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A friend of mine has pneumonia. She is 93 years old. Her niece is frantically taking care of her. It's sad Nora has given up and wants to die. I've known Nora for about 30 years and to see her walk out of life like this is difficult. She's given up on life and is calling on friends for 'last visits'. 

Hospice is helping and we are doing all we can to help. Friends and family are in a panic. 

I'm lucky to have known her.


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i'm also baffled that anyone had trouble suing medical ppl, happens a few times per second in USA.....amazing you could not find a lawyer to take the case, as some huge % of lawyers specialize in this work.

finding a lawyer to DEFEND a medical person, is super hard, only a few in the nation.  I was sued once, i never even met the patient!  Never laid eyes on him, nor was i involved in his care in anyway. 

BUT  I was on the code team that responded to his arrest, and so they got my name off the chart, and sued all of us.  There were zero complaints about how the code was run, but just sued everyone whose name was in the chart.  We were all found innocent though, amazingly enough, since usually we do lose in courts. (medicos).

was a weird experience.


Of course there's a bunch of parts missing from the story with Linda who was in the coma.



This has nothing to do with constipation. She was given pain pills the second day after her surgery - before she was able to digest food. They gave her pain pills just as she was beginning to eat, but before she digested it and processed it and defecated. They didn't check to see if she was pooping before they administered oral medicine. It seems like something that anyone should know about.

The other part of the story was her release.  Upon release she went to a convalescent hospital that was four hours away. I was given two oxygen tanks and one regulator. I asked for a second regulator and another gasket incase the gasket fell off while switching regulators. Nope none were provided. I drove her in her hospital gown from the hospital to the convalescent hospital four hours away. Three and a half hours into the drive the tank ran out and she began breathing heavily. It was scary to hear air rushing in and out of her traciotomy hole. I pulled over underneath  a barn that had a light and changed the tanks. The new tank began leaking oxygen unregulated. I released the pressure on the regulator before changing tanks. I've scuba dived and have done gas welding for years so know how to change tanks. For some reason the regulator broke. I had a half hour to drive with a tank dumping pressure with her wheezing through her trach hole. I was worried about oxygen narcosis and kept opening and closing the valve. I made it to the convalescent home with about five pounds of pressure left. Linda was pastey white with cold sweats.

That was horrible. When I called the hospital to complain and said that I should have gotten the extra regulator they said write us a letter and we will make sure that never happens again and in the future we will transfer patients by ambulance.

I didn't write a letter. My telephone call should have been enough. 

I have no idea how they handle transferrs now. 

Scarry and pathetic.

transfers from one hospital to another is done via ambulance, and has been for the entire 30 years i've been a nurse.  We nurses fight over who gets to accompany the patient in the ambulance, as it's good money and cushy work, and we are STILL getting paid as we sleep on the cot on the way home.

  If it is a really long transfer, we all get to go out to eat on the way home, is very pleasant work, (usually).  With less stable patients, if no helicopter is available, it IS very tense work, though, but even small country hospitals almost always have a heliport..  Sometimes, we ambulance to local airport, and then the patient gets on plane to new hospital, or a helicopter.  Organ donations are transported in this same manner, clear across the country.

No idea why they did not send your gal via ambulance, that is horrible.  I'd be upset too.

sorry, i misunderstood your earlier post to mean, you felt, since she was constipated, she was "overdosed" by the staff, and being overdosed was what led to her coma, but, that made zero sense to me, at all, but, like i said, it doens't matter if i understand, but, i hope she does, for her own medical knowledge of her own history.


i'm sorry you had this terrible experience, i would have been upset, too. 

When I transferred Linda from the Hermiston Hospital to OSHU we went by airplane. I thought it was strange after seeing that it took a couple of hours to ready the plane. Overall it took over eight hours to get her from Hermiston to Portland. It could have been done within four hours by ambulance.  I was told that the ambulance service wasn't sophisticated enough. The air ambulance was used quite a bit there. My neighbor bought air ambulance insurance. He used it a couple of times for his wife who was dying of cancer.

//"Everyone should have an advanced directive that includes organ donation."//


you are preaching to the choir here, but, i'm telling ya, the most important step you can take, is tell your legal next of kin.  If he/she vetos the organ donation, it won't happen, regardless of what your papers say.


for real.  The laws are slowly changing, but for most part, if next of kin is not down with organ donation then it won't happen.  sorry, this IS my field, i'm not lying. ("a common myth that makes families say no: oh no, that means they won't try as hard to save Chris, no! don't take his kidneys! let him live" and so on)

  Chris, i worked with organ donation for years, i'm not lying.  you gotta SAY IT OUT LOUD, to more than one family member (well, 1 will do, but it's easier for them if TWO ppl hear ya say it out loud).


or, maybe you are from Iowa, then you don't need to tell your family for it to happen, but still, is absolute BEST move you can make, if you want to be an organ donor, is TELL YOUR FAMILY.  now.

//"The law was changed in 2007 so that any Iowan’s decision to sign up for the donor registry will be recognized and honored even if the next of kin disagrees. But family consent helps speed the process along when minutes count. That’s why officials stress that, once people sign up for organ donation, they still need to talk to their family members to be clear about their wishes"//

//"Please also share your decision with your family. It is important to tell your
family members that you have decided to become a donor so that they will
understand your decision and support it."//

(that's code for so your family won't argue against it, which is not unusual during such stressfull time, or flat out veto it all.)


btw, re: your friend who is caring for Nora, but feels frantic----------most Hospice groups, provide what is known as "respite care", where a person comes out to stay with Nora, while your frantic friend can go home and get some rest, do her shopping, whatever.  This is all covered by Medicare a/or insurance.

Norah seems to be feeling better. Martha, my mom, and Norah went out to a crafts fair at the fair grounds. Norah seems to be feeling better. I don't think Norah ready to die, but is willing to die.

Norah seems to be over the pneumonia and only occasionally uses oxygen now. She's coming over for Christmas dinner. 

Wow! that's great news Chris. I know how much I want my boy home for Christmas.

How's Dev doing, Bill?

Great news, Chris!


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