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It should read,"Alliance for Atheist Extraterrestrial diplomatic Contact!
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I am an "intolerant" atheist ("antitheist", actually). It's not enough to be just an atheist. That is the only default position for any rational person who doesn't believe in magic genie in the sky. When we grow up, we abandon our childish belief in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny, but millions of people continue to believe in—and worship—a GENOCIDAL, fire-breathing monster in the sky who threatens to burn us all alive, unless we cower in fear before him and bend our knees in worship and obedience before him? That willful act of abandonment of morality and humanity is an act of treason against humanity. How can any human being love and worship such a hateful monster?

So, it is not enough to simply DISBELIEVE in this genocidal god, who threatens to incinerate us all and our humanity; we must DENOUNCE this enemy and the entire religious belief system that strives to promote his contempt fro humanity.

We are all born atheists. But when we "grow up", we graduate to becoming antitheists. Because a word-wide belief system that worships a "supreme being" who has no regard for human rights or humanity—and who considers us "sheep" to be roasted in his oven unless we surrender our rationality and humanity—that is a belief system that is crime against humanity.

To hell with religion and self-righteous, imaginary autocratic supernatural genies.

Well said. I have zero respect for religious belief.

Exactly right. If religious belief was just stupid, I''d simply have no respect for it. The problem is, that religious belief is notoriously harmful to individuals and to society, as its past and present history amply attests.

Not to mention our current residential school horrors.

Hi fellow atheists and freethinkers!

My twin bother, younger sister and I were all raised by our Christian mother, who made the three of us believe in 2 supernatural beings: 1) the god in the Catholic Bible and 2) the jolly old elf in the North Pole. One of these imaginary characters I soon outgrew; the other I eventually dumped during my formal indoctrination in grade school, at a private Catholic school. This was around the age of 10, when my faculty of reason began to mature.

What an unbelievable relief it was to be rid of that hateful "jealous God", who threatened to burn me alive unless I would love him! Talk about a psychopathic narcissist: Talk about an abusive, coercive relationship!

Today, as an adult, I consider any religion with a "dictator deity" in charge, to be a hate crime against humanity, rationality and science. I feel a moral obligation to denounce religion—anytime and anyway that is legal.

History amply attests to the misery and suffering that results when religion rules our minds and societies. My goal is to facilitate its demise and to encourage humanism and morality to dictate our behavior. That's who I am and why I'm here. (I use my graphic design skills to create cartoons and images to promote atheism and to lampoon religion.)

Love your designs.

Very kind of you to say! Thanks. I love "attacking" religion with art.

I drives me crazy that something so intolerant and hateful is so highly revered and respected in today's society. What a sad commentary on humanity.

Yes, & I see no improvement in any of these attitudes.

Yes, & I see no improvement in any of these attitudes.

nice design!

Thank you! I've been banned from nearly every on-line platform. Religious intolerance is more subtle than the Inquisition, but it is just as prevalent and busy.

Well on this website you will be celebrated for your work against bigoted religions.  


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