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Hello Everyone. I was not raised as Catho,  Mum was Methodist, Dad was Church of England even an altar boy when he was young. I received most of my religious training from  the Salvation Army via literature they sent Mum every week or so!  My Mum when she was in her thirties began questioning the bible She had two books in our little library at home one called Ages in Chaos and When Worlds Collide. She also read the books of Van Daniken (hope I spelt the name right) She not only read them but I did to and began questioning the bible myself more seriously because before then I believed that there was a God but then I was but a child who knew no better!

I am not an Atheist nor am I a believer in God  but I have my own views on for the wont of a better word Human  Spirituality. I come to these views through direct experiences through out my life! 

The only belief that I do have is that each persons beliefs are truly their own belief! This is slightly more than belief but more a statement of fact. 

I am Australian by birth where I earned these trade qualifications,  fitter and machinist, Avionics Technician-Electrical, Auto Electrician, automotive mechanic, Electrician, Vocational Trainer, and for good measure a deck hand on racing yachts. 

Medically discharged from the defence force went to Ukraine to meet a friend that I had meet on the internet and that is when I meet and married my third wife. That is why I live in the Ukraine.

Why did I join this outfit? Knowledge pure and simple! A different way to look at an issue.

I have had an insatiable thirst of knowledge since ever I began to read when I was about seven years old!

I like science because the knowledge that it presents is not the word of just one man saying so but a body of men questioning the facts that one man presents which means that he must put up a good logical argument for his hypothesis! The other thing about science is that what is true today may be altered by new data or even completely overturn scientific theories due to the new data and the answering of new questions that the old theory could not explain properly without a lot bending and twisting trying to make the new facts fit the old theory. 

I believe that like the American Indians believe that we are part of a wide web of life that is of the earth and what ever we do to the web we also do to ourselves. Though I was denied my Aboriginal heritage even when I was young had an instinctive feeling for the flora and fauna of the bush as I was raised in the bush. Witnessed the disappearance of the red brow finch early in my childhood in the area we lived. I and my brothers roamed the bush around where we lived. 

Yes! I am a tree hugger as well as having a liking for animals in their own habitat! We all have our own roles in this world of life. This Eden, this paradise we call Earth. 

I dislike people that deny the right for other animals to live the way that nature intend them to live. 

I also dislike people that deny climate change and that man is the cause for the climate change! 

I also dislike an economic system that requires an ever growing human population forgetting that we live on a finite resourced Planet. Both mineral and life forms!

I also have a great dislike for those that try and use scientific principles to try and show that creationism is the truth. When they know within their heart of hearts it is not but a prop to hold on to the idea that man is not an animal!

In other words I strongly dislike creationists the blight on the face of the Earth.

With Respect to you all. 


Welcome, David! You dislike a lot of the kind of people I dislike, and you like the natural world as I do, therefore, I like you :-)

From your interests, I think you'd like to join many of our Groups, such as Green Atheists, Animal/Mineral/Vegetable, etc. check them out!

Nice intro, David. Welcome!

a deck hand on racing yachts.

Very cool. I love sailing and a friend of mine does a transatlantic race once in a while. Sailors are usually interesting people =)

Addition to my intro!

This may same seem strange! 

I do not change peoples beliefs but give them somethings to think about and allow them to come to their own conclusions about their own belief system. 

My outlook on wedlock is this.

My wife is my help mate and since that is the case I must show her respect by trying to understand her beliefs even though they do not necessarily align with mine! Also in showing her that respect I must also to some extent support her in her religious belief because to do otherwise would be disrespecting her by disrespecting her beliefs. 

With respect to all!



Baptist atheist. Got my brain wired up in a baptist church. Jesus imprinted on the inside of my fore head.

My gut reaction is I'm doing something wrong when I sing and drink vodka at the same time (Swedish midsummer). I also get a sense of guilt when I explain to my grandmother (102 years) that the universe probably is something like 13.7 billion years old.

I'm a songwriter. I have wasted most of my life writing songs.

My beloved father, who is a pastor, told me that I should rather call myself an agnostic than an atheist. If not for any thing else in respect of all the people I meet that believe in god. I happen to think that the concept of agnosticism is laughable. All of us will relate to unresolved mysteries in an agnostic way- but there has to be at least a remote possibility lurking in the dark. There is no god lurking in the dark. You can use the word god if you like, if you feel that you must, if you want to blend in, if you feel sorry for your confused grandmother but when you do so you have to stretch the definition beyond recognition. I will not confuse myself with that game. The forces of nature, the sun, love or the universe as a whole is not god and also, the word should not be spelled with a capital g. It is not a name. It is a noun.

I love you and it makes me happy to think that there are others that want to use perception and reason to tackle the world.

atheistic hugs!

Thank you!


It is not a name. It is a noun.

And a common one at that.

Gidday Johan .


You have not wasted your life writing songs because in writing those songs you were expressing your perception of the world and bringing pleasure to others in this world in the process. No life is wasted because we all impact on lives around us even the down and out drunk because they may cause you to do something other than what you originally intended. 

We all subtly affect the people that move through our lives. 


I have been an atheist for over 45 years now. While sitting in Sunday school one Sunday morning, looking at some comic book like illustrations in a childs Bible pamphlet, I realized that the stories about God, Jesus, the apostles, etc. were just like comic books, made up by people, not true. I've never had an experience or read or heard anything to make me doubt that for an instant.

The church that I went to as a kid, the one where I had this atheist epiphany, was the Berclair Church of Christ in Memphis, TN. It is still there today.

That church was un-air-conditioned when I first started going.  They pass around a tray filled with tiny glasses of grape juice before they pass around the collection plate. The unbaptized aren't supposed to drink that. I never got baptized, so after hours in the sweltering heat, listening to the boring stuff, wearing as suit and tie, for God's sake, they'd pass a tray of wonderful smelling grape juice in front of the thirsty unbaptized and not let them have it.  I suspect this may have helped cause me to not have a very high opinion of God and his underlings on earth.


Amazing grape...




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