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How academic failures allow Islam through the front door----

it never stops until it is stopped

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Interesting article Lutz. As someone who has been on the left most of his life, I've never come across any of those so-called  Neo Marxists. I think they are a fantasy of the Alt-Right.

you are correct re Gatestone---I mentioned them initially as a somewhat flaky outfit--they are also rabid Zionists without any excuses except that they do push an Amerikan agenda that is not necessarily that of the people. However the European conundrum is problematical. Given the hostility of -some- Islamists who want everything Europe offers - simply because they conveniently claim to be underprivileged for many reasons which certainly have nothing to do with the people they have decided to live among. Many good Muslims who have adapted to their new homelands, many women many journalists are warming of the agenda coming out of Saudi Arabia and Turkey who staff the mosques and preach in an alien language indecipherable to the local population. Gatestone is a sort of extreme weather wane here. The trouble is the European politicians who basically dictate to their electorate what this foreign agenda of social engineering they intend for their electors who are supposed to be their representatives not their dictators. And much else---

as for wikipedia that is not exactly verity either. the people there upload what suits their ideology and is not fact checked unlike Britanica for instance. No peer review not even experts consulted prior posting. it too has an agenda that has been revealed at - an excellent whistleblower site.

no doubt there Stephen. Neo this post whatever that then deconstructionalist mewing as well as academic puerile self indulgencies to further obscure non-vialbe theories relating to whatever ideology is or is not in favour with the darlings of neo colonial mentally obfuscating mental cases inhabiting universities in this day of endless rage---

Gatestone as I mentioned earlier is a dodgy site - however no one is always wrong

the Islam conundrum that Europe has dumped on itself is problematic for a people that certainly did not ask for this---

Couldn't agree with you more Joey

My miniscule understanding of Ottoman and Arib empire prior to the crusades is they were open societies.  If you look at the advancement in medicine, math, science, literature, stellar navigation (sextant). At that time it didn't appear to be restrictive.

I wonder if society could ween itself off oil and [(WWI division of space by defining countries)] would give them room to make their own boarder (Suni/Shia) civil war.

See 1916 Britian and France conclude Sykes-Picot agreement.

GW Bush said on a tevelivised statement "This crusaid will take a while."

Forgive the overdubbing of the laughter.  That didn't happen when he said it.

Islamic Culture which had spread as far as Andalusia was at the time very sophisticated. Its architecture alone phenomenal. A traveler could journey from this extreme west of Europe across Africa, Baghdad, Damascus, across Iran, even Hindu India and still be welcome. The Mongol Hordes did incalculable damage to their now lost sense of security. As well as humans for ever fracturing over power politics whilst their religion ossified for fear of human progress which all too suddenly was curtailed for many reasons. By the time the West arrived it seemed all too late as Napoleon found out in Egypt. He had come to revive the land - a sort of of Renaissance in mind having brought not just guns but scientists scholars and artists as well. By then the interest in anything beyond the religious proscriptions was deemed and seen as a threat to Islam instead. 

If you look back to pre-Crusaids in the Ottoman and Arib civilization you will see how advanced they were with medicine, math, science, engineering, libraries and charting the stars for navigation (sextant). It was an open society, multiple variables of Abrihamic relitions, and Eastern phylosophy was welcomed.



Britain and France conclude Sykes-Picot agreement

Had the colonial powers not meddled in the affairs of Western Asia perhaps they would have reached somewhat peacefull boundries as they had to imperior colonization.

If society was able to ween off oil it wouldn't only help with climate change but also may diminish the Suni/Shia devide.

GW Bush telivised on television saying "Crusade" pushed it to the limit along with his terrible war in Iraq.

That and other things he did (ie. torture) must create cognitive dissonance in people who worked for are were in the military during that campaing.

GW Bush probably wont travel outside of CONUS. He may end up like Pinochet (the first 9/11 1973 Chile).

ISIS/DASH - if you wack a hornets nest expect to get stung.

John Yoo wrote the leagal brief for torture. This probably isn't the best brief about that POS.  It's disabelievable that UC Berkeley hired him as a law proffesor.  He's a moral criminal.

In case you don't know Indictment and arrest of Augusto Pinochet.  There are probably better article and books than this link.

The Moores in Spain and Semantics had a lot of knowledge - perhaps before the Abrihamic wars - AKA the Crusaids.


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