no tests had been performed. I told them to test and get back to me. They placed her in a medically induced coma so what oxygenation she was getting went to her vital organs. Her brain, kidneys and other organs weren't effected.

She laid in the intensive care ward of the Seventh Day Adventist hospital as doctors and staff lined up to pray for her recovery. Fortunately a nurse in the intensive care ward recommended that I transfer her to Oregon Health Science University (OHSU), which I did. It took about eight hours for a helicopter to pick us up for the transfer. It was only about a four hour drive.  She remained in a medical coma for four months. 

When she was pulled out of the coma the hospital called me up demanding that I pick her up an transfer her to a convalescent home which was about a five hour drive from the hospital. She was on oxygen. I was thinking that I would have to build wheel chair ramps, widen the doorways, and redesign the kitchen to make the house weel chair friendly.  For the drive from the hospital to the convalescent home I was given two bottles of oxygen. I was told they should last four hours each. I asked for a regulator for the second tank. That was refused - they told me to change the regulator to the second tank when the first one was empty. I'm experienced with compressed gas tanks and regulators for oxy-acetylene welding, and scuba diving. I asked for a spare gasket that goes between the regulator and tank. They didn't have any. There is only one road that goes along the river from the hospital to the convalescent home. Occationally fires, or accidents will shut the road down for hours. Off we went - she was still wearing the hospital gown. I had to carry her into a bathroom at a gas station along the way. Four hours in the first tank ran out of oxygen. It was dark so I had to drive a while until we came up to a barn that had an overhead light so I could see to move the regulator to the second tank.  After the tank became empty she was weezing through her mouth and traciotomy hole. It was in sterio and quite disturbing. I changed the regulator in the shadows with a flashlight to ensure I didn't loose the gasket/washer/o-ring.  I backed the regulator pressure off and turned off the tank valve and moved the regulator. Perhaps I didn't back the regulator valve off enough. I've changed regulators from tank to tank a lot of times and never had a problem. This time though the diaphram blew out making the regulator ineffective. The tank was dumping oxygen at the rate the tank valve was set at. I was worried she would get oxygen narcosis so opened and closed the tank valve in attempt to provide the proper amount of oxygen. I had never been to the town the convalescent home was.  We lived out in the country.  I stopped at two places to get directions to the home before finding it. We arrived with five minutes of oxygen left in the tank. I was sweating with elevated blood pressure worrying that I wouldn't make it in time and she would suffocate when the tank ran out. When I called OHSU to complain about the regulator I was told in the future they will have an ambulance transport patients from the hospital to the convalescent home.  She had 30 days of coverage for the convalescent home where she would continue to recover and withdrawl from the induced coma medicine she had been on for four+ months. On day thirty the convalescent home called saying I have to take her home immediately, or they will throw her out.  Of course I didn't have time to make the house wheel chair friendly.  I picked her up and brought her home. She was still heavily sedated. Getting her medicine straightened out took months. She would occationally over dose and hallucinate - but she didn't asperate again.  I called my dentist and asked which law office his insurance uses for suits. I talked with his attorney who investigated the case. He came back saying no legal procedual rules were violated leading to her over dose, hallucinations, and asperation. Go figure!? It's acceptable to provide a patient with oral solid pain medicine before they are able to digest and process it.

It took about a year for her to recouperate. She isn't in a wheel chair and no longer needs oxygen. Smoke from fires and cigarettes bothers her. I have numreous other doctor and hospital incidences I could write about. I don't trust doctors, or hospitals. Many times hospital staff don't good hygene and are weak with other what I would think is common sense procedures - ie. don't give a patient pain pills before food is being digested.

The way livestock and fowl are raised and butchered using assembly line techniques results in illness and disease within the heard, or flock  if you could call it that. There was a feed lot on the other side of the town I used to live in. The cattle stood in extrament up to their belly. It was disgusting.   In the summer when there was no breeze the odor of it hung over the entire town It's no wonder animals are over medicated with antibiotics which results in antibiotic resistant infections.

I understand that Veternarians have to attend more school and internship than human (MD's).  Have you ever heard a PhD introduce himself as Dr....?

Of course talking to animals such as Dr. Doolitle did requires more skill than talking to human patients.

You might be interested to know that the first child neglect case took place in NYC (New York City)  1874 and was presented by the Humain Society, which is an animal rights group.

This is what I find very odd......I'm in the process now of getting approval to replace my mobility scooter, & the Blue Cross will cover a new one every 5 years. My first one was worth $4900.00.

But....after I had a full mastectomy, they covered ONE mastectomy bra......ONCE! It was worth $60.00, but they cover the prosthetics for a lifetime.

Go figure.

Mine is a weighted silicone, but it has a washable cotton knit cover. Its very comfortable, but I never wear it at home because one boob is my reality, so I only wear it to make the clothes hang right when I go out.

Besides.....I answer to ''Flat 'n' Sharp''.........

Its really good of you to talk about this subject Mrs.B. very brave. I imagine it couldn't have been easy for you.

Its not difficult Stephen, its my reality & I am a blabbermouth.

I like to make jokes about it too, ''One Hung Low'' if I feel Asian, ''Flat 'n' Sharp'' cuz I love music, ''Single Barrelled Sling Shot''..........

I should be falling backwards because I don't have a counter weight.......

I wish I could be that Sanguine about my illness but I'm just a woosy man

Don't get me wrong, it was scary as hell at the time, but talking cancer gets old after awhile & you want to change it some.


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